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Dentist in Ellerslie | Dental Insurance Questions Answered

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Today I have Cindy from the dentist in Ellerslie. She is a receptionist here. Are there any other things you do?

I help with the sterilization and with the insurance and all the payments and stuff like that. Wow. You make things tick around. That’s awesome.
Well today we’re going to be talking to the expert here on dental insurance questions. A lot of us have these questions and we don’t always know the answers, so it’s really great that you can break some of it down for us. So I have a quote, I want to share it. It’s unknown who said it, but it goes like this. A good dentist never gets on your nerves.

True Health Canada says that 62% of Canadians have private dental insurance and 6% have public insurance, 32% have no dental insurance.
Those are some interesting numbers. A lot of people have actually that extra coverage, which is great.

So why isn’t dental covered by our universal healthcare plan in Canada? What are some of the reasons?

Well back in the day, it was covered. Canada did cover dental care system for but now it was called back to bring us out of debt and you know, they had to cut back on some healthcare systems and, to reduce debts. They had to cut out of like public systems or healthcare system or education. But still they do provide supplemental care for low incomes or even for seniors’ and do provide for people who are kind of struggling with their position or their situation.

But yes, the government maybe thinks that people can take care of their own health, oral health, like, you know, brushing teeth loss and we will have good dental care, but you know, they had to sacrifice healthcare system in order to free cannot have debt. Right. Yeah. There was always a trade off there. Yeah.

Is it quite common for people to avoid dental treatments at the dentist in Ellerslie because of the cost?

Definitely. The first question I had again over the phone is how much it will it cost me. Like, even if they have dental insurance, that’s number one question that they bring up for sure. And obviously like that would be my kind of number one question. If I wasn’t working at the Ellerslie dental office. Um, and you know, if it costs too much, you know, they might say, oh, I’ll come back for that. Or if it’s an extra treatment for example, like providing fluoride or Polish after doing cleaning. They might say, oh, I’ll pass this time and I’ll get it after six months or you don’t, they might not do it because it’s an extra, you know, couple bucks there.

So definitely they might say, I’m going to come back and I’ll come back when it hurts more because of the cost. And you know, I totally understand what is their own, you know, body, it’s their own like oral system. Like we can’t say, you need to do this. So like we won’t force them to do some things at the dentist in Ellerslie. If it’s within safety, we would kind of lead them the way to what is good and what is right for them. But you know, if it’s the highest, that’s the problem, you know, sometimes they want to come back or you know, there are certain stuff that, you know, they are not willing to do because of the cost. Definitely. Yeah. Okay. For sure. I actually agree with that. Totally.

Are Most dental plans the same?

No, actually, it depends on which insurance carrier you’re with.
And it also depends on what kind of company you’re working for and how long you’ve been working that company for. Even mine, you know. If you weren’t there for five years, you know, your benefit plan might get better or, and it also depends on different insurance companies. Blue cross or SunLife green shield. It all depends on what kind of fee guide they are actually following. Okay.

Dentist in Ellerslie | How can people find out what’s covered by their plan?

You know, with some dental insurances can give us their policy number and ID number and we can find it out for them at the dentist in Ellerslie. Some insurance companies, they actually give us the breakdown of what is covered right away. But some insurances don’t, and they get mailed to their own address and that’s when they find out how much is covered. I’ve seen a lot of people going onto their website and logging in and just finding out what is covered at like what’s the percentage or what’s the maximum amount and you know, they just find it out on their own.
That’s great. It’s all accessible for sure. Yeah.

What is the Alberta Dental fee guide?

So this is a dental fee guide is an annual suggested fee guide for dentists in Alberta. They have all like many different codes that gives a breakdown of what kind of fee guide or like how much each treatment is going to cost. And it’s just an outline of how much the treatment or what kind of code is covered at and what is covered and what is not at our dental practice. So it’s just a general fee guide of all the treatments that the dentist provides. Okay.

And do all dentists base their price on that fee guide?

Well, honestly, I’m not going to talk on behalf of other dentists that are not the dentist in Ellerslie. We do try to follow the fee guide. We don’t want to go too far over or to under.
We just, we also look at the fee guide. But the dentists are not required to follow the fee guide. It is just a guide only. It just gives us the kind of like a general idea of what the fees are for the Ellerslie dental office. So, it’s not, where the dentist needs to follow the dental fee guide. But it gives us a general idea. And, we kind of try to go along with what that kind of fee guide is.

The fee guide also differs every year. Cause, like I said earlier, they give out an annual fee guide. So you know, annually the dentists review and the Ellerslie dental office might change the fees annually as well. I’m looking after looking to that dental fee that, okay.

And what can people do and when they don’t have employer dental plans?

At the tooth doctor’s Ellerslie dental clinic, we actually provide a lot of consultation. So, for patients, like I said earlier, we talked about, cost is a very sensitive question. You know, it’s just really hard to see this cause like this, you need to come and pay this. Like, you know, it’s a big surprise at the end of the treatment. Could you imagine if we said, you owe a couple hundred bucks. So, you know, we actually encourage patients to come in and have a consultation with our dentist.

Just sit down and just get to know each other and the dentist will take a quick look and kind of give you assessment of how much this whole treatment is going to cost in advance before just saying, oh, we’ve done this, you need to be this, you know, so we encourage patients to come into the Ellerslie dental office first.

Like even if you don’t have dental coverage, we encourage patient to come in and get to know our dentists and get a little bit of assessment so we can give you more information on what you need to do and how much is going to cost and all that kind of stuff. And that’s great. So yeah, that’s really great for our doctor to have a sit down and take time with their Ellerslie dental patient and kind of go over with like those big things of what you need to do. How much is going to care cause take your time, go back and get a plan, get a plan. That’s great.

Do most dentists set up payment plans for people without dental coverage?

Well, once again, I’m just going to talk about what we are doing at the tooth doctor, our dentist in Ellerslie office.
We do actually provide some plans for people who are kind of financially sensitive or you know, people who don’t have dental coverage. We try to build a relationship with both the staff and the patients with the dentists, with other staff members. So, you know, that’s why I’m encouraging patients to come in, get to know our dentists so we get to know you as well.

If it’s your first time to our Ellerslie dental office, we can’t just okay, you do this, you can come back after a couple months to pay them. It doesn’t work like that. We need to know, we need to know the patient, we need to know what kind of situation they’re in. And if they say, Oh yeah, my coverage is covered at 80% for the remaining 20% is okay if I come back in couple of weeks or it’s okay if I clear the balance, um, when I come back for another treatment.

You know, with that kind of stuff, we’re not really strict on like, no, we need to come like at the end of the week to pay. We’re not, we’re not really strict on that kind of stuff. But you know, it’s important for us to trust them as much as the patient’s trusting us. Right? We both need to trust there. So, we’re trying to help them by providing payment plans on by putting down their credit card information and billing it out maybe once a month.

We provide plans at the Ellerslie dental clinic for the big stuff like orthodontics cover or at all. Yeah. Those ones are more expensive than the other treatments. So yes, we do definitely provide a payment plan. That’s why we encourage patients to, you know, think about the cost for them as their first thing.

You know, obviously a health or oral health basic, the most important things. So that’s actually a very good point. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much for answering all these great professionals. Very informative. Brings down some of the anxiety that some might have. Definitely. Yeah, it’s going to cost.

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