Dental Implants Edmonton | Is It The Right Choice?

There are a few options for people who are getting teeth replaced, from dental implants Edmonton. To dentures and bridges. And while many people have used dentures and bridges for many years. The new technology of dental implants. Make this an extremely popular option for many people.

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Currently, there are over three million people in the United States of America with dental implants. And that number is growing by half-million people every year.

There is so many people getting dental implants. For a wide variety of reasons. From comfort, to function. As well as the overall health of their mouth.

Dentists typically recommend dental implants Edmonton. Simply because they help maintain the overall oral health of their patient’s mouth. Even better than dentures and bridges. And indefinitely over not replacing the tooth at all.

One of the problems that can happen if people do not place the tooth. Is that it will cause the other teeth to move, in order to fill in the gap.

This can cause teeth to start showing their roots. Which can increase cavities. Because the roots of a tooth have less enamel than the rest of it.

And also, the change into the position can cause problems with a patient’s bite. Causing problems and pain when they close their jaw. Or as they bite and to chew their food.

However, when people get dental implants. They are not just filling in that gap. That can prevent so many problems.


But they are also maintaining the health of their mouth orally. By helping ensure the bone is healthy with blood flow. And that the gums can stay healthy as well.

How they do this, is when that the dentist places the implant into the patient’s bone. This can stimulate blood flow. In the exact same way that a patient’s teeth can stimulate blood flow to the area.

As people talk and eat food, the vibrations that it causes allows the tooth root to stimulate blood flow. So that the bone can be very healthy. Without a tooth there, what happens is the blood flow to that area stops. And the body causes the bone to erode in that spot.

This can cause an even larger gap in between teeth. And can even cause the gums to start recede. Not only causing teeth to start to lean, and show their roots. But also eventually causing the teeth to become looser, and be at risk for needing to be replaced as well.

Because of how one missing tooth can actually impact the overall health of the patient. And cause other teeth to start to have problems. Dentists recommend this procedure. To maintain the overall health in the patient’s mouth.

However, not everybody is prime candidates. And in order to find out if they would be can benefit from dental implants Edmonton. Patients should make an appointment with their dentist, and discuss the procedure, and what their next steps should be.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Where To Get Them?

Ever since dental implants Edmonton has been around. More people are getting this procedure done. That permanently replaces a tooth. In a way that looks and functions identically to the tooth that they had lost.

Not only does this procedure have a 96 to 98% success rate. But the advancements in the technology. Is ensuring that even more people are able to get this procedure. So that they can replace their teeth. And maintain their oral health for many years to come.

In order for people to decide if they are a good candidate for this procedure. They should not only understand what the appointments will entail. But also setting up an appointment with their dentist. Can ensure that they have the bone density, and room for the implants themselves.

The reason why bone density is important. Is so that the bone and implant can heal together in a process called osteo- integration. This is why the implants themselves will have threads on it like a screw. Is so that there can be enough surface area to heal the bone to the implant.

When people with low bone density such as osteoporosis. They have less dense bones, so that means there is less material to bond together.

Therefore, if the people who are getting dental implants Edmonton suffer from osteoporosis. Many dentists recommend that they start taking additional calcium supplements. To increase the bone density as much as possible before the procedure.

Also, if patients have lost their tooth many years ago. There might be a significant gap from bone erosion. Which will make it so that there is not enough material for the dentist to place the implant.


However, in this case dentists can do a bone graft. To ensure that there is enough area to place the implant. So that even if people have lost teeth from years before. They will be able to benefit from dental implants Edmonton.

In five appointments, people can go from the initial consultation, to getting the crown placed on the implant. The first appointment will be for the patient and the dentist to discuss the procedure, and to verify that the patient is a good candidate for dental implants.

The second appointment is the surgery date, where they either pull the tooth and place the implant. Or simply place the implant surgically into the patient’s bone.

The third appointment is to ensure that the patient’s healing is going well and to check their stitches. The dentist will also be verifying that the patient is brushing their teeth and keeping the implant clean. So that it can heal efficiently without running the risk of an infection.

The fourth appointment will be for the dentist to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab will be able to create a crown. That not only matches the patient’s other teeth. But will ensure that they can fit in the available space.

And the fifth appointment, will be for the dentist to place the crown. Ensuring that it is a good fit, and is not causing any problems.

By understanding the process of getting dental implants. Can help patients understand if this is the right procedure for them. And what they need to do in order to prepare.