Dental Implants Edmonton | Replace Missing Teeth Easily

More and more people are turning to dental implants Edmonton to replace missing teeth. No matter if they have lost one tooth, or have lost more than one. This is a procedure that is growing in popularity.

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While three million people in the United States of America currently have implants. The number of people who are getting implants is growing by about half a million people each year.

Part of the reason for the rise in popularity in dental implants Edmonton. Is the fact that recent technological advances in this procedure. Have made it even more comfortable, to get and maintain dental implants.

First, people need to understand what dental implants are. And ultimately, it is a screw that replaces the tooth root. That a crown is placed onto to permanently replace a tooth. The benefit of this, is that it is a permanent replacement. That looks and functions identically to a person’s tooth.

Before dental implants Edmonton. Patients had crowns and bridges. As a way to replace their teeth. Which replaced the tooth only and look. It was often difficult to eat all of the foods that a patient previously enjoyed.

But also, bridges and dentures had the ability to slip, pop out, either while talking or eating. And even break on a regular basis.

While dental implants do not have absolutely no problems. The success rate is actually 96 to 98%. And problems can be fixed very simply and easily with dental implants. Often allowing patients to get any issues fixed within the same visit.

However, dental implants was not always this easy to fix. In the beginning of this procedure. The crown was cemented permanently onto the implant. Which meant if a patient had a problem with the implant. It was quite a procedure to fix.


First, the dentist would typically have to put the patient under general or local anaesthetic. In order to get the crown off of the implant. Because it was cemented on.

These old-style dental implants for only two pieces, the implant and the crown. And failed more often. However, the most recent advancement. Had the implant coming in three parts.

The implant itself, the abutment that connected the crown to the implant. And the crown itself. Because of this, if a patient had a problem such as the implant loosening, or getting chipped.

All the dentist would have to do is simply unscrew the crown from the implant. Fix the problem, and put it back on within the same day.

With dentures, patients have to be without their dentures while the lab fixes them, and that is a process that could have taken several hours or even several days. Requiring people to be without their teeth while it is getting fixed.

Because of how simple and easy it is not only to place implants. But to fix them. Or people are opting for this permanent tooth replacement solution.

Not just because it looks and functions just like their teeth. But because it is a more successful procedure. That can last for the lifetime of the patient.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Replacing Teeth Easily

While no patient wants to have to loose teeth, getting dental implants Edmonton. Can help people replace missing teeth very easily. In a way that looks like their teeth. And functions just like their teeth.

In fact, not only is this procedure gaining popularity. With over half a million people more each year getting dental implants than ever before.

But patients who are younger than they ever have been. Our replacing teeth. Because this is such a seamless way of fixing their smile. And replacing teeth that needed to be replaced.

In fact, many dentists are preferring dental implants Edmonton. Because of how beneficial it is to patient’s overall mouth health.

For example, the roots of patient’s teeth have an important job. By biting and chewing, the tooth root stimulates the blood flow in the bone. And helps keep the bone healthy.

When this bone is healthy, there is no bone erosion, and there is no receding in the gums. That can affect the surrounding teeth. Such as showing their roots, causing them to become loose.

However, with the tooth gone, not only does that part of the bone not get stimulated. Which can cause the bone to erode away. As the body uses the calcium in the bone. That they think is no longer needed.


But when there is a gap in between teeth. They healthy teeth can start to turn and lean. Causing them to become crooked, or have their roots showing. Which can cause bite problems and pain when biting down or eating.

And because roots of the tooth have less enamel. Then other parts of the tooth, it can increase the amount of cavities that people get. Which can also impact their overall oral health.

Therefore, getting dental implants to replace their teeth. Can continue to stimulates that blood flow. Because the implant itself stimulates blood flow the same way that tooth root does.

This way, a patient’s mouth can remain just as healthy as it was before. Not putting other teeth at risk for getting cavities or falling out.

Even the procedure itself is getting improvements. With dental implants Edmonton being able to cut the procedure time in half.

How this works, is typically, dentists would have to wait three months after pulling a tooth. To allow the bone to heal before placing an implant.

However, studies have shown that this wait time is no longer necessary. And by placing an implant on the same day as removing a tooth.

Does not affect the osteo- integration of the implant and bone. Resulting in a strong implant. With half the healing time, and only one procedure being required instead of two.

When technological advances allow people to get implants in half time, and one less procedure. This can encourage more people to get this procedure done. Allowing more people to have control over their oral health.

To find out if this procedure is right for patients. They should set up a free consultation with their dentist, to find out if they are good candidate for dental implants.