Dental Implants Edmonton | Dental Implant Complications

Typically, the failure rate of dental implants is very low at five or 10% according to dental implants Edmonton. However, there can be many things that can increase a person’s risk. So it can be very important for people to know what they can do. To minimize risks of things going wrong when they get a dental implant.


One common reason for the implant having a problem is an infection at the implant site. Infections are very common when the dentist uses an implant that cements into place.

For this reason, dental implants Edmonton does not use crowns that require cement. Instead, they use a three-part implant that has screws.

How this works, is that the three parts of the implant are the implant itself, the abutment. Which screws into the implant. And the crown that goes on top, and is what looks like the tooth.

Because there is no cement used, there is no risk of cement getting under the gum line. Which can not only cause infection. But even damage the bone.

Not only is the screw in type of implant lower risk in terms of infection. It is also much easier to fix when it becomes loose. Or if there are any other problems with the implant.

One of the most important things that a patient can do that is going to help increase their success rate. And decrease the risk of infections. Is ensuring that they have good oral hygiene.


This obviously means that they must be practising good brushing, and flossing. But it is also important that a patient gets a recent cleaning. Where their teeth will get scaled.

By doing that, a patient will be able to eliminate a lot of the bacteria that can live in their mouth. And minimize infections when they get an implant placed.

When a patient has been engaging in good oral hygiene, it is going to increase their chances of healing quickly and without issues.

If a person is smoking, not only can it cause more bacteria to enter the area. But smoking itself impacts the ability of the body to heal quickly. And the success rate in people who smoke, drops dramatically.

It is also imperative that a patient comes into the dentist as often as they specified. To ensure that the overall health of the implant is good. And that it is healing as it is expected to. This often means coming in every six months. To ensure that the implant is healthy. And to get it checked out.

However, dental implants Edmonton often ask people to come in after two weeks. Just to ensure that the implant is healing as expected.

While there is extremely high success rates in getting dental implants. There are many things that can be done that will increase the chances of success in patients. By engaging in good oral hygiene. And listening to their dentist. People can increase their odds even more. And ensure that there implant is going to last for the rest of their life.

Dental Implants Edmonton | Dental Implant Complications

There are many reasons why a patient would want to opt for a dental implant over getting a bridge or dentures says dental implants Edmonton. Because not only can dental implants look like their teeth. But it does not have any additional parts that need to be put into their mouth. And so it looks and feels more natural.

However, not everyone is the perfect candidate for dental implants. And there are things that they can do that will help ensure that the dental implants will have a better chance of healing well.

For example, patients might have significant bone loss. And this can be a risk for placing a dental implant.

If there is not enough bone in the area, it can be risky to place a dental implant. Because there will not be enough material for the implant to hold onto. Putting it at risk for failing.

However, patients can undergo a bone graft. Which will ensure that there is enough material in the area to place the size of implant that the dentist needs to place the tooth.

If the bone loss happens after the implant is placed. This risks exposing the implants. Causing it to potentially fail. Not only that, but dental implants Edmonton says an exposed implants can cause germs and bacteria to grow which will eventually affect the implant as well.

What a patient can do to minimize the risk of bone loss. Is maintaining good oral hygiene. Through brushing their teeth after eating every time. Flossing their teeth, as well as using mouthwash.


People may not realize this, but smoking as well as diabetes that is poorly controlled can cause issues with implants. Because these things cause the body to heal much more slowly. Paragraph when the body heals slowly, it can affect the healing process of a dental implant. And often make people poor candidates for getting an implant in the first place.

Dental implants Edmonton will do a thorough examination of the patient to ensure that they are a good candidate for dental implants.

They will look at the patient’s medical history. As well as take x-rays and impressions to look at the state of their mouth. Such as is there bite okay, and is there enough room to place an implant.

Dental implants Edmonton may not feel that the person is a good candidate for getting an implant. And this is to ensure the overall satisfaction as well as ensure that the implant can last a long time.

By understanding all of the issues that can come with getting dental implant. Can ensure that the patient as well as the dentist are prepared for the possibilities. And that the patient is doing what they can prior to the dental implant. To maximize their chances of the dental implant succeeding. And then being able to last for a long time.