Dental Implants Ellerslie | Common Dental Concerns

Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians have been to the dentist in the last year according to dental implants Ellerslie. Many Canadians still wonder. About many different dental issues.
Dental Implants Ellerslie

One of the most common issues. That people ask dental implants Ellerslie. Is wondering why implants. Are better than dentures or bridges. Many people lose teeth in their lifetime.

Due to a number of factors. First of all, it could be age-related. As their gums received. Due to age, or as they get cavities. Often people needs to lose their teeth. In order to maintain good oral hygiene.

Traditionally, people would get. Bridges, which are a dental device. That looks like a person’s regular teeth. And is perfect for fitting into areas. That only have one or two teeth missing.

Or, if people have all of the teeth. Either on the lower, or upper jaw missing. Then they are a good candidate for dentures. Where there will be a dental appliance made. To look like their existing teeth.

And they where this device in their mouth. And it replaces their now missing teeth. While this was very common, say dentists. The gold standard in to the placement is no dental implants.

One of the first things that people want to know. Is if there is a cost difference tween dental implants and dentures or bridges. The good news is, that there virtually is no cost difference at all.

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Therefore, people can end up getting dental implants Ellerslie. Which is going to allow them. To have permanent tooth replacement. So that they do not have to have a separate appliance in their mouth.

Many people want to know what a dental implant is like. The first thing that will happen, is that tooth that needs to be replaced. Will be removed from the patient’s mouth. In some cases, they will need to heal.

The healing will allow the gums to firm up. However, many dentists are able. To actually place the implant at this time. Whether they do it at the same time. As removing the existing tooth.

Or if they wait for the patient to heal. Before bringing them back and placing the implant. The implant is essentially embedded. In the patient’s jaw, where there tooth used to be.

Then, it must heal for several months. In order to be able to handle. Adding the crown placed on the implant. Once the patient’s implant has healed. They will visit the dentist again.

Who will have made a crown, that looks like the tooth that was removed. Using a screw type system. The dentist will screw the dental crown. Onto the implant in the patient’s mouth.

A great benefit of this, is that the implant will not only look. Like the patient’s missing tooth. But it will function that way as well. The screw system will allow the dentist. To fix any problems easily should they occur.

And people will not have to deal with. There dentures or bridges dislodging out of their mouth. While they are chewing, or talking.

Dental Implants Ellerslie | Usual Dental Concerns

While most people will want to keep their teeth as long as possible, they end up needing dental implants Ellerslie. There are many different reasons why people need to replace various teeth.

Some are related to age, as people age. Their gums can reseed, causing teeth to become loose. Or the receding gums can also cause the teeth. To be more susceptible to cavities.

Which may lead to a person needing to have. The tooth removed, because of the damage the cavities cause. In other cases, they have lost the tooth due to an accident. This is quite common for athletes in contact sports.

But other accidents, like car accidents can cause. A person to have a tooth knocked out. And then, they would need to replace it in some way. Before dental implants Ellerslie, people did not have many options.

Needing to replace a tooth with a bridge, or dentures. If they had many teeth that were needing to be replaced. And while dentures and bridges look very good. They do not function as someone’s regular teeth.

The first difference is, they are an oral appliance. That can be put in. And removed from the patient’s mouth. They must remove the appliances at night. And over time, these oral dental devices.

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Can stop fitting securely. Especially for dentures. Because a person’s gums will continue to reseed. Especially if there are no teeth to anchor them in place. Therefore, as a person ages.

There gums will shrink, and the dentures. Start fitting poorly, which means. People who have bridges and dentures. Must get new ones, every few years. Which is not only a significant hassle.

But it is also a significant cost. Meanwhile, dental implants Ellerslie cost the same. As dentures, however there is no ongoing maintenance. And in fact, dental implants are healthy for the gums.

What keeps the gums healthy, is the process. Of chewing food. The vibrations stimulate blood flow. Which helps keep the gums in healthy condition. If people have dentures, they lose that vibration.

And the reduced lead flow will cause the gums. To start reseed. As well as the bone in the gums. If there are no teeth, will start getting reabsorbed into the body. And it sent to other parts of the body that need the vitamins in bone.

Such as calcium, and that is another reason. Why dental implants Ellerslie are so much better. Then dentures. If people would like more information on dental implants.

One of the best things that they can do is contact the dentists. At the tooth doctor, in one of their three locations. One on the south side in Ellerslie. Another one centrally located.

In Capilano, and a third location in tow for. The dentists will be able to answer people’s questions about dentures, bridges. And the difference between those and dental implants. If people are interested in getting implants. They can start the process right away.