Dental Implants Edmonton | Relief From Jaw Pain

One thing that Dental Implants Edmonton often hear from their patients is that they are experiencing jaw pain. Sometimes, they don’t even complain about jaw pain is specifically, but they complain about other symptoms such as a clicking or popping that they hear when they talk or eat their food. They might say that they are experiencing frequent headaches and they don’t know why, and some people say that their jaw feels fatigued when they eat or when they speak. All of these things are indicative of TMD. This stands for temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and it is a jaw disorder. Ultimately, it causes the muscles to feel fatigued, and the disc that separates the ball and socket of the jaw starts to slip away, causing pain. Whether the issue is in the joint itself, or the muscle, the treatment options are all the same.

Many people hold their stress in their jaw says Dental Implants Edmonton. As a result, when they are experiencing High periods of stress at work or at home, they will clench their jaw or grind their teeth. This happens even if they are not stressed but are working on a difficult problem. Other people, very commonly clench their teeth or grind their teeth at night. Therefore, many people find it very helpful to have an appliance made that they can wear in their mouth when they are sleeping, that can keep their jaw open slightly, so that’s they cannot clench their teeth or grind their teeth at night. Some people may even find this very helpful to wear an appliance like this when they are at work, so that they avoid clenching their teeth when they are under stress.

Ultimately, TMD is a repetitive stress injury, and so people should be very mindful of the habits that they have. Chewing gum can cause a lot of fatigue in the muscles, and particularly if they are experiencing joint denigration, chewing gum can cause pain. Therefore, Dental Implants Edmonton suggests that if people are experiencing jaw pain, that they avoid chewing gum always. People also should be very mindful not to hold their head up with their hands, particularly around their jaws because that can put stress on the joints, causing pain.

Something also helpful to keep in mind is being aware of the foods that they eat. Dental Implants Edmonton suggests that people avoid tough meat, or if they can’t avoid tough meat that they get into the habit of cutting it up very small. They also want to be very mindful of the chewy foods that they might eat such as caramels, Taffy and beef jerky. These things can be difficult to eat, and can cause a significant amount of discomfort. By being mindful of the food that they eat can help people ensure that they have a diet full of soft enough food that it’s not going to cause them any pain to eat.

Although TMD is not extremely common, a lot of people can experience jaw discomfort from time to time and can be helped by this as well. Ultimately, anyone who is experiencing that jaw pain can follow these instructions to relieve their pain and lead a normal and healthy life.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Relieving TMD Jaw Pain

Even though many patients complain to their Dental Implants Edmonton that they have jaw pain, there are many things that patients can do to relieve that discomfort. The first thing that they needs to understand is typical jaw pain is called TMD, which stands for temporomandibular dysfunction. This is characterized by fatigued jaw muscles, or the did Grayson of the jaw joint. While they have two very different causes, the treatments are all the same. And patients need to understand that regardless of which is the specific cause of their pain, there are several options that they can use to minimize or completely eliminate their discomfort and their pain.

The first thing that an Dental Implants Edmonton will recommend is that patients be very mindful of how they are holding their jaw and sleeping on it at night. Many people hold their head and their hands, and this can end up causing a lot of pain if they are holding their jaw. Therefore, patients May see that this is something that they are doing, that they can immediately stop in order to help minimize their pain. Also, people should be taking into consideration the position that they sleep in. If they sleep on one side often, it may actually be causing their jaw pain, because it puts pressure on one side of their head for the entire night. People should try sleeping on their back, getting an ergonomic pillow, or simply sleeping on the opposite sides every other night.

One thing that can often help is a massage. Massages are extremely good for relieving muscle pains and aches, and this is one of the causes of TMD. Therefore, people who experience discomfort on a regular basis may find it very helpful to see their massage therapist once a month. They can massage not only the outside of the job muscle, but they can put on rubber gloves and massage the inside of the mouth, to relieve pain.

Unfortunately, some of these fixes won’t do anything for some patients, which is why Dental Implants Edmonton says that Botox is quickly becoming a typical treatments for people suffering from TMD. By injecting Botox directly into the jaw muscles, it relaxes the muscles, and relieves pain. People find that they might have to go back to the dentist every 4, 5 or 6 months. But it is so effective at relieving pain and discomfort, not many people won’t go without it. Many people wonder about if there’s any side effects from repeatedly injecting Botox and there isn’t. It is very safe, and dentists can actually be the ones to give their patients the treatments, as often as they need them. Therefore, patients who have tried other therapies and have not found relief should talk to their Dental Implants Edmonton about Botox injections.

There is a lot of help available for people who are suffering from TMD. They should live with feelings of discomfort and pain for longer than they need to. By treating the cause and not the symptoms, people can get back to doing all of the activities they have always loved to do.