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I’m Trevor, this is the dentist in Ellerslie office with the one and only doctor, Peter Yoo, the tooth doctor. Today we are going to be talking about a topic that is close to your heart, improvements to Dental Implants. I know. Exactly. So Lord Byron said, always laugh when you can’t. It’s a cheap perfect. Well just so you know, there are 3 million people in the US who have dental implants and that number is growing by 500,000 years each year.

Job Security, my friend, job security. I know it’s the coming of age and you know, there are many things where people don’t want to have dentures or missing teeth and people are more concerned about their overall health. Right? Why, why, why are there so many more dieting that’s up there? You know, there are so many things that people want to do to make themselves better. 100% so we’re going to simplify this for everyone and I’m going to ask you a basic question.

What is a dental implant? Simply put, it’s a screw. It replaces what the root would look like. And then you put a cap on, on top of that screw and it’s all nicely placed together and it replaces what your tooth was like before. Yeah. Awesome. So rather than just having a gap there, you can put something that looks exactly like a tooth that is, that’s awesome. So now why do you recommend an implant for missing teeth at your dentist in Ellerslie office, as opposed to another solution? That’s a long story. What I’m going to share that, okay. Back in the day, there were dentures.

Everybody knows about dentures, you take ’em in, take ’em out. You know, you see grandma has it in a little cup, you know, it was a, it worked. But again, the inconvenience, you know, people went from wearing glasses to wearing contacts and now people are getting laser eye surgery.
There are things that are just progressed slowly is becoming more, we were trying to become more natural as possible at our dental office. Okay. Right. So why do I recommend it? It’s, you know, I call, he told me it’s the Cadillac of dentistry.

You know, you want to place, uh, you know, I, I don’t want to just take the tooth out and put an implant in or, but there are reasons why people end up losing a tooth. And when you do, you know, placing an implant is the most similar replication of what it would be like. And you’re not damaging teeth. You’re preserving the bone, you’re able to keep it clean. You don’t have to take something in and out of your mouth, you don’t know it’s there.

And so there’s, uh, and the prognosis is the longevity of implants are great with our dentist in Ellerslie office. Okay. So what are the possible problems that people could experience if they don’t replace missing teeth?
I see many, many people with missing teeth. So is it a big, big problem?

Not really, but there are problems when you when you’re losing when you are missing a tooth, your bite is out of balance. Okay. You know, I know people, they have missing fingers and they still go on without them. But how many of you people would, wouldn’t mind missing a finger or wouldn’t care to miss a finger? It’s, it’s kind of, you know, one of those things that you had to say as a person, you want to be as whole as possible.

And so with your, with your teeth, when you’re missing a tooth, you lose balance. Teeth can start shifting, which can lead to cavities. Green can lead to bite a pain. I get a lot of patients coming into our dental office. They have a toothache and a big reason why is because the bite is heavy.

Okay. And that can lead to some, some quite excruciating pain at times. We also, by losing a tooth, you lose the bone around that area where that bone is also protecting. It’s holding the teeth beside it. So when we start losing bone, then the gums pull away. Okay. Sensitivity recession. So bad news, bad news all around. So, um, how many appointments does it take to replace a tooth with an implant?

Usually, I would say, you know, I’m thinking probably around five, you know, there is the first the consult at the dentist in Ellerslie office discussing and what’s going on. Then there’s actual surgery day where we placed the implant and, and get everything all, uh, I’ll, I guess to say placing this group. Okay. Then usually we have, you know, one or two appointments afterward just to make sure everything is going well.

You know, peaches or keeping things clean, they’re brushing, the stitches are doing okay. Then it comes to the impression or they come in and were basically make a copy of their mouth where the lab can make a tooth and then the actual insertion one day where we place the implant or sorry, place the crown on the implant and they got a brand new to wow. That is, that’s amazing things that you can do nowadays with modern dentistry. So, um, are they really noticeable or do they look just like normal teeth?

It makes, it makes me laugh because it reminds me actually one of my Ellerslie dental office patients, uh, we put a silver tooth okay. On the implant, so the person and wanted something different. Um, but you know, to each person their own. You know, we, we want the crowns, the teeth to look as natural as possible. And many times you look at it, you know, oh that’s, that’s not, that’s not your real tooth.

You know, there are many people that ask those questions. So yes we can. We want to make him look as natural as possible. Do implants ever need to be replaced or redone with anything? Nothing is ever 100% okay. Yeah. I have seen that commercial with the Toyota Corolla that went 800,000 kilometers. I’m sure the guy had taken to the shop to get some, some parts changed, you know, do, do you feel all the changes and things like that?

So the, they say the success rate and an implant is about 96 to 98% okay. Why? Every once in a while you had to go in and the key thing is maintenance. Okay. Coming into the Ellerslie dental office, getting your teeth checked. Dental implants are different from natural teeth and that’s something that people have to keep in mind. We can just get an implant and disappear on a dentist for like five, six, seven years. That’s not going to happen. That’s not going to work. There’s going to be failures if the bite is too strong, um, the screw can loosen various things like that.

So, you know, I’ve had patients where they’ve chipped some a little bit, the porcelain off the tooth and great thing is with the implant and you can just unscrew it to the lab, they add the person back on, place it back in and screw it back on and it’s, it’s back to normal again if I don’t have to basically do brand new bridge or an implant or a dental town.

Yeah. That’s amazing. That’s really good news. Yeah. So, um, just briefly before we, we started talking today, you were talking about some new technology that you learned about recently. Maybe you can share a little bit about that and how that has changed, how implants are, are done and how that improves the performance at the Ellerslie dental office. Well, uh, I, I went on a course and just about how to place implants and, and when to place the implants.

So normally, uh, you need to have a bone healthy and healed. And when you place the implant screw, it requires about three months for the bone to kind of join with too. And that’s something called Osseointegration. Okay. So the bone kind of the thread of the tooth and the bone will go in and it’ll kind of bind with the implant and make it nice and solid.

So you’d have to, you know, if we pull the tooth out, we’d actually have to wait about three, four months to let the bone heal then place the implant, we know three, four months for it heal, and then we can go in and place a tooth on top.

So recently there are, there are more studies coming out about placing, we call immediate implants. You know, you break a tooth, take the tooth out, and then right away you placed the implants group and replacing the root. And now you’ve kind of shortened your, your healing time and it just overall replacement of that tooth by three months by almost half. So yeah, that’s remarkable.

So there are so many things that doctor Yoo can help you with at the dentist in Ellerslie office. Implants is just one of many, many that he can do. And he’s able to help you with. And if you liked what you heard here, please give us a thumbs up and tell us how we’re doing down in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and we will catch you guys next time. We’re always going to have new things in store to talk about all things dentistry from the doctor.