Dental Implants Edmonton | Why They Are Beneficial

There is often many reasons why people would want to replace teeth, including dental implants Edmonton. While there are a few different options. From up bridges and dentures, to dental implants and even simply not replacing the teeth.

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Patients should find out what their dentist finds is the most beneficial solution. And why. So that they can make the right decision for themselves.

The first complaint that many patients have with bridges and dentures. Is that they are uncomfortable, and do not allow for full function of their teeth. Such as being unable to enjoy certain foods that they once were able to. Including steak, apples and corn on the cob.

Not only that, but bridges and dentures were also likely to slip, pop out of place will people are eating or talking. And even break often. Due to the fact that they are removable appliances.

However, dental implants Edmonton is a permanent tooth replacement solution. That not only looks like a person’s tooth. It feels, and functions integrally to what they are used to, before they lost their tooth.

How dental implants are different from bridges and dentures. It is not just because it is a permanent solution. But the implant actually mimics a patient’s own tooth.

How this happens, is by the dentist actually implanting a screw that functions just like the root of the patient’s tooth. That they will then place a crown on top of.

Once the implant heals. It functions just like a patient’s tooth. And will not need to be removed, or replaced at any time.


The reason why this is beneficial. Is because first of all, the function of the tooth root. Is to stimulate the blood flow to the bone. So that the bone can remain healthy.

When the bone is healthy, it allows all of the teeth and the tooth roots to remain intact, and in the bone, so that they can do their job of helping a patient speak and eat their food.

If there is no tooth root in the area, the bone stops stimulating blood flow to the area. And that causes the bone to start to erode away. This can happen in as little as 3 to 6 months after losing a tooth.

When this happens, the more the bone erodes, the more it can cause the gums to reseed. And can affect the surrounding teeth.

Causing them to have their roots show. Which will increase cavities. Since roots have less than enamel than the rest of patient’s tooth.

Not only will it cause the roots to show when the gum erodes. But it can also cause the surrounding teeth to become loose, as the bone erodes away, and the gums start to recede. Over time, it can impact most or all of the patient’s teeth. Requiring them to be replaced.

This is why many dentists suggested dental implants Edmonton. Because since it allows the implant to stimulate blood flow to the bone. It truly functions like a patient’s regular teeth. To help ensure their mouth stays healthy.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Who They Benefit

More and more people are opting to get dental implants Edmonton. Because looking and feeling natural is important.

And especially as more people are taking better care of their teeth. They are opting to replace one tooth as needed. Instead of having to wait until they have lost more teeth to be able to be fitted for bridges and dentures.

Not only are dental implants Edmonton great solution to look and feel natural. But they are actually specifically beneficial. Which is why they have a 96 to 98% success rate.

But this is also why three million people in America alone have gotten dental implants done. A number that is increasing by half a million people each and every year.

Patients should understand why dentists are recommending this procedure. Especially over and above bridges and dentures. Which is why they should make a free consultation with their dentist.

By understanding that the implant gets placed directly into the patient’s bone. This will replace the tooth root. And a crown will be placed directly into the implant, screwing into place.

The reason why it is important to replace a tooth this way. Is because if a patient leaves a gap where tooth used to be. Not only can cause the bone to a road. But the tendency of the existing teeth. Will be to want to fill in that gap.

In a short amount of time. Patients will notice that their teeth start to turn, shift, and become crooked as they lean in, to fill the gap. In fact, teeth can start showing their roots when this happens.


When patients roots are showing. That can increase the number of cavities they get. Just because the roots are more susceptible to cavities. However this is the only problem that can occur when their teeth try to fill in the hole that a missing tooth leaves.

In fact, once a patient’s teeth start to move, they can start developing bite problems. Which can create problems when they eat, or even be painful when they close their mouth or chew their food.

This is why dentists highly recommend dental implants Edmonton. So that they can ensure their overall health of their mouth.

Once patients have received dental implants. They not to continue to maintain good oral hygiene. I regular brushing and flossing routines.

What this will do, is help ensure the overall health of their existing teeth. As well as their gums and bone. So that they do not cause problems like gingivitis. That might cause gums to recede, and impact the integrity of the implant.

As well, if there are other teeth start to need to be replaced, that can also impact the health of the implant. Which is why all patients need to ensure that they are engaging in good oral hygiene well before. And well after this procedure.

Before deciding to get dental implants done. Patients should set up and free consultation with their dentist. And get all of their questions answered.