Dentist in Edmonton | Great Tools To Use

There are four important tools that Dentist in Edmonton likes to use. When they are cleaning an average person’s teeth. It is very important that they use all of these tools, because it helps keep their teeth nice and clean.

Dentist in Edmonton

One of the most important tools that they use is a mirror. This is because they will be able to see all angles of a person’s teeth easily. Especially the back teeth, that are not visible by the dentists naked eye alone.

Another one of the tools that Dentist in Edmonton uses in the teeth cleaning. Is called a scaler. There are several different types of scalars, and these are the devices that are used. To remove plaque that has built up on your teeth.

For example, if people have dental implants. Then Dentist in Edmonton will want to use a titanium scaler on your teeth. This is because they will not want to scratch the titanium implants. Because that is where act. Can grow and cause problems in your mouth.

As well, people need to understand. That within twenty-four hours, the tartar buildup. Will become harder. Eventually turning into a very hard substance called calculus.

Calculus is almost impossible to remove from your teeth. And requires a tool called a supersonic scaler. This is in essence, and many jackhammer. That vibrates the calculus off of your teeth. The tooth doctor says that this tool can help patients.

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From losing their teeth, often if calculus is not able to be removed effectively. The only other option is to pull the tooth. And Dentist in Edmonton wants to ensure that all of their patients can keep as many of their teeth. For as long as possible in their life.

There are scalars that are pointed, and scalers that are curved. And the tooth doctor will use whatever tool is best. For each patient that they have. Therefore, when patients come in to get a cleaning, they will not have to worry.

Another tool that Dentist in Edmonton likes to use is called a polisher. This is the device that removes stains on people’s teeth. Such as from drinking coffee, tea. Drinking wine, or eating blueberries. Polishing the teeth takes only a few minutes. And only needs to be done once a year.

However, children should get their teeth polished twice a year. Because their teeth have not hardened significantly. And it is easier for children to have their teeth discoloured. There are several different polishing compounds that the tooth doctor can use.

From fine, medium all the way to course. In order to remove the stain that is there. The more significant the stain. And the longer it has been there, the more heavy-duty polisher there going to use.

And finally, one of the last tools that Dentist in Edmonton uses is called floss. This is something that they do at the cleaning. But it is also something that people should be doing on their own at home.

Ideally, the tooth doctor wants to see people flossing their teeth once a day. But if they are not flossing their teeth at all. Then flossing even once a week, is a great step up.

Dentist in Edmonton | Wonderful Tools To Use

When people visit their Dentist in Edmonton, they want to know ahead of time. What tools they should expect to have used on their teeth. This helps alleviate a lot of people’s anxiety, as many people are phobic about visiting the dentist.

One of the most common tools that all dentists use, and the tooth doctor is no exception. Is a dental mirror. This is a small circular mirror. At the end of the stick. And it helps the dentist to see all angles of the mouth. And especially the sides of the teeth, that they cannot see just from looking.

The backs of their teeth, are almost impossible to see without help. And these mirrors can help the dentist. Ensure that teeth are in good condition. The mayor is not going to touch the teeth at all, and is one of the friendliest tools that they have to use.

Another tool that Dentist in Edmonton likes to use. Is called the scaler. Which is the tool that is used. To remove plaque on a person’s teeth. Plaque is all of the remnants from bacteria that have started to eat the food that is left on a person’s tooth.

And within twenty-four hours, plaque that is not brushed off the teeth. Turns into tartar buildup. Which is significantly more difficult to remove. If tartar is not removed after several years, and then turns into calculus, which is almost impossible to remove.

It is important that people are coming in to see their Dentist in Edmonton once every few months. Ideally, every 3 to 6 months to remove the plaque, and tartar buildup. Even if people are brushing their teeth perfectly. There never going to be able to remove all of the plaque.

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Especially the plaque that is below the gum line. No toothbrush can reach below the gum line. And if people try to brush their teeth in order to remove it. They often end up damaging their gums. Therefore, regular dental visits with the tooth doctor is important.

However, if people have not been to the dentist in several years. And they have hard tartar buildup, or calculus. Then Dentist in Edmonton will use what is called the supersonic scaler. Which vibrates the teeth until the calculus comes off.

This is very beneficial, because many people will not have to lose their teeth. Which is the inevitable conclusion. If people do not remove the calculus from their teeth. It is also not painful, and might result in people feeling a bit buzzy for a bit after the appointment.

As well, the dentist is going to use polishers. To remove any stains that have built up on the patient’s teeth. As well as floss to get rid of any tartar buildup in between the teeth. Which represents 40% of the surface of the teeth.

And that is what people can expect, when they visit their Dentist in Edmonton at one of the three tooth doctor locations. Patients have any questions, they should contact the tooth doctor immediately.