Tooth Extraction Facts by The Tooth Doctor

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Introduction | Dentist in Ellerslie

Hi and welcome to the tooth doctor’s Youtube Channel here in Edmonton. Thanks for joining us today. We are going to be talking about tooth extraction facts and I’m here with Dr Yoo from the tooth doctor there and he’s going to break it all down for us today.

So I’m going to start you off. We’re going to start off with a quote. The best and cheapest dentistry is when the right thing is done extremely well the first time and it lasts for a long time. For sure. I agree with that.

It’s not wrong unknown quote, but it’s, yeah, it seems like common sense, right?

And Health Canada says that 73% of Canadians brush twice a day.

That’s actually higher than I would’ve expected. That’s not the best patients that I’ve seen. So do you have any, uh, interesting stories or quirky things about pulling teeth, uh, that you want to share with anyone?

Well, at the tooth doctor dentist in Ellerslie, we sometimes have had some tough situations. Um, but I actually, you know what, I remember a good, a very, very cool situation. We had this Russian gentleman come into our dentist in Ellerslie office and you know, I fixed all his teeth and you know, fix some cavities and seemed okay. But I told him about taking out the wisdom teeth and he’s very nervous. He was like very worried and this is a big Russian man, you know, I almost want to do a Russian accent, but I don’t want to sound rude in any way.

Anyways, came in and uh, you know, his knuckles were white, his palms were sweaty and I told him, you know, it’s gonna be okay. You know, we’re going to get this done and it’s going to be, it’s going to be all right. Long Story Short, and I froze him up, got him relaxed and then, you know, took out two wisdom teeth, finished, done, sat him up. And as I’m sitting up and he’s like, what are you doing? Huh? I was like, I’m done. He’s like, what?

You pull my teeth out already? Are you sure? You know? And it was, it was, it was kind of lovable and, and fun and amusing, but it was, it was just good to know that I made sure that he was nice and numb and he didn’t feel anything. And he was actually shocked that, uh, we got his teeth out without any, any discomfort.
That’s amazing. Actually. That’s a great story too. Well, that’s a good turnout.

How common is tooth extraction?

You know, the population, our society has gotten much better about health and care for, you know, our well being. Uh, you know, there are a number of people that need extractions. Uh, how common is it? I would say it’s quite common. Oh, I’m in enough where I could probably say we do some extractions at least once a day at the dentist in Ellerslie studio. Okay. Okay. Yup.

What’s the most common reason for tooth extraction?

So getting to that, why is it common? It’s, partially because people don’t see the dentist. Okay. At the tooth doctor dentist in Ellerslie, we see a lot of new patients coming in, you know, people that, you know, see our sign and be like.

Hey, I should come and visit. But they haven’t been to the dentist for like five or six years, 10 years. Who knows? And so, you know, a lot of times people wait and you know, the most common thing I hear is I didn’t think that I need to come see the dentist cause nothing hurts.

Well you know what, a cavity is not always supposed to hurt, you know, not that it’s going to hurt or it’s going to be sensitive when you have something sweet, you know, cavities can just kind of creep up on you and get to a point. Once they’re big enough and they start hurting, usually it means it possibly is an infection. Right. So when people come to see us at the office, they kind of wait a little bit too long and that’s when we’re not just doing a quick filling. It’s like, oh, I can’t afford a root canal for this tooth. Basically, just they say it exploded and it fell apart and then that’s when we have to take them out. Wow.

Dentist in Ellerslie | What is an impacted tooth?

At the dentist in Ellerslie offices of the Tooth doctor, we see a lot of patients for different extractions and an impacted tooth is when can’t see the tooth.
It’s still in the gums and it’s still in the bone. Okay. Now I met a gentleman who was 84 years old, actually had dentures at all his teeth taken out and we just happened to decide, hey, let’s, let’s take a big x-ray. Called the pen to see his teeth and found that he had four wisdom teeth. All four of his wasn’t he still in the bone and they just didn’t grow out. So that’s what basically impaction is.

It’s stuck in the bone and it hasn’t come out. Uh, sometimes you hear stories of kids, they have a baby tooth that’s left because the canine tooth had not dropped, come down. It actually kind of grew across and uh, you know, that’s a situation where it, it just won’t come out from there. Okay. Okay. I have a good question here.

Can you actually pull a tooth without sedation at your office?

Well, getting back to my story of the gentleman, the Russian gentleman, we basically just got him calm, gave him good freezing. And once I took his tooth out, he was, you know, happily surprised that I actually took him out. He actually thought I was just kind of kind of, you feel it felt a little push and that’s it. So a lot of patients we do extractions without sedation. We try and make it simple.

But you know, when we have patients that are a little bit nervous or maybe it’s a little bit trickier, uh, we’ve had patients where we do sedation, oral sedation, and they feel relaxed. It’s actually very, very amusing because I had this gentleman, I took out 16 teeth on a Monday put in this denture, everything was good. Call him on Wednesday, say, Hey, are you doing boss? And he’s like, good.

I was like, oh, why are you calling you? I was like, Oh, you know, sometimes for patients succession, when we do a number of extractions, I want to call and just make sure everything’s okay. It seems that you’re doing well and obviously you, hopefully the, you’re, you taking care of yourself so that we don’t get any infections, stuff like that. But I asked him, Hey, by the way, um, do you remember anything that happened on Monday? He goes, not a clue.

Right? He had no, he had no memory of what happened. And that’s the great thing about sedation is that people just feel more relaxed and comfortable. And that’s good. We’ve kind of already answered the next question.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Can you pull multiple, multiple teeth in one visit?

