Dental Implants Edmonton | Relieving Pain From TMD

People who have TMD might complain to their Dental Implants Edmonton about headaches. Or, they might complain about a clicking or popping sound when they speak or chew their food, they might experience soreness, tenderness or fatigue in their jaw, and they might even have lockjaw. All of these are symptoms that people can experience when they have TMD. T MD stands for temporomandibular dysfunction, which is a dysfunction of the jaw joint. This is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. If people are experiencing pain in their jaw, it not only will affect their day-to-day life, but it will affect how they speak, work, sleep and eat So it’s very important that people find out everything that they can, but they should do and most importantly what they should avoid.

People who are suffering from TMD should be very mindful of the foods that they eat says Dental Implants Edmonton. They should avoid foods that are going to trigger their pain. This means people should avoid popcorn, nuts, pretzels, sticky candy like toffee or caramels. People should also avoid difficult to chew cuts of meat, and if they can’t avoid it they should cut their made up into very small pieces to make it easier to eat. Even fruits and vegetables that are on very hard can be very difficult to eat. People should steam or cook their vegetables, and if they can’t, they should cut all crunchy fruit and vegetables up into very small pieces to eat it. Many people who suffer from TMD find that eating food gets exhausting, and they often stop eating because they are tired which can lead to malnutrition. Therefore people should be very mindful of the food that they eat.

In addition to avoiding food, Dental Implants Edmonton says that people should avoid repetitive motion, such as chewing gum. Many people might not think that chewing gum would hurt their TMD. However, because it is a repetitive motion, then it can cause a lot of problems. In addition to avoiding chewing gum, people should avoid holding their head in their hands, and be very mindful of how they are sleeping. My sleeping only on one side of their head, they could cause a lot of stress to their jaw, which will cause pain when people wake up. People should get an ergonomic pillow, sleep on their back, or alternate sleeping on their left side with sleeping on their right side every other night.

While TMD not curable, Dental Implants Edmonton says it is very treatable. If people follow the directions given to them, they will be able to live for quite a long time pain free, and without having to take painkillers. If people are experiencing some of these symptoms, they should make an appointment to see their dentist right away, but starts doing some of these activities so that they can avoid feeling pain until they do get in to talk to their dentist And learn about all the different ways that they can get help for their TMD symptoms.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Relieving TMD Pain

Those who are suffering with TMD pain might experience it when they wake up says Dental Implants Edmonton. But they might also experience it when they are at work, after they eat, or when they are relaxing. It depends on why they’ve developed this dysfunction, and what their specific triggers are. Some people who suffer from temporomandibular dysfunction has been in a car accident or have received a sports injury. But others cannot attribute the pain to anything specific, they just noticed that their jaw was aching one day.

Dental Implants Edmonton says many people who suffer from TMD have a tendency to hold stress in their jaws. What this means, is when they are stressed, worried, nervous or emotional for any reason, they will clench or grind their teeth. People who do this, often clench their teeth or grind their teeth at night as well. If this is the case, people can get their Dental Implants Edmonton to create what’s called a nighttime splint. This is made out of plastic, and is molded to the patient’s teeth. When they wear it at night, not only does it Force the teeth open slightly, it also forces the job open. What this does, is makes it impossible for people to grind their teeth, or clench their jaw at night. This can actually be enough to help people avoid triggering TMD pain.

Something else that people can do that and help them avoid feeling pain because of T MD, and that’s being very mindful of their posture says Dental Implants Edmonton. By making sure people stand and walk with good posture means that they are not putting undue stress on their job. Many people may not realize it, but slow touching can actually put quite a bit of stress and strain on people’s heads and neck, which includes the jaw. People should also see about getting an ergonomic chair for work, and while they are at work, take lots of breaks. During these breaks, people can either walk around, or they can stretch. by moving regularly at work, they can avoid the pain from TMD.

If people are doing all of the things that their dentist recommends including getting a nighttime splint, avoiding the trigger foods, as well as minding their posture, Dental Implants Edmonton can give them Botox injections. What Botox injections will do, is actually relax the jaw muscle, so that people can avoid over using the muscle, avoid clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth. Botox is quickly becoming one of the most common treatments for TMJ, and people who find relief only needs to get it two or three times in a year.

People who are suffering from TMD symptoms needs to understand that they don’t have to suffer with the symptoms, and they can do more than just take painkillers every day for the rest of their life. By understanding exactly what they can do, can help people ensure that they are avoiding the triggers, so that they can live pain free.