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Many people are not aware of exactly how fluoride works to protect teeth says Dental Implants Ellerslie. They know that there is fluoride in their toothpaste. And in the drinking water.

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However, they are not sure how it works. Or how important it is, to also get their dentist. To apply fluoride to their teeth every six months. One of the first things that people should know about fluoride.

Is that it is a naturally occurring mineral. That is in many different plants, and food. When people consume fluoride, the body breaks down the mineral. And then coats the teeth with its.

In a process called remineralization. The more fluoride on the surface of the teeth. Then, the more the enamel is strengthened by this addition. It acts as a protective layer.

Protecting the surface of the teeth, from acid in the foods that people consume. Such as citric fruits, oranges, grape fruit. As well as lemons and limes. Even other acidic foods, such as tomatoes.

And food with a lot of vinegar, can erode the enamel. Making the tooth more susceptible to tooth decay, and cavities. As well, when there is a fluoride layer on the teeth.

It makes the bacteria, that eats away at the tooth and the enamel. Which causes cavities. A lot less likely to get at the enamel, where it can cause damage. Therefore, the more fluoride a person has on their teeth.

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The more that they can protect their teeth. However, there is such a thing as having too much fluoride on their teeth. What happens, is it creates an excess buildup of fluoride.

That not only creates a patchy look. But also, it causes a problem. Where people will not have the protection from the fluoride. Which is why avoiding that buildup is very important.

How people can avoid getting a buildup of fluoride on their teeth. Is it simply by avoiding swallowing the toothpaste. Or the fluoride treatments from their Dental Implants Ellerslie.

It will be virtually impossible, to consume too much fluoride. If people are drinking fluoride infused water. And there are no other naturally occurring sources. Most people would be able to consume enough.

That they would have too much fluoride in their body. This is why it is so important. For people to be using fluoride toothpaste. And that they do not swallow it. However, it is a more commonly occurring problem in children.

That are using either too much toothpaste, not being supervised as they brush their teeth. This is why Dental Implants Ellerslie will recommend. That children use a fluoride free toothpaste. Until they are old enough.

To learn how to spit the toothpaste out. And then swish their mouth out with water. To get rid of all of the excess toothpaste, and fluoride. When people are ready to protect their teeth.

And start protecting the teeth of their children. They should make an appointment at the tooth doctor. Not only do they have three convenient locations. But patients can get their teeth checked, cleaned. And protected with fluoride. As well as get all their questions answered.

Dental Implants Ellerslie | Protect Teeth And Enamel With Fluoride

Many people do not understand the role fluoride has says Dental Implants Ellerslie. In preventing tooth decay, cavities. And erosion, due to consuming food with acid in it.

It is so important, that municipalities. Started adding fluoride into the water, about seventy years ago. However, this is not protection enough alone. And why dentists offer fluoride as an additional service.

However, many people wonder if it is truly important. It is so important, but it can actually protect against cavities. Because it creates a physical barrier. Putting a layer of fluoride on people’s teeth.

So that the bacteria that causes cavities. Cannot reach the tooth. As well, food with acid in it, will wear away the fluoride. Which can be put back on the teeth. While enamel, cannot be.

Children should start getting fluoride treatments as soon as they are six months old, and have teeth according to their dentist. And they should not stop getting fluoride treatments, from that point forward.

Many adults wonder if they still continue needing fluoride. However, it is even more important. For adults to get fluoride. Because they are typically already dealing with dental problems.

That makes protection with fluoride even more important to their overall oral health. A great example of this, is people who have developed dry mouth syndrome. This could be simply due to their advancing age.

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But more commonly, it is caused by people who have dry mouth. As a side effect their medication. The absence of saliva, creates an environment, where bacteria is able to grow rapidly.

Because saliva, actually is a way of protecting the teeth. Because it washes away the bacteria that can cause problems. This is why gum chewing is not bad. It promotes saliva production, which guards against bacteria.

Therefore, people with dry mouth problems. Should reach out to Ellerslie dentist. First of all, for regular fluoride treatments. It also to find out what else they can do, to protect their teeth and oral health.

If people have ever had gum disease, such as gingivitis. This means that there gums will have slightly receded. Which exposes the roots of their teeth. Which do not have the same enamel that the rest of their teeth have.

Therefore, even having one instance many years ago of gingivitis. Makes people susceptible to developing tooth decay and cavities on the roots of their teeth.

This is why fluoride treatments for people who have had gingivitis is so important. Because it can help prevent tooth decay, that would happen very easily. Once a person has had to gingivitis.

There are many reasons why fluoride is beneficial. In fact, it is so important, that it is put in the water supply. To provide just an additional layer of protection. If people have any other questions for Dental Implants Ellerslie about fluoride.

All they have to do is call the tooth doctor, to get an appointment. They can get their teeth cleaned, checked. And fluoride treatments, to start protecting their teeth and their overall oral health.