Yeah, we can, you know, we can pull out any words from one to 10, 20, uh, just depending on the situation, you know, obviously we want to make sure the patient is cared for.
Uh, sometimes we’ll do it in stages, so we’ll make, take out teeth, uh, certain, you know, the back teeth in one appointment, let things heal and then pull out the rest of the teeth, uh, on a second appointment. And what that does, it allows the bone and everything heal so that the patient just has to get the denture or something like that. Then it’s a lot more comfortable and the bone is healed so the denture fits a lot better. Okay, okay, makes sense.

And how long does it take to heal after there’s been an extraction?

Well, from the biological level for the bone of the tissue, they say it takes a full six months for it to completely heal, for the bone to heal. And if there’s some shrinkage that everything is kind of settled and stabilized after a full six months. But usually when you take a tooth out, anywhere from a week to two weeks is usually a time when, when everything has healed over the gum tissues filled.
And the risk of getting infections is very low after like five days, I would say. Okay.

So what do, what advice do you give patients while they’re healing?

Uh, we have a form that we send with them. This is about, you know, what to eat, what to do, what not to do meds if there’s any emergencies. Um, I always have on my, on my post operative forms, my cell phone. So you have any emergency, something’s going on. Call my cell phone, call me if I need to come to the dentist in Ellerslie, uh, I will be there. I want to make sure that you’re healing properly. I don’t want any surprises, uh, or any emergencies.

And so I do give myself one out so that patients are well cared for and I can answer any questions that we have. You know, I had a patient, uh, one time they me and they’re like two, three hours. They’re like, yeah, I’m still bleeding. I don’t know why it just can’t get the bleeding stop.

So they called me. I said, okay, well first of all, I know you’re still numb. Number one, make sure that the guide is actually on the gum tissue. Cause I know sometimes when they’re numb, people kind of feel like they’re biting on something, but they’re actually biting it between their teeth. They’re not actually putting pressure on the extraction site to let it heal or get the bleeding to stop.

And then they call me half an hour later, like, oh, the bleeding stopped. I was like, okay, good. You know, and so you can just a little advice. Yeah. As silly as that may sound, sometimes it’s very, uh, it’s needed and it’s, and we don’t always know. And so giving that advice and it’s calming I guess for the patient as well. It’s nice when it’s an easy fix. Yeah.

How long do you have to wait to place an implant if we have to extract a tooth?

Uh, ideally we want to wait about three months, so three months, a time where the bone heals to degree and the gum tissue heals to a degree where we can place an implant and it will be solved. Uh, so I usually tell patients anywhere from three to six months does the ideal, we know, as I said, mentioned before, uh, here at the tooth doctor Ellerslie dental clinic, if a tooth is extracted, it will take about six months to completely heal for the bone to stabilize.

So ideally three to six months. Now, what’s the issue of, of waiting longer than that is that the bone can start to actually shrink more. Okay. So we seen people, they come in like, oh, I want, I’m thinking of getting an implant on this tooth, but I had this tooth pulled out like seven years ago or 10 years ago. Well, what happens is that bone has shrunk sometimes too much, and now there’s the, the proper size of the implant is not possible. And then we have discussed either doing bone grafting or gum grafting, uh, or placing a smaller implant that may compromise the overall shape of the tooth. So, yeah.

So why would you recommend that patients replace those missing teeth?

Well, as a dentist, I always think about overall health. Okay. We have two hands for a reason. We have two feet for recent. Okay. There are people that don’t, they, they lost a leg, whether it be to, to some illness or war or whatever. Are they, can they function fine? They can, but they need help. Okay. There are people that, you know, have, they’re blind. Can they live well? Yes.

But you know, we’re designed a certain way and even with your teeth, your teeth are designed for balance. So when you lose a tooth, what happens is, let’s say I lost the tooth down here. What happens is a tooth above has nothing biting on it. So your teeth want to be actually touching. When you lose that bottom tooth, the tooth above actually feels like you should be touching something. All that tooth down the song gonna start growing out a little bit and try and touch the tooth.

What happens is the tooth actually starts growing down the teeth front and back, front and back. When you lose it, tooth in the middle, the teeth that she started drifting and tilting, okay. And they change shape and that’ll affect your bite. You can end up getting heavy bites and stuff that can cause some tooth pain. Um, you can get, you know, when teeth are tilted, it’s hard to clean. There’s more risk of cavities.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Conclusion

So, you know, as a, as a dentist, you know that our tooth doctor Ellerslie dental clinics, we would like to help our patients have an overall balance. You know, whether it be trying to replace teeth with a denture or with a bridge or with implant, that’s kind of the ultimate goal. But I understand, you know, there are people that have um, you know, financial concerns or they just don’t want to get it done.

And I’ll be honest, I actually had a situation and unfortunate as it is, I actually lost the tooth backup here and I haven’t had it replaced. Do I need to? Not really in this situation is a very back tooth. So I know that there’s not going to be any shifting or train. But when you have other places that are kind of within the teeth, there are, there is higher risk of a teeth movement which can open up spaces cause more food kit stock cause cavities, things like that.

So in general, we want our dentist in  Ellerslie patients to have, you know, if we can fill up all the spaces, it’s just better overall spreading of the forces of your bite. There’s less pressure on certain teeth which prevents cracks, chips, uh, just heavy wearing over time. Are there issues that can get, that can accumulate over the years? Wow. That was great. I know.

So yes, that’s, thank you so much for answering all those great questions. Thank you for joining us here at the tooth doctor YouTube Channel. We’re glad that you joined us. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and like the video and send us a comment on what you learned, maybe something else you want to learn about and let us know and we’ll see you guys later. Bye.