You’ve planned the perfect getaway and spoke with a dentist in Ellerslie. It could be two weeks in a tropical paradise or travel blogging through Europe. You’ve plotted every detail and are more than ready to board that jetliner to your little piece of heaven. One detail you probably didn’t think about is what you would do if one minute you’re basking in the glory of the great outdoors and the next you’ve got shooting pain in your jaw that all the tequila in Mexico can’t touch. What do you do?
At The Tooth Doctor, we know how you can prepare for dental emergencies. Here are 5 tips on
how to deal with emergency dental services while traveling.

Before You Go…

Visit your dentist in Ellerslie before you leave for vacation. If you have any question about the health of your teeth such as sudden tooth sensitivity to hot or cold or aches or pains in your mouth, it’s a good idea to have your dentist check things out. These symptoms can be warning signs of a cracked tooth or decay so it’s important that your dentist identify and treat any issues before you leave.

Ask For A Referral | Dentist in Ellerslie

Probably the last thing on your mind while you’re sitting in the dental chair is to ask for a referral. Your dentist may not know anyone personally in the place you’ll be vacationing but they may have resources that can help them possibly find someone reputable in the area. Be sure to ask for someone that can provide emergency dental services and if they are available on short notice. Having a dental recommendation on-hand could prove to be the difference between an amazing vacation or the holiday from hell.

Don’t Leave That Root Canal Halfway

If you recently had some root canal work done, don’t leave on vacation before getting it completed. Changing air pressure during flight can cause pain in your teeth post-root canal. You are also more susceptible to infection so it’s not recommended to travel while getting root canal work.

Avoid The Hard Stuff

Stay away from hard foods while on holiday. Foods like popcorn kernels, hard sweets, and ice cubes can put a lot of strain on your teeth. Hard foods can chip or crack your teeth. By resisting the temptation to enjoy these crunchy indulgences you can avoid the need for emergency dental services abroad.

In Case of Emergency | Dentist in Ellerslie

Sometimes things just happen. Should you crack, or chip a tooth you should rinse your mouth with water immediately and apply a cold compress to the area. Seek out an emergency dentist or hospital. This is a great time to call that referral your dentist helped you find. Aspirins and pain killers could burn your gum tissue so avoid placing them near the affected area.
If you happen to lose a tooth, here is what you should do. While holding the tooth by the crown (the top part of the tooth) rinse it with clean water. Don’t scrub or remove any tissues that are attached. If possible, put the tooth back in its socket and hold it there and get to the dentist as soon as possible. We recommend the dentist reinsert your tooth within an hour of it coming loose if possible. The longer the wait, the greater the chances you will have to get a bridge or implant to replace the tooth.