Dental Implants Edmonton | Understanding the Procedure

The reason why dental implants Edmonton is increasing in popularity every single year. Is because it looks, feels and functions just like their natural teeth.

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Previously, dentures and bridges were used to replace teeth. In a non-permanent solution. That required an appliance to be put into a patient’s mouth.

Not only was this an uncomfortable option. But dentures and bridges often slipped, or completely popped out while people were eating or speaking. Which can cause a lot of embarrassment.

And the instances of dentures and bridges breaking. Or needing replacement, as a patient’s gums shrink. Made this an unpopular option.

However, since dental implants Edmonton has been around, it is been gaining popularity. Because of the ability to permanently replace it tooth. With less problems, or without the implant breaking.

In fact, dental implants Edmonton has a success rate of 96 to 98%. Making it one of the most successful dental procedures today.

One of the keys to this high success rate is good oral hygiene and regular maintenance. The reason why patients need to engage in good oral hygiene. It is not because the implants can get cavities.

But because good oral hygiene can ensure the health of their existing teeth. As well as it can help ensure the health of their bones and gums.

So that they do not develop problems like gingivitis. That can cause their gums to reseed, or their bone to erode, putting the integrity of the implant in jeopardy.


And the maintenance is important as well. Just like even with the person brushing their teeth on a regular basis. Needs to see their dentist twice a year. Patients who are taking care of their mouth. Also need to get there implant checked twice a year.

This way, the dentist will be able to verify that no problems are starting to happen with their implants. They will check to ensure the bite is still good and not too strong. Because that can cause the implant to loosen.

By regularly getting their implant checked out. Help ensure that it is healthy, and in good condition. So that it can last for the patients entire life.

Because the way that the implant mimics the root of the patient’s tooth. That helps stimulate blood flow to the bone. Ensuring that not only will that not cause the bone to start to erode. But it can help maintain the health of the patient’s gums.

Without replacing a tooth, the body can assume that bone is no longer needed. When there is no blood flow being stimulated by a tooth root, during the speaking and eating process.

While the body will repurpose the calcium in the bone, this will cause a larger gap to show over time. Causing even more problems in the patient.

Such as receding gums, loosening of their teeth, and even increasing cavities. Since the roots of their teeth can show, which have less enamel than the rest of their tooth.

By understanding exactly how implants work, and how beneficial they are to the overall health of a patient’s mouth. Can help patients decide if this is the right procedure for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Understanding More About The Procedure

Unlike dentures and bridges. Dental implants Edmonton is a permanent tooth replacement solution. That not only looks like a person’s tooth. But actually feels and functions the same way as well.

This procedure is gaining in popularity. With three million people already in America having this procedure done. And half a million more people each year going to their dentists to get this procedure done.

Patients should understand what the dental implants procedure is. So that they can make the decision if this is the right procedure for them.

If they need to get a tooth pulled, the dentist will pull that tooth and then place the implant. But if the tooth is already missing. Dentist will simply place the implant. And then will require three months of healing time.

This healing time is to allow the implant to heal with the bone in a process called osteo- integration. After three months, the implant will be healed enough to allow placing the crown.

Since the crown can be affixed to the implant through a system of screws, if there are any problems that occur. Such as the implant getting chipped. Or the bite of the patient getting firmer.

The dentist will be able to unscrew the crown very easily. Fix it, and then screw it back into the implant. All without causing the patient any discomfort.

Patients who are debating getting dental implants. Should understand that in addition to the three months of healing time. It will take five appointments, from the initial consultation. To the day of putting the crown on the implant itself.


Even though dental implants Edmonton has not been around for a long time. It is an area of dentistry that is continually seeing improvements. Therefore, the patient will benefit from all of the improvements that have been made.

For example, one of the newest improvements. Was allowing dentists to place the implant. On the same day that they pull a patient’s tooth.

Previously, the dentist would pulled the tooth and then have the patient wait three months for their bone to heal. Before coming back in to place the implant.

The patient would then need to wait three months for the bone to heal again. Before they got the implant placed. This equaled to procedures, and six months of healing time.

But with the studies that show osteo- integration can happen when dentists place the implant on the same day as holding the tooth. That can shorten that into one appointment, and three months only.

If patients are wondering if this is the right procedure for them. That will help them replace their teeth permanently, and in a way that will not affect their ability to speak or eat. They should make an appointment with their dentist right away.

The initial consultation about getting dental implants Edmonton is free. And it can help answer all of the patient’s questions, and understand the procedure prior to getting it done.