Dental Implants Edmonton | Often Asked Questions

Many people often have questions about dental implants Edmonton. Especially as the procedure gains popularity.

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While three million people in the United States alone have some dental implants. This number is growing quickly. With half a million people getting this procedure each and every year.

Add that to the fact that this procedure has a success rate of about 98%. Makes this an incredibly popular way for people to replace teeth that they might be missing.

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants for the patients, is that it permanently replaces their teeth. In a way that looks, functions, and feels identical to the patients tooth.

However, according to dentists. Another benefit of dental implants Edmonton. Is that it will help maintain the overall health of the patient’s bone and gums. As well as helps maintain the integrity and health of their other remaining teeth.

In addition to that, dental implants Edmonton says that improvements and technological advances. Continue to make implants an extremely beneficial experience.

When implants first came out, there were two parts to them. The implant itself, and the crown. And while that was functioning well. The new system came out.

That made replacing teeth with implants. Faster, more convenient. And easier to fix if anything became a problem.

And dental advancements continue to improve. Just this year, new studies have shown dentists. That they can not only reduce healing time by half. But also eliminate one procedure. Making it even easier for patients to get dental implants than ever before.


How they do this, is before, dentists were pulling teeth, and then waiting three months. For the bone to heal. For placing the implant surgically back in the bone.

Because for each procedure, the dentist would need to wait three months. This meant that to procedures, and six months of healing time was required to place implants in patients.

However, these recent studies have shown dentists. That they can pull the tooth, and immediately place the implant. Because there is no detriment to the osteo- integration. When the implant is placed directly after the tooth is pulled.

This means that many people who may have been hesitating getting this procedure done. Might be reassured at the lower healing time.

And the fewer procedures. And might want to replace their teeth with dental implants. Rather than trying to make do with dentures and bridges. Or simply not replacing there tooth at all.

The most important thing for patients to do, is talk to their dentist about the entire procedure. To ensure that they are good candidates for the procedure. From maintaining good oral hygiene before the procedure. As well as maintaining good oral hygiene after the procedure is done.

As well as things like making sure that they have room to place an implant, that they have enough bone density and bone in the area.

The more that a patient is aware of what goes into dental implants. The more informed they can be about their decision.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What People Often Ask

Patients often want to know what the procedure of getting dental implants Edmonton is like. They are intrigued by the procedure. And while they want to permanently replace their teeth. They might be frightened of the surgery. Or be worried that is going to be painful.

Dentists are often asked a lot of questions about this procedure. And by answering these questions, can help patients understand if they should go through with this procedure.

One of the first questions that patients often ask. Is if the implants are noticeable? This is one of the reasons why people like ridges and dentures. While they might be uncomfortable and inconvenient. A look just like their real teeth.

However, because people are getting silver and gold crowns put on. When they hear that the procedure uses dental crowns. They might not want a tooth that is completely gold or silver in colour.

The good news is, that dental implants Edmonton can look just like a patient’s regular teeth. They dentist can make them white, and even match the colour to the teeth that they have now.

So that does not look out of place. People will never be able to tell just by looking. Who has a dental implant and who does not.

Another question that many people have. Is how many appointments will they go through to get a tooth replaced? Ultimately, dentists can do it in four or five appointments. Or just a few more, depending on the patient themselves.


The first appointment will be the consultation with the dentist and the patient. To determine if they are suitable candidates, and how many procedures they will need.

The second appointment is the surgery to place the implant. And if a tooth is needed to be removed, it will happen at this procedure. If however, a patient needs a bone graft. The bone graft will happen at this appointment. And the surgery took place the implant will be another appointment.

The third or fourth appointment. Is to ensure that healing is going well. And to ensure that patient is properly brushing their teeth. Many people might make the assumption that they should not brush their teeth directly after surgery. Because it could irritate the implant site.

However, this is not an accurate assumption. And it is even more important that people brush their dental implants Edmonton. Directly after surgery. To ensure that they do not get infected while healing is happening.

At this appointment, the dentist will also take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab can create a crown. That not only will match the other teeth in looks. But ensure that it will fit this space that a patient has in their mouth.

And finally, the fifth appointment is the day where the dentist gets to place the crown on the implant. Filing down any parts of the crown that might impact the patient’s bite.

Allowing the patient can leave happily, knowing that they have a permanent implant. Placing one of their missing teeth.