Dentist in Edmonton | 2 Practical Dental Tools

One of the most important things to Dentist in Edmonton is putting their clients mind at ease. Patients often are very nervous about visiting the dentist. Whether it is the fear of the unknown. Or concerned that they might need major dental work.

Dentist in Edmonton

Some patients are even concerned that they are going to get shamed. For not taking as good care of their teeth as they think they should have been taking care of them.

However, Dentist in Edmonton does not want to shame anyone. For how they have taken care of their teeth. They just want to ensure that they can help. As many patients as possible. And that means not being judgemental when they do come in for help.

Ultimately, seeing the dentist once a year is not enough. The tooth doctor recommends people coming in a minimum of twice a year. The reason why, is very simple. Tartar buildup accumulates enough. To need to be removed every 3 to 6 months.

Even if people are brushing their teeth extremely thoroughly. As well as flossing. This does not replace the need to get a dental cleaning done. In fact, it is important to know that tartar buildup promotes tooth decay.

Therefore, even if people are brushing and flossing daily. That is not going to eliminate the need. For a dental cleaning, and they might end up having cavities. Simply from not visiting the dentist enough.

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Therefore, one of the most common tools that Dentist in Edmonton is going to use. Is called a periodontal scaler, it is a metal instruments. That has a metal edge attached to a handle. And the metal edge can come in many different shapes.

There is a straight edge, with no curves to it. One with the bend. And one that is curved, and is shaped like a sickle. These are used to remove the very sticky tartar buildup. Plaque actually becomes tartar if it does not get brushed away.

Within twenty-four hours. And tartar turns into calculus buildup. If it is not removed by a dentist. Calculus is almost impossible to remove. Which is why the second tool that a dentist may use.

It is called the ultrasonic scaler. It is a scaler that vibrates. Which makes it much easier to get a very stuck on calculus off of the surface of patients teeth. Some people may find it fun to feel the vibrating sensations.

And ultimately, a few minutes with this tool. Can remove the calculus, and save the tooth. If the calculus is not removed. The tooth might fall into further decay. And be required to have it removed with time.

Therefore, when people make an appointment to see Dentist in Edmonton. They should understand that they will see anyone of these types of scalars during their visits. And if it puts them at ease, The Tooth Doctor will show it to them.

Before the use it on each patient. And it is not something that is going to be painful. And it is necessary, in order to get the teeth as clean as possible. So that people can have as good oral hygiene as possible.

Dentist in Edmonton | 2 Practical Dental Tools To Use

It is very important that patients visit Dentist in Edmonton twice a year. Even if people are brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash. That is not enough to keep all of the cavities at bay.

Dentists visits are important to remove the sticky tartar buildup. That accumulates on the teeth, and promotes tooth decay. In fact, even if people have the best brushing regimen possible.

They still should get their teeth cleaned professionally by a dentist twice a year. While many Canadians are going to the dentist once a year. 75% according to the latest survey. That is not enough Canadians.

With 25% not going to the dentist every year. And many Canadians not going to the dentist twice, to keep their teeth as clean as possible. Professional cleanings are extremely important. To the overall oral health of everyone.

When they go, after they get their teeth cleaned. Dentist in Edmonton is going to use a fun tool on their teeth. Called the polisher, it has several different sized heads. And it is used. To polish the stain off of the teeth.

People end up getting stained teeth from a variety of sources. Such as drinking coffee or tea. Drinking red wine, or eating foods. That are highly pigmented, such as cherries, blueberries and the like.

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Even children can start to get discoloured teeth. Simply by eating foods that are healthy for them. And children will get polished twice a year or by a dentist. So that they can go into adulthood. With as clean and healthy teeth as possible.

While adults typically will only needs to get their teeth polished once a year. After they get their teeth scaled, where a metal edge is scraped against their teeth. To remove plaque and tartar buildup.

The polisher is going to come and off those teeth to a shine. This not only helps people have teeth that feel very clean. It is going to make them shiny, and a shade brighter. However, if patients would like their teeth.

Noticeably whiter. They can talk to their Dentist in Edmonton about whitening options. And finally, the last tool that Dentist in Edmonton is going to use on their teeth. Is fluoride. It is a mineral that strengthens teeth.

The atoms in fluoride actually incorporate into the teeth itself. To make the teeth resistant bacteria, prevents cavities. And ultimately, makes the teeth stronger. Fluoride is often added to cities water supplies.

But because not everybody drinks city water. Or any people filter their water. To get out other impurities. Fluoride being added by the dentist. Can ensure that they are getting the recommended fluoride to make their teeth strong.

When people are ready to visit The Tooth Doctor. All they have to do is either pick up the phone and call to make an appointment. Or visit them online, and book their own appointment. Convenient in the comfort of their own home, and be prepared to have clean and shiny teeth.