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Oral hygiene is incredibly important says Dentist in Edmonton. However, few Canadians are visiting the dentist. As often as they should according to studies. In fact, the most recent study.

Dentist in Edmonton

Says that Canadians are only visiting the dentist once, and while that is a 75% of the population. People should be visiting the dentist. At minimum, twice a year.

There are a wide variety of reasons why people are not seeing the dentist as often as they should. Everything from cost to anxiety. And both are things that Dentist in Edmonton wants to help their patients with.

In order to help alleviate patient’s anxiety. Especially when it comes to anticipating what will happen at their next appointment. Dentist in Edmonton wants people to know what tools they are going to use.

So that they do not have to feel anxious. Not knowing what is coming next. For example, they will let their patients know. That the first tool that goes into the patient’s mouth. Is quite simply a mouth mirror.

This helps the dentist see areas of the mouth. And parts of the teeth that they could not see otherwise. And that will help the dentist see not only the health of the teeth. What tartar buildup is there.

And then before they are done cleaning. What parts of the teeth still need to have tartar buildup removed. The mirror is never going to touch the patient’s teeth. But it might, on occasion touch the inside of their cheek.

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Especially if the patient’s breath is fogging up the mirror. Then the dentist will touch the mirror. To the inside of the cheek. In order to moisten the mirror, and be able to see clearly again.

Other than the mirror, the next most common tool. That Dentist in Edmonton is going to use inside the patient’s mouth. Is called a scaler. Is a metal edge on a handle. That is designed to remove tartar buildup.

Plaque, once it has been on the teeth. For twenty-four hours or more. Turns into tartar. Incredibly sticky, and almost impossible. To brush away. There is tartar buildup below the gum line.

Which is also impossible to brush away. And even if people try, by brushing vigourously or very often. They will likely risk damaging their teeth. And damaging their gums as well.

Therefore, the sooner people can get to their dentist for cleaning. The sooner that tartar buildup can be removed. And the less likely they will be to develop cavities and tooth decay.

However, if the tartar buildup has been left on the teeth. For weeks, months or years. It now becomes a substance called calculus. That is as tough as cement, and just as hard to remove.

For this, the tooth doctor will use an ultrasonic scaler. Which uses high-frequency vibrations. Loosen the calculus from the teeth. And again, making the teeth less susceptible to tooth decay.

When people are looking for a great dentist. That is going to be communicative. Relieve their anxiety. And not shame them about the state of their teeth. The Tooth Doctor is waiting for your call.

Dentist in Edmonton | Crucial Dental Tools To Use

For many reasons says Dentist in Edmonton. People are worried, nervous and anxious about going to the dentist. It could be that they previously had a bad experience. It could be the fact that meld this in general are very sensitive.

And for many people, it is quite simply. A fear of the unknown, not knowing what tools are being used. Not knowing what the dentist is going to do next. Makes people feel fearful.

Dentist in Edmonton does not want anyone feeling fearful. And if that is a barrier to people going to the dentist on a regular basis. They want to alleviate that fear. They will explain everything before they do it.

And even show every single one of their tools. For the use it, so that people can feel at ease. With what is going to happen. So that they do not have to feel anxious. Before going to the dentist.

One of the favourite tools of the tooth doctor is the polisher. This is a tool that removes stains on a person’s teeth. Stains form for a variety of reasons.

Some people drink liquids. That have a lot of pigment in them. Coffee, tea and red wine. Are common examples of foods that will sustain a person’s teeth. However, staining can happen even in children.

This is why young children will get their teeth polished by their dentist. Two times a year. Because it can help keep their teeth strong and healthy. Before getting into adulthood.

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People can also eat cherries, red grapes and blueberries. And stain their teeth, or smoking cigarettes. Can also discolour people’s teeth. Therefore, polishing is a good way to remove those stains.

They have many different compounds, from course and medium. All the way to fine. That is used depending on what type of staining is present. At the end of the polishing, people’s teeth will feel very slick.

They will look very shiny. And they will likely look a bit whiter. However, Dentist in Edmonton says if people want a brighter smile. That is much more noticeable, they can discuss this. At their appointment.

They have options such as whitening toothpaste. But also a bleaching kit. That people can take home, guaranteed to get their teeth. Up to five shades whiter.

As well as bonding, which adds a translucent white layer to the teeth. To give it the appearance of a whiter smile. As well as veneers, which is a bit more of an invasive process.

But it helps people get exactly the shade of white that they are looking for. And finally, Dentist in Edmonton is going to use floss on people’s teeth. This is virtually the only way that people can get. The tartar buildup in between their teeth.

In between the teeth represents 40% of the tooth’s surface. And by flossing, helps get rid of that plaque buildup. That can lead to tooth decay and cavities in the long run. Call The Tooth Doctor Today.