Dental Implants Edmonton | What Patients Should Know

If patients need to replace one or more of their teeth, they should learn about dental implants Edmonton. As a permanent way to replace teeth that they may be missing.

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Prior to the technology of dental implants. Patients only option to place teeth included dentures and bridges. And while these were way to maintain the look of teeth. They were less comfortable, less functional, and cause problems fairly regularly.

Not only were bridges and dentures more likely to slip or pop out will people were eating and speaking. They also had a tendency to break more often. Because they were a removable appliance from the patient’s mouth.

Because of this, only when people absolutely needed many teeth replaced. What they often go to their dentist to find a solution and used dentures or bridges.

However, with the creation of dental implants Edmonton. More patients are finding that this is an effective way to not only replace the look of the missing tooth. But maintain their looks, and function of their mouth, before they were missing the tooth in the first place.

Not only is this very popular procedure. With three million Americans already having it done. And half a million more people each year getting the procedure done.

But also, the procedure has a 98% success rate. Which also contributes to the procedures popularity. Because of this, more people are finding out more information about dental implants Edmonton than ever before.

Patients should understand exactly what dental implants are, so that they can make the decision if this procedure is the right one for them.


In the first appointment, the dentist will discuss the process with the patient. And verify that they are good candidates. That they have the room for the implant.

The second appointment is the actual surgery date where they either place the implant. Or remove the tooth, and place the implant. Which will require about three months of healing time. To allow osteo- integration.

The third appointment will ensure that the healing is going well. The dentist will check stitches, and ensure that there are no problems starting. And to ensure that the patient is brushing their teeth and cleaning their implant properly. Because that can affect the health and healing of the implant.

The fourth appointment will be to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab knows how to create the crown. Both to look like the patient’s other teeth. To ensure that it fits the space that the patient has.

And finally, the fifth appointment will be for the dentist to actually place that crown on the implant. That there is no problems such as a too strong bite, that can cause problems later on down the road.

In just five appointments, patients can go from missing teeth, to having a full set of teeth. Plus all of the functionality of their teeth before they lost any.

By understanding how implants get placed, and what the procedure looks like. Can help people decide if this is the right procedure for them.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What You Ought To Know

Dental implants Edmonton is increasing in popularity. Partially because of how the implants look and feel to replace patients missing teeth.

But also, dental implants are popular because of how effective they are at helping to maintain the oral health of the patient’s mouth.

In fact, dentists often make the suggestion of dental implants Edmonton. Because of how that can help patients keep the rest of their teeth gums healthy.

To understand why, patients need to understand how dental implants work. First, because they are implanted directly into a patient’s bone, it acts just like the patient’s tooth root.

As the patient eats and talks, the vibrations of teeth chewing and speaking. Stimulate blood flow to the bone. This allows the bone as well as the gums to be healthy.

However, if one tooth is gone, blood flow stops being stimulated in that area. Which can cause bone erosion, and can cause patient’s gums to recede as well.

What happens when the bone erodes, is that a large gap starts to form where the tooth used to be. Which can impact the surrounding teeth. Causing them to become looser, or have their roots start to show.

If enough time has passed, people can start losing more teeth. Simply because the blood flow is not being stimulated.


This is why implants are so beneficial. Because they will stimulate the blood flow, ensuring health of the bones and gums in their mouth.

However, this is not the only reason why dental implants Edmonton are beneficial. By having this space where there tooth used to be filled in. It will ensure that they existing and surrounding teeth. Do not start leaning, in order to fill in that space.

If that happens, because no tooth is replaced. It can cause a patient’s teeth to start becoming crooked, which can show their roots, and because bite problems. And even pain when they close their jaw or chew.

When that the roots of a patient’s teeth are showing, that can cause increased cavities. Because of the lack of enamel on the patient’s roots.

And if the teeth lean so much, it could actually put them at risk for needing to be removed as well. Especially if the bone starts to erode as well, causing them to be loose as well as leaning.

Because of all these reasons, many dentists actually recommend dental implants Edmonton. As a way of replacing the teeth that people might be missing.

After the procedure, regular oral hygiene, and getting regular checkups. Is it only thing that people have to do in order to maintain their dental implants.

If they are not brushing their teeth regularly, they could cause gum problems such as gingivitis. That can affect the integrity of their existing teeth and the implant itself.

And regular checkups, just like they would have for their teeth for the dentist. Can ensure that any problems are identified quickly. Before they got larger than the dentist could fix easily.