Dental Implants Ellerslie | Why Dental Implants Are Preferred

When people are needing to replace a tooth, instead of getting dentures or a bridge they are hearing about dental implants Ellerslie. However, they are not sure why this is a better option for placing teeth.

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However, more dentists than ever before are opting to put dental implants in patients of all ages. For many different reasons. Starting with the fact that they look, feel and act just like the patient’s regular teeth.

Bridges and dentures on the other hand. Or are more likely to slip out, or break. Because they are not permanent in a patient’s mouth. And can often lead to embarrassing situations.

When they slid about while people are talking or eating. And can provide a lot of embarrassment to people who experience this, whether in their personal life, or professionally.

Implants on the other hand, are going to be inserted into the patient’s gums. And then the crown, will be screwed into the implant. In a way that is permanent, and looks just like the patient’s teeth.

When people go to their dentist, about dental implants Ellerslie. They may be hesitant to talk about dental implants and first. However, when they realize it is going to look and feel just like their natural teeth.

They are usually convinced, at least to hear more about what the process is. In fact, according to dental implants Ellerslie. Three million people in the United States alone have implants.

However, that number is growing by half a million people every year. Which means it is the fastest-growing dental procedure, to replace missing teeth.

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When people need to get a dental implant. It will take around four or five appointments. Including the consultation, to discuss with the dentist what is needed, and how and when they will proceed.

Then they will have the surgery date, where the implant is going to be placed. And after that, they will have one follow-up appointment to ensure the surgery went well, healing is going as expected.

The fourth appointment is for the dentist to make an impression of the patient’s mouth. So they will able to ensure the crown that they create fits their mouth.

And finally, the last appointment with dental implants. Will be to put the crown in place, that people can have their tooth replaced, even though it looks like they have not lost any teeth at all.

After that, people will simply need to come back for a check up once a year. Just like they would for their regular dentist, for their teeth. And simply engage in regular oral hygiene practices.

Dentures on the other hand require more appointments, including more regular visits. Especially because dentures can become ill fitting over time as the patient’s gums shrink.

And if the dentures break, they will need even more visits. And there is an ongoing cost as well. That are not ongoing with dental implants. Therefore, this is often less expensive endeavour, no matter when people need implants.

Dental Implants Ellerslie | Why Dental Implants Are Preferred by Dentists

Often, when people see their dental implants Ellerslie dentist. They do not know a lot about the procedure. And they are very sceptical, and hesitant.

However, this is a common procedure, that is growing in popularity. Often because the success rate of dental implants is a huge. The success rate is typically around 96 to 98%.

However, the satisfaction rate of dental implants is even higher. Because people are generally extremely pleased with the results. As dental implants look, feel, and function like their regular teeth.

How dental implants work, is that the dentist is going to implant a screw, to mimic the patient’s tooth. And what that will do, is stimulate blood flow to the area. So that the gums can remain healthy.

When the tooth is missing, the root does not stimulate blood flow. And the gums and bone can start eroding. As the body uses the calcium. In the area that there is no longer tooth.

That can create many problems in and of itself. Because as the gums erode, other teeth can become loose. Or they can start leaning in, to try and fill the whole that the missing tooth has left behind.

Therefore, when people go to dental implants Ellerslie. And get an implant in the area. They are helping ensure that the blood flow in their gums is positive, and that the gums are healthy.

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That way, the health of the other teeth are taken care of. When they place the implant, it is a surgical procedure. That is going to require approximately six months of healing time. Before they can place the crown.

When that is healed up, patients will go back to their dental implants dentist. And they will take an impression of the patient’s mouth. To ensure that they can create the right size crown.

That will look just like the patient’s regular teeth. After a couple more weeks, they will be able to go back and get the implant placed. And it is just a few minutes, of placing the implant.

And then having the dentist check to ensure the bite is appropriate. Because if the bite is to strong. It can cause the screw that is holding the implant to loosen.

And coming back to their dental implants Ellerslie dentist every year. To ensure the bite is continuing to be correct is important. As well as maintaining proper oral hygiene.

People also do not need to worry about what will happen if their implant becomes chipped or broken. Because the fact that implants are now made with screws. Means that people do not even need anesthetic.

In order for the dentist to go in, unscrew the broken crown. Fix it and then puts the crown back into the implant. So that it is a very easy procedure, if other problems occur.

When people need to replace teeth, whether it is one or more. They should look at dental implants as the preferred method. To help ensure their oral health for many years to come.