Dental Implants Edmonton | The Style of Implant Makes a Difference

Many patients who are looking to get a dental implant may think that all implants are the same but this is not true says dental implants Edmonton. In fact, with the different kinds of implants available to use. Some are much better than others for a wide variety of reasons.

There are two different styles of dental implants that can be used. One is a screw type of implants. And the other is a cement type of implant. While some dentists will use either, depending on the patient. Dental implants Edmonton will only use one kind because not only is it less likely to have complications. But it is also more beneficial to the patient.

This group type of implants is the one preferred by dental implants Edmonton. And it comes in three different parts. The first part is the implant itself. Which is the part that gets embedded in the patient’s bone.

The second part of the implant is the abutment, which has two screws on it, one to screw into the implant itself. And the other for the crown to screw onto. And finally, the third part is the crown. Which is the part of the implant that looks like a patient’s tooth.

The benefit to this system, is that since it can be assembled without the use of cement. It can be very easily disassembled. Which is important if a patient develops a complication. Such as there bite has changed, causing too much pressure on the implant.

Or if the patient has discovered that the implant has come loose. And even still, if the patient is sensing any discomfort with their implants. Can allow the dentist can go into the implant very easily. Take it apart, fix the problem. And then put it back together with absolutely no discomfort to the patient themselves.


However, the cement style not only is more difficult to change or fix if complications happen to arise. But also, there can be problems with using this cement itself.

How the cement implant looks, is that it is in to pieces. The implant itself, while the crown and abutment are one solid piece together. In order to put the implants together. The dentist will require cement, to glue the two pieces together.

The problem with cement. Is that when placing the crown, some cement can end up squishing out of the crown. Which will require the dentist to clean it up. If they do not do a thorough enough job cleaning up the cement. if the dentist does not clean it up well enough. It can cause an infection to start in the implant site.

Also, if any cement happens to sink below the patient’s gum line. It will be harder for the dentist to see and therefore cleanup. But also, the patient will not be likely to feel it. And it will go undetected. This can cause damage to the surrounding bone.

Therefore, dentists use the screw style of implants. It can significantly improve the chances of success. While minimizing problems.

Dental Implants Edmonton | The Style of Implant Makes a Difference

There is a high potential for things going wrong during the implant process according to dental implants Edmonton. And while it often depends on the clinician themselves to minimize the risk. Using the right implant is very important as well.

They must be very aware of the patient, and their overall health. As well as what is going on in the mouth. So that they can use the right tools and minimize problems.

For example, when dentists use the screw in style of implants. This can significantly reduce complications.

How this implant looks, is that the part that gets embedded into the patient’s jaw bone, will have a number of threads on the outside of the implant. It will look like the body of a screw.

When it is placed in the patient’s jaw, the idea is that the jaw tissue will heal to the individual threads of the implant. Allowing it to grip tight in the jaw, and stay solid in the bone.

If a different style of implants is used. That does not have the threads. It can cause a lot of problems in healing properly. Dental implants Edmonton says that is why they always use this grew style of implants. So that it can have the highest chances of proper healing in all of their patients.

However, this screw style of implants is also extremely beneficial. If a person is having problems with their bone density for example. Such as women who are suffering from osteoporosis. Who might have trouble with their bone density.


The threads on the outside of the implant. Can promote a more thorough healing. Especially since their bones are going to be less dense.

Also, the dental implants Edmonton will look at the patient’s medical history, x-rays as well as impressions to know the state of their mouth. To be able to properly place an implant.

For example, if the implant is not set properly, it might cause the patient to bite down and cause too much pressure on the implant. Which puts the implant at risk of coming loose.

When dental implants Edmonton uses this grew style of implants. What will happen, is that the dentist will be able to go into that implant, take it apart and modify it so that when he gets put back together, it will not have a lot of pressure on it when the patient bites down.

If using a cement style of implants, this is not likely. And if a dentist would want to go in and make changes to that implant. They may have to put the patient under anaesthetic. Because it can be quite invasive and painful.

Therefore, for a wide variety of reasons, the screw style of implants is not only better to help a patient heal. But also much more convenient and easy to make changes to. So that people can end up with more functional implant. For their entire life.