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This is a video transcription for The Tooth Doctor Edmonton, a dentist in Ellerslie.

Hi everyone and welcome back to the tooth doctor YouTube channel. I’m Trevor. And this is the one and only Tooth Doctor here. And today we’re at the dentist in Ellerslie location talking about what causes tooth discoloration and what to do about it.

Yeah, I’m not sure. Uh, did this, so it’s a big topic and everybody wants to have whiter teeth, cleaner smiles. Yeah. So here’s a little quote from Noah aged five.

So some people have white teeth and some people have beige, I don’t know, my mind, somewhere in between, not quite white and they’re not quite Danish. And, um, just a quick fact of cosmetic tooth bleaching is a three-point $2 billion global industry according to business where, and it’s getting bigger facts because why?

Everyone wants a nice bright white smile. So, um, tell me a little bit about your history and what your patients are asking you in the dentist in Ellerslie office, or when it comes to tooth whitening.

Uh, most patients come in when they talk about whining. They’re asking you, what do you do in office? What kind of bleaching should I get? What kind of, you know, how white can I get my teeth?

How long will it last? Questions like that? Yeah. So what are the biggest causes of tooth discoloration? Um, tooth discoloration. There’s a lot of foods, you know, mainly the things that we eat. Okay. You know, red wine, um, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, coffee.

I’m a bad one for coffee and coffee, smoking. You know, that’s why a lot of kids have nice white teeth when you get older in those habits of different foods that we eat. Now, one of the concerns that lead to that is, you know how we keep breaking it clean?

You know, when we take care of our teeth, you know, then the plaque starts sitting empty and I explain to patients, you know, with tooth discoloration that, you know, if you know your tooth is like a, like a solid wall and as you continue to have plaque just sitting on your teeth, they start to make holes.
So don’t think of it as a wall.

You have to think of it like Swiss cheese, right? A little tiny holes in there. And that’s how the kind of the stain of pick up onto your teeth. Okay. They get inside those holes and that’s what caused your teeth to get darker. Oh, okay. So if there was the worst culprit, what would that be?

What do you see at your dentist in Ellerslie office? Great. I’m going to take a stab at it. Is it smoking? I’m going to say smoking’s probably one of the worst or maybe chew tobacco. I’ll have to say the worst culprit.

There’s no real one world sort of worst culprit. You know, I uh, I have a close friend, actually a family member. Okay. Smokes like a chimney but has the best teeth. And when I first met, I have to say if this person, so cause I see, I don’t want to give it away in a sense, but this person had the best-looking teeth I’ve ever seen.

Well, not a single filling, no stain but smoke like a chimney. Why? Because they kept their teeth clean. This person brushes like quite often. Just very diligent in terms of keeping their oral hygiene.

Wow. So if we just have good habits of keeping your teeth clean, brushing, flossing, and, and having a good regimen that can help not to have yellower based. I believe it now because I’m the guise of this one person. Okay.

So going back to the toothpaste and the gums, how effective are those things?

I actually heard from someone, which I can’t say who I’m sorry. I know this sounds very big, but this person actually was a sales rep. Okay. And said toothpaste, whitening toothpaste.

If you look at the ingredients, they’re the exact same. It’s a marketing gig. But yes. Does it make your teeth whiter? If you’re going to keep your teeth clean and brush, it does have a lot of things to kind of aware away a lot of the external stain on your teeth and remove, um, just unwanted debris to keep her teeth white.

So that’s why they say it’s whitening toothpaste. And what about the gum? Any, any merit behind tooth whitening gums? No.

And your professional opinion at the Ellerslie dental office? Not so much. Just marketing. More gimmicks. Okay. That’s, that’s good information because a lot of people buy those things.

Myself and my wife included would buy those because we, you know, we drink a lot of coffee and have wine and stuff, so we get a whitening toothpaste and chew the gums and it doesn’t anything. Absolutely nothing. Um, so what about over the counter whitening products or is there merit to those? Yeah, yes.

You know, I will say that they are effective. The key thing to be an understanding is that the concentrations of the products are less than at a dental office, you know, it’s like getting pain medication. You can go get a bottle of Tylenol right over the counter. Yeah.

But if you get a prescription for Tylenol is obviously stronger painkillers and they help with, you know, more serious, you know, ailments and symptoms of pain.

Right. So same thing with, um, over the counter. When you get over the counter, you can get some good products. You know, people have to keep mine about it does, you know, most people don’t realize when you see those commercials, that person has a tooth, wine has the whitening, you have perfectly straight teeth.

So when you put that strip on, it only bleaches what it touches. Right? Right. Only lead just what it touches. That’s good to know. So if it’s not reaching and all them the crevices and stuff, your teeth could look almost worse. Sometimes. I’ve heard somebody say, you know, their teeth turned patchy. Oh yeah. Oh, that doesn’t sound good at all.

Um, so now how do the over the counter products compare with dental, like professional dental office products like you use? What’s the biggest difference? Um, with our products, because we make custom trays, they’re fitting exactly to your teeth, the products the whitening solution itself is, tends to be about two to three times stronger.

Okay. In terms of concentration and so, you know, more effective, better results, quicker whitening, longer lasting. Okay. I know you’ve already answered this, but is bleaching your teeth and alternatives to proper hygiene? So say you’ve got messed up teeth and just lighten up and all the yellow stuff, you can, the white and yellow stuff, you can’t white and black and brown stuff.

Or the tooth bleaching products always effective? Or is there some instances where they don’t work? I think with, you know, I don’t want to deter anybody from getting whitening toothpaste, you know, because you know what, if it helps, it’s going to keep your teeth clean and your kids can be wired. Right? Yeah. So why, why not use it?

Right, right. Yeah. So as long as you’re keeping your teeth clean, best thing. And if, if it gives you that, um, I dunno, maybe placebo effect that your teeth are getting coming in, they’re helpful. You know, I even use it at times, you know, I want to try it out, see if it widens my teeth and you know, something will have better confidence.

So, yeah. Awesome. So how often should people use bleaching products?
That’s a tough question to say. So let’s say in, in the chair, in the dentist in Ellerslie office, like professional, you know, your professional grade products, how often should they be doing that?

Well, you know, when you went your teeth, when we, when, when we give patients, uh, our, our trays and they go home and, and use it. Usually, you’re using it about Walt for one to two weeks and the last anywhere from four to six months.

Okay. So, so you don’t have, you’re not using it all the time, every day, you know, you’re using it, you’re what you’re teaching a certain level and then you kind of stop and then you can kind of relax and then once you feel like your teeth a little bit darker and you can do it again.

And My uh, my big fan of whitening, I think there are pros and cons to whitening your teeth.

There are some with drying up teeth, um, you know, anytime you’re putting bleach it’s like bleaching your hair. Right? Okay. A lot of people want to bleach your hair, lighten them up, but they know if you do too much you can actually start kind of frying your hair or damaging your hair. Right. It’s the same thing with your teeth.

You’re going to be damage to them if it’s used too much or too long to access it. And what would be the repercussions of that? So like teeth being more brittle, were they breaking in the middle? They can chip. Um, one of the biggest cause of concerns with whitening is a sensitive, uh, so

I’m, I’m very concerned and I do tell my dentist in Ellerslie patients in terms of how to take care of their teeth so that sensitivity is minimized. Okay. Well, that is awesome.

Thank you so much for sharing that information with us. I know that you guys enjoyed it and you’ve got a lot out of that, so please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel and we will catch you guys next time. Thanks. Cheers.