Dentist in Edmonton | 2 Fantastic Dental Tools

There are many different tools that Dentist in Edmonton may use. Depending on each patient, and what is going on with the help of their mouth. However, there are two tools that they will always use.

Dentist in Edmonton

And knowing what these tools are in advance. Can help many patients alleviate their anxiety. By knowing what to expect before their appointment time.

It is important that people are able to get over their fear of the dentist. Because it is keeping people from getting regular cleanings. Which are an important way to vent tooth decay and cavities.

Many people are very sensitive in their mouth. And may have had experiences that were not great. That have left people feeling. As though they do not want to return. To their dentist anytime soon.

Not only is the tooth doctor extremely gentle. But they want to help alleviate. The patient’s concerns and fears. Whether that means telling them the tools in advance. So that people know what to expect.

As well as arranging appointments. For them to look inside a patient’s mouth. Without doing any work including cleaning. So that the dentist can tell the patients. What to expect in the future.

They come back to get a cleaning, and what other work is likely going to be needed. These are just a few things that Dentist in Edmonton is willing to do. To help people get over their fear of visiting the dentist. And take better care of their teeth.

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One of the first tools that they are going to use is the mirror. It is a tiny circular mirror. On a handle. And this is simply a tool that Dentist in Edmonton uses. In order to see the back of the tooth. That is in the back of the mouth.

The dentist uses the mirror, and can see if there is any tartar buildup. See if they have scraped all of the plaque off. And check to see if there are any cavities. That might be forming, and what they can do about it.

The mirror is never going to touch the patient’s teeth. And the dentist may touch the mirror. To the inside of the patient’s cheek. If it gets fogged up the patient’s breath.

The second tool that Dentist in Edmonton is definitely going to use. Is dental floss. The very same floss that people should be using at home. Because this is literally the only way. That tartar buildup can be removed.

From in between the patient’s teeth. In fact, it is important that patients are flossing regularly at home. However, their dentist wants people to know. That if they are not flossing daily. Any increase is best.

They do not want people to feel ashamed. Or feel sheepish for not flossing daily. Even if they are not flossing at all. Making steps towards flossing once every other week. Or once a week. Is a great step in the right direction.

If people are not taking care of their teeth at home. That is even more reason. To visit The Tooth Doctor, located in Ellerslie, in Southeast Edmonton.

Dentist in Edmonton | 2 Fantastic Dental Tools To Use

Dentist in Edmonton is passionate about helping clean people’s teeth. And they use a few tools to help do so. One of their favourite tools that they use has many different types and shapes. And they want people to be aware of it. So that they know what to expect on their nests visit in.

The tool that is a dentist’s favourite is a scaler. There are many different types of scalars. Ultimately, it is a tool that has a handle. And a metal edge that is designed. To remove plaque buildup from the surface of the teeth.

There is one that is straight, one that is curved and is called a sickle scaler. And then there are specialized scalars. Dentists say there are even scalars made of different materials and different metals.

For example, people who have dental implants. Should see a dentist. Simply because they have titanium scalars. It is important that they use titanium on dental implants, that are also made of titanium.

So that the implants do not end up becoming scratched. If the implants are scratched says Dentist in Edmonton. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria. And that will lead to an unclean mouth, and matter how anyone is brushing their teeth.

As well, the tooth doctor uses what is called a supersonic scaler. Which is a little bit like a mini jackhammer. Or a device that is going to vibrate the teeth. What this does, is it shakes off the tartar buildup on the teeth.

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It is very important, because the longer a person goes. Without seeing their Dentist in Edmonton. And getting the tartar buildup removed. The harder it becomes to remove. Eventually turning into a cement like substance called calculus. Calculus is not only very hard to remove.

But tartar and calculus both contribute to tooth decay. Which means the longer it is sitting on a patient’s tooth. The more likely they are going to develop cavities in the future.

Therefore, by using a supersonic scaler. Dentist in Edmonton is able to remove the tartar buildup or calculus from the teeth. Without having to remove the teeth itself. And without having to fill cavity in the long run.

And while scalars are an important tool. The next important tool according to the tooth doctor. Is polisher’s. Polishers remove stains from the teeth. Which not only keeps the teeth shiny and clean looking.

But helps make the teeth more resistant to cavities. It is important that the dentist starts polishing teeth on children’s teeth when they are young. In fact, young children get their teeth polished twice a year. While adults only need to get their teeth. Polished once in the year.

There are many different types of polished, fine, medium and course compounds. But the most important thing, is that patients who have not been to the dentist in a while. Should make that all-important visit with the tooth doctor today. Call for your appointment time today.