Dental Implants Edmonton | What Are Potential Implant Complications

Despite the fact that there is a lot of potential for things going wrong with a dental implant, the success rate is quite high says dental implants Edmonton. This is often due to the do care that the clinician uses when doing the implant procedure.

And since there are a lot of complications that can happen. The dentist will typically be very careful in choosing which patients they take on. To minimize those complications. So that all of their patients can have great success with their dental implants.

For example, they may choose to not to work with patients if they have poorly controlled diabetes. The reason why, is because if it is poorly controlled. It will affect how their body will be able to heal from receiving the implant.

Since it gets implanted directly into the bone, the slower the body will heal. Increasing the chance of complications such as infection. Therefore, if a person has poorly controlled diabetes. they may request that they go back to their doctor and get it under control before they will do the implant procedure.

Also, patients who smoke can increase implant complications. Because it impacts the body’s ability to heal the tissue. In fact, while the success rate for implants are typically at 90 to 95%. The success rate plummets when placing an implant in a smoker’s mouth.

Bone density is another important consideration that dental implants Edmonton must make. When deciding if they are going to take on a patient or not. The reason why, is because the success of the implant comes from how well it can heal to the bone.


The implant looks like it has threads of a screw on the outside of it. So that it can give a lot of area for the bone to heal to. When a person has poor bone density, such as a woman who suffers from osteoporosis.

There bone might lack the tissue needed to heal solidly to the implant. Putting it at risk for failing. And while a patient may be helped by taking calcium supplements. Until that bone density is increased. They may not be the best candidate for a dental implant.

Also, patients who have own loss may also not be the best candidate for a dental implant. If there is not a tooth in the bone to stimulate blood flow to the area. The body will start eroding the bone, using the calcium in other parts of the body.

Therefore, if it has been several years after losing a tooth. The patient may not have enough material for the implant to adhere to. This is why it is important for patients who have lost a tooth to get an implant sooner rather than later. So that they do not risk losing bone, that might make it difficult or impossible to place an implant.

By working with the best candidates, dental implants Edmonton can not only minimize complications. But increase the success that they have. Ensuring that a patient will be able to have their implants for many years to come.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Are Potential Implant Complications

There are many things that both a patient as well as dental implants Edmonton can do to increase the success rate of the procedure. However, a lot depends on the clinician being careful in what they do to minimize complications such as infections.

The style of implants can play a large part of avoiding certain complications. And they only use the implant that is least likely to cause problems.

There are two different styles of implants available to use. One is the cement style of implant. And the other uses screws to be put together.

What the screw implant looks like, is that it comes in three separate pieces. The first part is the implant itself, which is the part that gets embedded in the bone of the patient.

The second part is the abutment, and it is going to be what holds the crown to the implant. It will have two screws one on the top and one on the bottom. That will allow everything to affix together.

In the third part is the crown itself, that is the part that looks like a patient’s tooth. It will screw onto the abutment, which will screw onto the implant.

The cement implants only has two pieces to it. The implant section that will get put into the patient’s mouth. While the abutment and crown are the second piece.


How the dentist will attach the crown and abutment onto the implant is through the use of cement. When the dentist is putting the two pieces together. Cement can squish out of the crown, and onto the patient’s gums.

If it is either undetected, or not cleaned up thoroughly enough. It can actually cause infections in the implant site. But that is not the worst that can happen if the cement is left.

If the cement sinks below the patient’s gum line, not only will it go undetected by the dentist because it is out of sight. But it is very unlikely that the patient will be able to feel it. And think nothing is wrong. When laughed, it can actually end up causing damage to the patient’s bone.

This is the reason why dental implants Edmonton never uses the cement style of implant. Because it can so significantly cause problems that can end up being very damaging to the patient.

One of the benefits of using the screw style implants. Is that if there is an issue with the implant. Such as it has come loose, or a patient is putting too much pressure on it well they bite. It is going to be very easy for dental implants Edmonton to unscrew all of the pieces, make an adjustment and put it back together.

In fact, it will be so easy to do that it will cause absolutely no discomfort to the patient. And can be fixed very easily for the rest of the patient’s life, as long as they have the dental implants in their mouth.