Dental Implants Edmonton | Some Reasons to Get Them

Regardless of the reason why a patient has lost a tooth, they should consider dental implants Edmonton over other forms of dentistry. While bridges and dentures have been used for many years. To help people replace missing teeth.

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More people are getting dental implants, with three million people in the United States having implants already. And over half a million people getting them each year.

One of the reasons why this procedure is going in popularity. Is because it has a success rate of around 96 to 98%. With how effective this type of treatment is. Along with how beneficial it is for patients. More and more people are deciding dental implants over other methods.

One of the first things that people need to understand when considering this procedure. It is what a dental implant is. The implant itself is a metal screw that is surgically placed into the patient’s bone. Where there tooth would be.

A crown is then created, and fastened to the implant. Functionally replacing a person’s missing tooth. Once the procedure is done, it will look, feel and function identically to a person’s tooth.

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants Edmonton. Is that because it acts just like a person’s tooth. With the implant acting as the tooth root. It will continue to stimulate blood flow. Which means it will guard against bone erosion.

Bone erosion happens, when there is no tooth root to stimulate blood flow in the area. And the bone starts to wear away, creating a larger gap where the tooth once was.

This erosion can happen within six months of losing a tooth. And can erode more every year. Which is why patients who have lost a tooth. Should see a dentist about getting this procedure done sooner. Rather than waiting several years, only to find out they do not have enough bone in the area.


However, once a dental implant is placed. It will guard against bone erosion because of the way the implant will stimulate blood flow. Which will also help keep the rest of the teeth in the patient’s mouth healthy.

If bone erosion happens, it can cause the teeth that are still there to shift, or lien to fill the hole. This can cause crooked teeth that causes bite problems in the patient. And even pain when they chew or eat.

And as the teeth get more crooked, they can also start to show their roots. Which will make them more susceptible to cavities. Since tooth roots have less enamel on them.

Bone erosion can also lead to gum recession, which can affect the teeth that remain. Causing them to get looser, and become at risk for needing to be replaced as well.

Because of how dental implants Edmonton can help protect the remaining teeth in a patient’s mouth. Dentists often suggest this to replace teeth. Over and above bridges and dentures.

If a patient has lost a tooth, or feels that they might need to get one pulled. They should see their dentist right away. To discuss this procedure, and if it would be beneficial for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | A Few Reasons to Get Them

Even though dental implants Edmonton has been around for many years. Many people still do not know a lot of the facts about this procedure. And while it is gaining popularity very quickly. The more people know about dental implants, the more they can make the decision that is right for them.

One of the reasons why dental implants are growing in popularity. Is because they look, feel and function identically to a patient’s own tooth. This means they will not have problems speaking, or eating any food they want.

With bridges and dentures, people often found them uncomfortable at times. But also cause them not to be able to eat a lot of the foods that they enjoyed. Such as steak, or corn on the cob.

Also, people found that with dentures, they had a tendency to slip, and pop out of their mouth at most inopportune times. Which could be embarrassing for a lot of people.

This is because bridges and dentures are not a permanent solution. And are simply an appliance that a person wears in their mouth. This also means that they have a higher tendency to break, because they can be removed from the patient’s mouth.

However, dental implants Edmonton is a permanent solution. And the tooth is not designed to come out of the patient’s mouth.

Although, with the way the dental implants are created, if there are any problems with the implant. Or with the crown, such as being chipped.


It is very easy for the dentist to go in and unscrew the crown from the implant. In order to fix it and put it back.

One of the most common questions that people want to know about this procedure. Is how long it would take, and how many appointments they would have to see their dentist for.

In approximately five appointments, a patient can go from initial consultation, to having the implant placed, and the crown put on. And in a timeline that is around 3 to 4 months.

The first appointment is the initial consultation. Where the dentist will ensure that there is enough space in the patient’s mouth to fit and implant. And that they are a good candidate.

The second appointment is the surgery date, where the dentist will surgically place the implant in the patient’s mouth. The healing process will take approximately three months. The third appointment will be partially through the healing process. And is to ensure that the healing is going well.

And in the fourth appointment, patients can look forward to getting an impression of their mouth made. So that the lab can create a crown that not only looks like their surrounding teeth. But that it will actually fit in the space they have left from the missing tooth.

And finally, the fifth appointment is the insertion day. Where patients will get the crown placed onto the implant. The dentist will ensure that the patient’s bite is good, and that the implant fits well.

Patients who are curious about dental implants Edmonton. Should set up an appointment with their dentist. To discuss the procedure, and to see if it can help them replace their missing teeth.