Dental Implants Edmonton | What is The Procedure?

While many people might understand that dental implants Edmonton is a permanent tooth replacement solution. They might not know how it is different than bridges and dentures. Or what they should expect during the procedure.

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In fact, they might not even know if they would be a good candidate or not. Which is why they should understand not only what a dental implant is.

And what the procedure looks like. As well as why it is beneficial. So that they can discuss with their own dentist. If they would be a good candidate for the procedure or not.

Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants Edmonton is a permanent tooth replacement solution. That will look, function and feel just like a regular tooth.

It will not be able to be removed from a patient’s mouth, like ridges and dentures can be. Which are known for slipping will people talk, popping out will people eat, and breaking.

In fact, dentures are well known for slipping, because as the patient’s bone erodes in their mouth. And enter will continue to need new fitting, to ensure that it can fit the patient’s mouth effectively.

This is something that does not need to happen with dental implants. Because once the implant is placed, it simply needs regular checkups. To ensure nothing is going wrong.


The first thing that patients will needs to understand. Is that they need to have good oral hygiene, even before the procedure. The reason why, is because the implant will get surgically placed surgically in the bone of the patient’s mouth.

And if they do not have good oral hygiene. There bone could be already affected, or their gums could start to recede. Or have problems like gingivitis. That would affect the healing ability of the implant.

Therefore, if anyone is thinking that they will need to get tooth replaced in the near future. They should ensure that they are brushing their teeth three times a day, flossing once. And using mouthwash on a regular basis. To ensure their mouth is as healthy as possible.

Once the implant is placed, and the crown is put onto the implant. It is very important that patients are also regularly brushing their teeth and maintaining good oral health as well.

The reason is not because the implants can get cavities. That should not be the only reason why patients want to brush their teeth. Brushing teeth can keep the remaining teeth healthy. Which will help maintain the integrity of the dental implants.

But also, it will also ensure the overall health of the bones in the mouth, and the gums. Because if a patient develops a problem such as gingivitis. Not only can that cause the gums to recede. It can also cause the implants to lose its integrity. And be at risk.

If there are any consumer wondering about dental implants Edmonton. They should make an appointment with their dentist. Find out all the information they need about this procedure.

Dental Implants Edmonton | The Procedure For Success

While dental implants Edmonton is gaining in popularity every year. With three million Americans having this procedure already. And half a million people getting it every year.

The reason why it is gaining in popularity. It is not just because it looks, functions and feels just like a regular tooth. But because it can help maintain the overall health of the patient’s mouth.

In addition to that, it has one of the highest success rates of any dental procedure. Maintaining a 96 to 98% success rate.

With how few problems happen with dental implants. Increases the number of people who want to get this procedure done.

In just five appointments, patients can go from initial consultation, to their tooth being replaced completely. Understanding what happens at each of these five appointments can be important. Tell patient decide if this is the right procedure for them or not.

The first appointment is the initial consultation. For the patient can get all of their questions answered. And find out if they are a good candidate. They need to have good oral hygiene, and have enough space and bone to place an implant.

If a patient has lost their tooth several years ago, they might already have significant bone erosion. That might require the dentist doing a bone graft. In order to have enough area to put the implant in.


If the patient is a good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. The second appointment will be the surgery date. Where the dentist will either place the implant surgically. Or pull the tooth and then surgically place the implant.

Three months will happen in between appointment two and three. Because it is very important to ensure that the implant is able to heal with the bone well. In a process called osteo- integration.

Once the healing is complete enough, the dentist will see if the healing is going well. And if there are any problems they need to correct.

And the fourth appointment, is simply for the dentist to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab can create a crown that matches the other teeth. And will fit in the space that is available.

Finally, the fifth appointment will be the day where the dentist places the crown onto the implant. And ensure that there are no problems such as a strong bite, that could cause problems to the implant.

Once people have their dental implants, they need to just ensure that they are engaging in regular tooth brushing and flossing habits. And that they come back every six months for a checkup.

This is to ensure that no problems are starting, that the dentist can fix early on and quickly. Such as keeping an eye on the patient’s bite, ensuring the screws are tight, and that nothing is shipped accidentally.

Through regular oral care, and appointments. Just like it is caring for their regular teeth and seeing the dentist. This can help patients maintain their dental implants Edmonton for an entire lifetime.