How To Help Your Child’s Fear of Going To The Dentist

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Hi and welcome back to the Tooth Doctor Ellerslie Dental YouTube Channel here.
We’re so glad you joined us today. I’m with Cindy. She is a receptionist and does a lot of stuff here in the office, and today we’re going to be talking about what to do if my child is afraid to go to the dentist.

This is actually a really good topic because I’m sure a lot of parents feel like I’m a parent and I know how it feels. It’s like you get anxious, so we’re going to help you out today, give you some great tips of how to help your kids get past those fears and have a good first dentist visit and even consecutive visits after that.
Nothing beats a great smile. That was said by Karl Urban. So this is where we get the great smile here at The Tooth Doctor dentist in Ellerslie.

73% of Canadians brushed twice a day and 28% floss at least five times a week. That’s actually way more than expected.

So I’m just going to get a little story. When I started looking for a dentist, I was really concerned for my kids to not have the anxiety that I had growing up, having not a great dentist for kids. So I started looking online and of course I found the dentist in Ellerslie tooth doctor and he has been amazing with the kids. I brought all of them in. Now they actually have gone from this anxiety from the past dentists, to like way down here. It’s actually unbelievable how, calm it can be and how just natural coming to the dentist is a natural thing. We need to take care of our teeth. So we always have that beautiful smile and you can enjoy the foods that we love. So it’s important to find that dentist that helps just bring that anxiety down. And I know I found that with the tooth doctor and I’ve actually been very grateful ever since.

So I’m going to ask you some questions and you can kind of break this down for everyone.

How important is it to arrange a pre meeting with the dentist in Ellerslie?

At the Tooth Doctor, at our office, we highly recommend for you to meet with the dentist and we call it, a fun visit. So, for young children, like you said, just general people just have anxiety towards the dental office just from what they hear or like from just what they, see or something like that. But we always recommend parents come in with the kids as a fun visit. So, all we do is we just sit them in the chair and then we kind of give him a little ride, like up and down on the chair it’s fun, it’s nothing scary.

And then we show them what we use. Like this is not a scary tool. We just turn it on so they can hear the sound. It’s not hurting, you know, kind of show them around the office. And so they’re just used to the office. And then, we literally count their teeth. One, two. And we just count all together. We even have the mirror in front of them. Just so that they can see what we’re doing. So, they’re not scared when they see it visually. So just like that kind of stuff is really important for the parents, to just arrange a pre-meeting with our office and give them a visit to the dentist in Ellerslie just as a fun visit.

So does the doctor do these fun visits as a complimentary service?

Yes, for young children where we don’t do any hygiene stuff where we don’t do any polish or fluoride. And you know, when they’re just with the parent and they’re like, oh, can you just look at my kid’s teeth so I can see if they’re growing properly or to make sure everything’s all right at the moment? Then we can see them in the chair and kind of give them a little tap on the tooth and the doctor can take a quick look and be like, oh, it looks good. We’ll see you in six months and every six months so we can do the cleaning for the kid. And you know, that’s where we would go into appointments and direct billing with the insurance.

But, beforehand, if it’s just a fun visit, you know, we just do it as a courtesy just for them to have a good experience in the future.
What a great service because I know that that will just help all those future visits to share. Yeah, to get them on a good track.

So why is it important to use positive words about visiting the dentist in Ellerslie with your children?

This is actually really important for not only dental work, but for everything. You know, you shouldn’t say, Oh, if you don’t brush your teeth, you have to go see a dentist. Like if you don’t do this, you’ll have to get this done. Like you have to go to big dental office and get your teeth done and it’s going to hurt. Like you have to brush your teeth.

Like that’s not a really good habit with communicating with their children. Make it like it’s a natural thing coming to our offices. Like it’s what we all do just to get a checkup once in a while. It’s just like any other family doctor or physician, like anything like that. So it’s really important to kind of communicate in a, you know, in a nice way, in a positive way saying, oh, you’re brushing your teeth really.

Um, well, um, if you go see a dentist, they’ll say you did a good job. You know, kind of give them a, like a positive mind about what the dental office and what the dentists will stay in, we’ll do that is really important to keep them in their mind. That is not a scary place and that’s okay. That’s actually a good way to do it.
Give them a positive reinforcement. The dentist will just confirm.

Should you answer all your children’s questions about what’s going to happen at that visit, that first visit?

This is a quite a quite hard question. I would say I don’t think it’s too good to, just say “oh he will do this or do that or did that”, because we might not do that. We might not end up doing that. And then you know, in their mind it might just be like too much on that. I’m like, oh he’s going to do this, this, this, this and that. You know that just keeps their mind like too focused on what the dentist is going to do and having too much information in their head about what’s going to happen might just stress them out.

Just knowing that does this, that it’s going to happen. So I think it’s just really important. Keep it simple. Kind of say, oh doctor you knows the best he will do what’s best for you. Give them the trust and be like Dr. Yoo knows what he’s doing. Dr. Peter you is really great with kids. You know, tell them that their friends been to the Ellerslie dental office too and he was really good, or she was really good. You know, giving them confirmation about the dentist.

