Dental Implants Edmonton | Be In The Know About Dentures

If you are missing a teeth and its absence make it impossible to eat or speak properly, your dental implants in Edmonton professional might have talked to you about getting dentures as an option. Dentures are removable appliances in the dental field. They replace the missing teeth to help restore your smile. Apart from that, dentures are also designed to replace all the other functions of the natural teeth. Dentures are made to help you speak and eat better.

Did you know that the absence of your teeth can make the skin on your face sag? Not only is this unsightly, but it makes you look a whole lot older than your age. Dentures help fill those spaces to help with the appearance. What’s great about getting dentures is the fact that they can be made as natural looking as you want them to. In fact, dentures might help you improve your smile.

Now, what type of dentures can you choose from? Here they are in a list:

Conventional Dentures –

This type of denture is fully removable, which means it can be put in the mouth when needed and taken out when there is no need for them. The conventional denture is also placed in the mouth only after the remaining teeth have been removed and the gum tissues have healed. Putting them on while the tissues have yet to might cause more harm than good. Complete healing may take months, so it is best to consult with the dentist if you have a timeline in mind.

Immediate Dentures –

this is the type of denture that is inserted on the same day those remaining teeth have been removed. The denture is made before the actual teeth are scheduled to be removed. A preliminary visit will help the dentist get the measurements and make models of your jaw. You don’t have to go for months without teeth. However, you may have to closely monitor the denture and have it relined once the gums have completely healed to achieve the perfect fit.

New dentures may take a while before they can fit in and during that time it may feel awkward. However, you can look forward to better days instead. Talk to your dentist about other dental concerns you make have. They’d be glad to speak to you about the possibility of having dentures instead.