Dental Implants Edmonton | What to Expect

If people require getting teeth replaced, they should find out all of the facts about dental implants Edmonton. Because this is a procedure that growing in popularity.

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Typically, the options that people use to have worked tooth replacement. Was getting bridges, and dentures. However, this was not always an option that was happily accepted.

Because not only are dentures and bridges a separate appliance that but in an out of the patient’s mouth.

But they also had the ability to slip while people were talking or eating. Even pop out, and had high instances of breaking with use.

In fact, because once a patient loses their teeth. There are no longer getting the bones stimulated by the tooth root. Which causes their gums to shrink, making the dentures continue to need an improved fit. In order to work properly.

However, because dental implants Edmonton can permanently replace a tooth. In a way that looks and functions just like a regular tooth. This is becoming a widely preferred method. Over bridges and dentures.

In fact, not only does it look and function just like a regular tooth. It has fewer problems than bridges and dentures. With the success rate of an implant being around 96 to 98%.

The reason why dental implants are becoming so popular. Especially with younger patients. Is because they can seamlessly get one or two teeth replaced. Without looking or feeling like they have had a tooth replaced.

But not only that, but dental implants can help preserve the health of a patient’s mouth. For several different reasons.


First, by having a tooth permanently replaced. Will not allow the other, healthy teeth in the area to start shifting, or leaning in order to fill in the gap.

This often happens if a tooth is not replaced. Which causes bite problems, pain when people bite down or eat. And even can cause teeth to become loose and need to be replaced.

Or as the teeth lean into the gap. Their route can start showing. Which can increase the amount of cavities, due to the lack of enamel on a patient’s route.

As well, the dental implant, because it is placed directly into the bone. Can act just like a tooth root. Which stimulates the blood flow in the bone. Maintaining that bone health.

This can guard against bone erosion, that can cause a lot of problems in a patient’s mouth. This is why many dentists are suggesting dental implants Edmonton. Because it is a great way to maintain the overall health of the patient’s mouth.

However, one of the reasons why has such a high success rate. Is because patients are required to come back to their dentist every six months. To get their dental implants checked. It is important that they are maintaining good oral health. And that the dentist is fixing any problems they see at an early stage. Before becomes a larger problem.

Problems such as having to read tighten the screw on the implant. Or fixing chipped implant. Not only takes very little time. But can help ensure that they are maintaining the implant for a lifetime.

Dental Implants Edmonton | What You Can Expect

While many people now have an option of getting dental implants Edmonton. In order to replace one or more teeth that they might be missing. Or needing to have placed.

However, should understand what to expect with this procedure. So that they can make the decision, along with their dentist. If this is the right procedure for them.

The first thing that they will discuss, is if they are good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. Dentist needs to ensure that they have enough room in their mouth to place the implant.

They should expect around five appointments with their dentists. From the very first consultation, to the final appointment placing the implant. And healing time of about 3 to 4 months.

The first appointment will actually be the initial consultation. Where the patient and the dentist discusses dental implants. And what the next steps would be if they are infected good candidate.

The second appointment, is the actual surgery date. Where they will have the implant placed. It is also this appointment that if they need to have a tooth removed in order to have tooth replaced. They can do that within the same appointment.

The third appointment is simply for the dentist to be able to ensure healing is going on properly. One problem that many patients have. Is making the assumption that they should not be brushing their implant. Or the teeth surrounding it.


They make this assumption thinking that the toothbrush or the toothpaste will irritate the implant. But this is not true. In fact, if they do not keep the area clean. Become a problem for the health of their mouth, and of the implant itself.

The fourth appointment will be to ensure the healing is going well. And to take an impression of the patient’s mouth.

So that the lab can ensure that not only will the crown that they manufacture. Look like the patient’s teeth. But that it will be the size that is needed to fit into their mouth. and look just like the rest of their teeth with no gaps.

And finally, the last appointment, appointment five is insertion they. Where the dentist places the crown on to the implant. And ensure that it is functioning properly, and that the bite is accurate.

It is important that the teeth touch, so that the implant can stimulate the blood flow to the bone. But it cannot touch to much, because if the bite is too hard, that can cause problems to the implant itself.

Once the fifth appointment is done, a person will have their tooth replaced, and should not experience any more problems or need any more appointments.

Other than the regular checkups they need to their dentist. Every six months or so, just like they do with their regular teeth. By getting regular checkups. They can ensure the overall health of their implant and mouth.

If anyone is wondering if they would make a good candidate for dental implants Edmonton. Or if they like more information. They can set up a free consultation with their dentist to get more information.