Dental Implants Edmonton | What Can Go Wrong

While the success rate for dental implants is extremely high at 90 to 95% according to dental implants Edmonton. That still leaves a large percentage of things that can potentially go wrong. By understanding all of the things that can go wrong during the dental implant process. Can make both the dentist as well as the patient more diligent in ensuring that does not happen.

The first thing to keep in mind is that dental implants Edmonton can be responsible for their own activities. That can help ensure the health of the implant itself.

This can be achieved by ensuring that they only work with the best candidates possible. For many reasons, patients may not be the best suited for this procedure. And so by not putting implants in these candidates. Will help ensure that a dentist can avoid a wide array of complications.

This means, a dentist may choose to not work with a patient who smokes. While the dentist does not care from a moral standpoint about smoking. However, smokers impact their bodies ability to heal from trauma.

If patients are not going to heal quickly or well from the implant surgery. This can create potential complications. Such as increased risk for infections. The reason why says dental implants Edmonton. Is this lower a patient is at healing. The longer they are susceptible to infection. Making it more likely that an infection is going to happen.

Also, a dentist may choose not to work with the patient who has uncontrolled diabetes. The reason why, is the same as the smoker. Because diabetics who do not have their condition under control. Can have a more difficult time healing from the procedure. Which increase complication and infection risk.


I dentist may also choose not to work with a person who has low bone density. Such as a person who might be suffering from osteoporosis. The reason why, is because in order to ensure the implant is healing thoroughly. The bone needs to be fairly dense.

The implant will look like it has screw threads on the outside of it. And in order to ensure complete and solid healing. The bone needs to heal into all of those threads.

By having a low bone density. A person may not be able to have their bone heal into those threads. Which can put the implant at a risk of failing overall.

It would be a problem if a dentist new that the implant would have a high likelihood of failing. But then still going ahead with the procedure.

Another reason why a dentist might choose not to work with a certain patient. Is because they actually have significant bone loss. In order for the implants to heal thoroughly and grip the bone. There needs to be a significant amount of bone in the area. If a person has lost there tooth several years ago. Chances are quite significant that the bone would erode in that area, giving the implant very little material to hold onto.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What Can Go Wrong

Even though dental implants have a very high success rate says dental implants Edmonton. Not only boasting and 90 to 95% success rate. But an extremely high percentage of client satisfaction. There is still a large potential for things to go wrong. Especially if the dentist is not careful.

The dentist has a lot of control over what they can do before as well as during the procedure. And as long as the dentist is careful and prudent. They can make a significant impact on avoiding complications and problems with their implants procedure.

One thing that dental implants Edmonton does, is ensure that they use the best style of implants for all of their procedures. There are two different styles of implants. What is called of the screw style of implants and the other one is called the cement style.

While dentists prefer the screw style of implants. There are many reasons for this. What the screw style looks like, is first it comes in three different parts.

The first planet is the implant, which is surgically inserted into the patient’s bone in their job. There is a small hole in the top of the implant. And inside that hole, are internal screw threads.

The second part of the implant is the crown. Which is the part that actually looks like a tooth. In the screw implants. There will be a small hole in the bottom of the crown.


And finally, the third part is called an abutment. Which is going to look like to tiny screws one pointing up and one pointing down. Dental implants Edmonton will screw the abutment into the hole in the implant. And then screw the crown on top of the top section of the abutment.

This way, the implant does not require any cement or it he says to be put together. Which will allow them to be able to fix problems, or troubleshoot if a patient is uncomfortable. Without having to put the patient under general anaesthetic, and taking apart the entire implant.

The cement implant has just two parts to it. The first part is the implant. And the second part combines the abutment and crown in one solid piece.

The dentist would use cement to affix the abutment and crown to the implant in the patient’s bone. To finish the implant itself.

The biggest problem with this, is there is no way for the dentist to make minor adjustments, tweak things if they become loose. Or troubleshoot problems if a patient is uncomfortable.

By knowing which implants to use can help ensure that a dentist is going to significantly minimize any problems that might occur. Which will increase the success and the overall satisfaction a patient will have with the final product.

By using this style of implants they can ensure the best possible outcome for their patient. Even if there are adjustments that need to be made. With any section of the implant itself.