Yeah, we’ll kind of be better than just parents answering all the questions. And you don’t want to promise them something if you don’t know cause then they might not trust you the next time. They won’t actually hold trust to do that. But he did this, you know, that’s not going to be so true.
Best to leave it up to the expertise.

Should I hold a pretend dental visit with my child at home?

Um, like earlier I said it is good to just do like answer one or two questions so you can do a role play. Role play with doctor and nurses and just like that, like the dentist in Ellerslie office and you can do quick little, oh, I’m going to count your teeth. One, two, three, four, five and then say thanks for coming. You know, like those short role plays instead of you to bring this like heavy like trouble and then you know, like instead of doing that, you know, giving them positive words during those role play will definitely help. So that is so true.

Is it important to reward my child with something special after the dentist in Ellerslie visit?

I wouldn’t say it’s a must thing because it’s a natural thing. You don’t always get rewarded for what you do, you know. You don’t get rewarded for eating her dinner. Right. It’s just like that like the dental office shouldn’t be something special place and they think… oh, why is this particular place special? But we do have like a treasure box out there just to be like… oh, you are very brave with what you’ve done and you know, you did a good job! Then you’re prepared for your next visit and just kind of giving them a positive thought and positive mindset of coming to the dentist.

Right. So if they do behave then you can kind of surprise them with those adequate trip to the park or something that’s not food related or show treat related. It’s kind of nice you have that little box of treasures. My kids love that. They come to expect it now. It shouldn’t be more like a sugary cheat. It should be more like a oh good job. Kind of giving them a reward for a good job or great job and kind of giving them like treat. Related to that. Yeah, that’s true.

Can I go to any dentists or should I take my child to a pediatric dentist with this question?

At our office, we do have a lot of young children coming into office. Whether they’re one, two, three, four, you know, we do have a, variety of ages. Doctor Peter Yoo is actually really great with kids. He has four kids, but he really knows how, to approach them. He can talk to their level and asks them can I just count your teeth?

Not using any tools just yet with his hand or you know, he’s really good at that. So at a first visit, like I said earlier in this video about like during pre meeting, they might be also used to seeing Dr Peter Yoo. You know, and just knowing that the same dentist is going to touch their mouth, might comfort them in their future appointment.

So you can definitely come to a regular dentist in Ellerslie office, especially Dr. Yoo is really good with the kids. So, I do recommend people just coming to our office as our first fun visit and yeah. And then we’ll go on from there and how the kid is cooperating and health and keep it as is doing and then we can go on from there. Good advice.

So should I take my child when they’re really young to the dentist in Ellerslie or wait till all their teeth are in?

Normally the parents bring them in, and we recommend them to bring them in when they’re first two teeth starts to grow in. It’s not going to be like a full 30 minutes, like a one-hour appointment. We know it’s just gotta be a quick look. If the two teeth are growing properly we can give them advice and what to do with their oral hygiene instruction as they come in again. And then so that is important to just come into the office when the first tooth. So just to come in to the Ellerslie dental office and that’s usually around one year round one. Yeah. Okay. Perfect.Okay, last question here. And this is kind of a big one because some parents put a lot of pressure on themselves and on their kids to perform well and behave well. But exactly.

Do you think it’s okay if the kid’s fuss a little like, is that okay or maybe not? Is it normal that they might fuss?

Definitely. I don’t think parents should expect their children to be perfectly good or like behave really well when they come to the office. It’s totally normal for them to, you know, foster around kind of like whine and be like, mom, can you sit this sign? Yeah, no, that’s totally normal. You know, they’re in the environment they’re not used to. And they don’t know all these types of material and there are all these tools. And to them it’s just really like they’ve never seen these before.

It is okay for them to, you know, kind of whine in and that’s why we have a treasure box out there just to give them a reward. I know it was hard for you, but you’ve done a good job and it is totally fine for parents to expect that. And don’t expect the kids to be perfectly like behaving well and being all good, you know, it’s normal for the kids to behave like that. And once again I said, Doctor Yoo is very used to seeing all that. Dr. Peter Yoo has seen, kids just running around like getting out of the chair.

You know, we kind of have to give them room and kind of space and kind of like, you know, kind of have to understand how they’re feeling.
And he’s just really good with that. So he knows how to approach them, talk to them back to the seat and you know, doing a quick little check and we don’t have a good visit and then they come back for their next visit. Yeah, sure. So I think that’s actually very, not only is it important, but I, it’s, it’s evident that he is very genuinely patient with kids.

He is very, no, I try not issues with kids and he handles it very well. So yes, we love coming to the tooth doctor here. Thank you. I’m so glad we found it. So thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for all the incredible information. How many parents are going to be so relieved? And thanks for joining us here on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and like the video of you got something out of it and give us a thumbs up and leave us a comment as well. Thanks. Have a great day