Dental Implants Edmonton | Why Get Them?

Before dental implants Edmonton, the option of getting teeth replaced was through dentures and bridges. However, this was not a comfortable solution. That could also cause problems for the wearer.

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Not only were these appliances likely to slip, or pop out when people were eating or talking. He also are likely to break more often.

However, with the creation of a dental implant procedure. This is a way for people to permanently replace one or more teeth. In a way that functions identically to a person’s tooth.

Since this procedure has been created, three million people in America have already got this procedure done. And half a million more people each year are getting dental implants.

Unlike a bridge or indenture that is a separate appliance that can be put in and taken out of a patient’s mouth. Dental implants Edmonton puts an implant directly into the patient’s bone.

Where it replaces the missing toots Ruth. Allowing a dentist to put a crown directly on the implant itself. In a way that permanently replaces the missing tooth. And looks identical to the patients other teeth.

In fact, not only does this replace the look and function of the missing tooth. It actually also helps maintain the oral health of the patient. Which is why many dentists recommend dental implants.

Because the dental implant replaces the tooth’s route. This helps stimulate blood flow to the bone. Which causes the bone and the gums to be healthy. Without this blood flow, the bone can erode, and the gums can recede.


And when the bone of roads and the gums received, it can cause the roots of the existing teeth to show. Increasing the instances of cavities, since routes have less enamel on them.

And this bone erosion, and proceeding gums. Can also cause patients to start having their existing teeth starts to get loose.

In addition to receding gums and eroding bones. That can cause a wide variety of problems for the healthy teeth in a patient’s mouth. Having a gap or a tooth should be. Also causes problems. Where the remaining teeth start shifting, in order to fill in the gap.

This can cause a patient’s teeth to be crooked. Which can create bite problems. In the bite problems can cause pain especially when patients are eating.

And because of how all these problems can affect a patient. Having a dental implant can eliminate those issues. And help ensure that a patient’s overall oral health can be maintained.

Since a dental implant is designed to last for the entire lifetime of the patient. It is very important that they have good oral health. This is also why people need to ensure that they are continuing to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. So that they do not cause gum and bone problems that can increase problems.

If patients are wondering if dental implants Edmonton is right for them. They can contact their dentist. And find out more about this procedure. And if they would be a good candidate.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Why Get Your Teeth Replaced?

The popularity of dental implants Edmonton is growing. Especially with younger people. Who now have an option of how to permanently replace their teeth.

Similar to how people went from using glasses, to contact lenses. And ultimately getting laser eye surgery.

People are moving away from dentures and bridges to replace teeth. With a permanent solution. That looks, feels and functions just like their regular teeth.

People should understand how implants work, so that they can make the decision of if this is right for them. The first thing that will happen, is that the dentist will place the implant directly into their bone.

Once this heels, the dentist will place a crown onto the implant. Which will permanently replace their teeth. This is an effective solution for getting one tooth replaced. Or more than one, depending on what the patient requires.

A patient should expect this to happen within about five appointments. The first appointment is the initial consultation with the dentist. Discuss what is needed, and how the patient and the dentist will proceed.

The second appointment is the actual surgery date. But they will place the implant, or remove the tooth as well as place the implant.


The third appointment is for the dentist to ensure that the implant is healing well. And to check to see if the patient has been brushing and cleaning the implant site well.

Many patients make the assumption that brushing their teeth, or cleaning the implant will irritate it. But not only is this not true.

But patients also need to take care to clean it effectively. So that they do not interfere with its ability to heal thoroughly.

The fourth appointment is next, to take an impression of the patient’s mouth. So that the lab can create a crown. Not only will match the look of the patient’s other teeth. But to ensure that they make it a size that will allow them to fit crown into the patient’s mouth.

And finally, the fifth appointment is the insertion day. Where the dentist places dental implants Edmonton. And ensure that there are no problems with the patient’s bite.

Following that appointment, patients will need to have regular appointments with their dentist. To ensure there bite is still not too strong. And to ensure that there are no problems starting to occur with their dental implants.

And while this procedure is not 100% guaranteed. The success rates of dental implants is 96 to 98%. Aching this one of the most effective dental procedures today.

If anyone is missing teeth, or will needs to have teeth removed and then replaced. Can find out if dental implants Edmonton is right for them.

The initial consultation with their dentist is free. And can help not only answer their questions. But help prepare them for the procedure, so that they know exactly what is coming. And what to expect during each appointment.