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Dentists typically recommend getting dental sealants, and they can even help prevent needing dental implants in Ellerslie. The reason why, is because dental sealants act as a protective barrier. Helping people prevent getting cavities.

Dental Implants Ellerslie

It is very important to note, that dental sealants. While not providing hundred percent coverage. Against tooth decay and cavities. Can help prevent people from getting tooth decay on their molars.

It is a very thin plastic layer. Applied to the surface of people’s molars, which are there back teeth. Since molars have pets, and features. That makes it very difficult for toothbrushes to adequately clean the teeth.

Applying sealants on the surface of the molars. Will help protect those teeth. So that tooth decay is less likely to happen. Making it easier for people to brush their teeth. However, it is also very important to note.

That dental sealants also last approximately ten years. And can develop cracks, chips and wear out. Before then, depending on people’s diets, and dental hygiene habits as well.

However, with regular checkups. At their dentist, they will be able to find out. If they need to reapply the dental sealants. If they do not get the sealants checked out, then they can be susceptible to cavities.

And if the cavities are left unchecked, may require the tooth getting extracted. And will require someone getting dental implants in Ellerslie. Therefore, it is important for people to continue.

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Two practice good oral hygiene. Which means brushing twice a day, or after every time they eat. As well as flossing every single day. So that they do not and up getting cavities. If they have a cracked or chipped sealants.

Sealants are very easily applied. And the best time to get them applied, is when up person is quite young. In fact, according to the National health and nutrition examination survey.

30% of children between the ages of six and eleven. Have dental sealants. While 38% of adolescents. Between the ages of twelve and nineteen have sealants. It is important to get the sealants early on in their life.

Before they have cavities. Because once they have cavities, they will need to get filling, instead of just getting a dental sealant applied. The first step, is drying the teeth thoroughly.

Therefore, the dentist will likely use a cotton role, and gauze to surround the teeth. And then, will apply an acid in a process called etching. After that, they will rinse and thoroughly dry the teeth again.

And then they will apply the sealant. And use a special UV light to curate. The curing process makes the sealant hard. The entire process takes less than five minutes.

If people want to know what one procedure they can get. To make them less likely to ever need dental implants in Ellerslie. The tooth doctor in Ellerslie would recommend getting dental sealants.

They will last approximately ten years, and can be reapplied any time. To help people protect their teeth. And avoid any unnecessary procedures, from tooth decay.

Dental Implants Ellerslie | Dental Sealants

May not realize that dental sealants can help prevent ever needing dental implants in Ellerslie. This is because it is a very thin plastic layer. Put on the surface of people’s molars.

This thin layer of plastic. Is a barrier between the tooth, and the causes of tooth decay. Helping prevent cavities. However, the dentist will also caution people. That they will still need to engage in great oral hygiene.

Due to people’s activities, and diets. The sealants can end up getting chipped or cracked. For example, if people are involved in the rough sport. If they eat food with a lot of bones in it.

Or if people grind their teeth. The dental sealants can end up getting chipped, cracks. Or they can even have a leak, which means the tooth is not getting the same protection at this point.

It is also important for people to engage in a regular, and routine checkup. At their dentist’s office, every six months. Because they will be able to determine if the sealant needs fixing or replacing.

If people have dental sealants. But they do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. They might end up getting a cavity. Without even realizing it, which might become so bad. That in order to fix it.

They will need to get dental implants in Ellerslie. Therefore, even though people have dental sealants on their teeth. They still need to engage in good oral hygiene practices. Which includes brushing their teeth.

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Twice a day, flossing their teeth every day. As well as visiting their dentist for checkups. A benefit that people will have, other than being able to avoid needing dental implants in Ellerslie.

Is that it can help people avoid the costly procedure. Of getting their cavities filled. Not only is this an expensive procedure. But it is also quite invasive, and often painful for people.

Therefore, if they can avoid having people need fillings. They can avoid a huge cost, and pain for that individual. Many people ask their dentist, if dental sealants can be placed over cavities.

And the short answer, is no. Dental sealants are not an appropriate measure. To prevent further tooth decay on a tooth. This is because once the cavity is there. The dentist must actually get rid of all of the tooth decay.

Otherwise the tooth decay will continue to eat away at the surface of the tooth. Therefore, if someone has a cavity. They must see the dentist. To get that cavity filled, instead of thinking that they can just get a sealant.

Most people who get sealants are children. Because it can prevent them from getting cavities. Especially as they are just learning how to brush their teeth. And may have inconsistent oral hygiene habits.

However, if an adult has made it into adulthood. Without cavities, they can continue getting sealants put on their teeth. As it is a fraction of the cost of getting fillings in their teeth.