Dental Implants Edmonton | What Can Go Wrong With Implants

Even though there is a very high success rate with dental implants, they can still be a number of things that can be done to minimize problems says dental implants Edmonton.

Because even though the success rate can be 90 to 95%. The more that number can be increased, the more patients will be helped by minimizing problems.

From the very beginning of the procedure, dental implants Edmonton works to ensure maximum success of all implants they place in patients. Starting with ensuring that the patient that they work with is a good candidate for the implant procedure.

For example, if they have not been practising good oral hygiene, if they are a smoker, or if they have poorly controlled diabetes. These can all make them higher risk for complications with their implant.

The reason why, is because all of these things slow down the healing of their body. And when the body heals much slower, that can impact the success of the dental implant.

Especially since as the dental implant is healing, it is at risk for infection. So the slower it is to heal. Means the higher risk they are for getting an infection. That could threaten their health. As well as threaten the success of the implant itself.

Once dental implants Edmonton have chosen which patients to work with. It is important that the patient also knows what they should do that can increase their chances of success. The first important thing is ensuring that they are continuing to engage in good oral hygiene practices.


The reason why this continues to be important, is so that a patient can minimize the amount of bacteria that is in their mouth. Because bacteria at the implant site can cause infection.

Prior to the procedure. The patient should go to their dental hygienist and get cleaning and scaling down. To continue to eliminate the amount of bacteria that will be in their mouth during the procedure.

Afterwards, it is important for patients to continue to brush, floss and use mouthwash. So that they can ensure they do not allow the bacteria to cause infections.

Many patients make the assumption that brushing immediately following the procedure. Can irritate the implant site. And should be avoided but this is not true at all.

Patients need to realize that they should engage in all of their regular oral hygiene activities. So that they can ensure the success of their implant.

They also must follow their dentists instructions. Including coming in as often as they recommend. Get the implant checked. This is to ensure that there are no complications arising from the implant. And that it is healing as expected.

Once the implant has completely healed, a dentist will generally requests patients come in every six months to continue to ensure healing is going well. And so that they can check the health of the implant itself. To make sure there is nothing that is affecting the success of it.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Can Go Wrong With Implants

Even though there is an extremely low failure rate of dental implants, it is important that dental implants Edmonton continue to ensure that failure rate is low. Since this is a procedure that has high potential for things going wrong. It requires prudence on behalf of the dentist to minimize complications.

One important thing that dental implants Edmonton does that can demise problems. Is use a specific style of implant in their patients.

There are two different styles of implant that can be used. One is the cement style of implant. And one is the screw style of implant.

They use the screw style, because it is not only the easiest one to install. It also has the lowest complication rate. It is also the easiest to fix if problems arise.

The screw style implant has three different parts to it. The first is the implant itself, that gets embedded in the patient’s bone. It will have a hole in the middle of it. The second part is the abutment. Which will have a screw so that it will screw directly into the implant.

And finally, the third part is the crown section. In the crown will screw directly onto the abutment. No cement is needed to be used to install the implant. And ensure that it is solid.

One of the best things about this, is that if there are any problems or complications. They can go back into the implant, easily take it apart without any discomfort on behalf of the patient. Fix it and put it back together.


With the cement style of implant. This comes in two separate pieces. The implant itself, and the abutment and crown is in one piece. It does not affix to the implant through a screw. It uses cement instead.

And when they cement crown is placed, it can end up losing or squishing out to some of the cement onto the surrounding area. This can increase chances of infection at the sight of the implant. But there are even more complications that can happen because of cement.

If any cement sinks below the gum line, not only will the dentist not notice it. But the patient will not be able to feel it. And it can then cause damage to the surrounding bone.

Because of this, cement implants can increase the chances of complications. And cause more implants to fail. And with cement implants, if there is something that needs to be fixed. The patient needs to go under general anaesthetic. And it is a much more invasive procedure to fix.

Therefore, by not using this style. And also using the style of implant that can be more easily fixed. Can help increase the success of implants. And minimize complications.

Therefore, when patients are ready to get their dental implants. By going to dental implants Edmonton, they can be assured that they are going to demise all chances of complications. To end up with a great smile.