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Sealants Introduction | Dentist in Ellerslie

Hi, welcome back to the tooth doctor channel here on YouTube. Today we’re going to be talking about dental sealants. I’m here with Riley at dental assistant here at the tooth doctor in Edmonton a dentist in Ellerslie. Today she’s going to break it down for us, but just kind of give us an idea of what sealants are and just all the facts about them.

I have a quote here from soupy sales and it says, be true to your teeth and they won’t be false to you. Kind of a funny quote.

The National Health and nutrition examination survey says that 30% of children, six to eleven have dental sealants. It’s kind of surprising actually. Yeah. And 38% of adolescents, 12 to 19 have dental sealants. Yeah. See, that’s a very important for you.

So can you help us understand what are dental sealants?

Well, um, dental sealants are a very thin plastic layer, and then we just put on the tooth surface that the back molars just to prevent future cavities.

So most people will benefit from that. Even myself, I have dental sealants. Yeah. Oh Wow. I think I might have to look into that. It’s kind of hard to reach there to brush that for children.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Then how do the sealants actually work?

Okay, so for a tooth normal chewing is done with the back molar. They have depressions. It’s really hard for it to reach with a toothbrush. So even with flossing and proper brushing sometimes you still get a cavity on that surface. With a sealant, we put a coat on that surface at our Ellerslie dental Tooth Doctor office, that covers the whole surface. So even though I’m not saying you don’t need to brush, so even though you have to get your toothbrush into there, you probably won’t get a decay in the future.

And so do you put them on teeth that I’ve ever had a fill or have a filling?

No, because fillings and sealants are different. If you need a filling, that means that there is decay, so sealants are only put on teeth that don’t have decay. So that’s a different thing. Okay, great.

So who can get sealants? What kind of people get them at the Ellerslie dental location?

Hmm, that’s a very good question. Um, we usually do sealants on kids and teenagers because, um, because of the oral habits and the way they brush their teeth, especially younger kids. They might not be able to brush their teeth properly. Uh, we do sealants on them. But we also do sealants on adults. I myself got sealants when I was in dental assistant school, I really benefit from then, so I haven’t had a cavity on my back teeth for years.
Oh, Yay. That save me a lot of money. Yeah. And pain. Yeah, exactly. That’s important. Yeah.

Dentist in Ellerslie | So how are sealants applied to the tooth?

It’s a very simple procedure at the Ellerslie dental tooth doctor. All we need to do is have, we have to keep that area dry. So we will usually put a cotton ball there, and then that piece of gauze to make sure that area is completely dry. If a kid is very, very young that sometimes the kids won’t be able to keep their mouth open big and stay still for a long time. It might be tricky, but most patients are very good in our Ellerslie dental office. Um, they all keep their mouth open for one sealant. I’ll say one minute to one and a half minutes, keep their mouth open big and then we dry that area, put at some, rinse it off and then dry it and put on an acid solution.

We call it acid etch on the tooth make sure to prepare that tooth. And then rinse it off. Dry it again. Put a sealant on you. Use a light to make the sealant hard. That’s it. Wow. Nice and quick. A minute and a half. Wow. Yeah. That’s actually very easy. That sound very easy and very easy to do. Yeah. Well that’s great.

So why are they used primarily on children?

You kind of mentioned it already, but, um, a lot of patients, they think baby teeth are not as important as adult teeth cause you know, they gonna fall off and then you’re going to have your adult teeth. But um, in some cases I do have a lot of patients, they come into the Ellerslie dental office, and they have very decayed baby teeth and then they’re still too young to pull those teeth out. So we end up have to do a baby root canal.

Those first are painful and then kids won’t be able to stay still for that long. And also it’s, it’s kind of costly. So, um, and it’s not a very good experience for kids. So they will be afraid to come to the dentist in Ellerslie. Um, then in that case, and then we don’t want to pull a baby tooth too early. So, um, in that case we want to prevent those. Um, I can’t say unnecessary procedure, but if we can avoid those procedures for the kids, I think kids and parents who will be really happy. So once you have sealants on those baby teeth and then prevent future cavities, that’s actually sounds great. Look at them for my kids.

So how effective are the sealants at preventing future cavities?

It really depends on your oral habits too. If a sealant is applied correctly at the tooth doctor office, it should last for a very long time and then the tooth should be cavity free. That’s surface should be cavity free. A lot of people think once I have a sealant and then I don’t have to brush on the tooth. That is wrong. So, you still have to brush. Sometimes sealants, because of your chewing habits, they can chip, or anything can happen and might have a leak. So you still need to brush your teeth and um, but if you, you are brushing flossing, right?

Like every day, twice a day. And um, it should prevent cavities in our saying 99% of the time.
I have like myself, I had, um, I have sealants and then like I’m not a really good flosser, but I do twice a day of brushing. I haven’t had any cavities on my back teeth. This is really good. It’s almost 11 years. Yeah. Oh Wow. That’s actually quite a long time. That’s great. So you kind of answered this question.

How long do they last?

You say 10 to 11 years. All the textbooks say sealants can last up to 10 years. Just like my two veneers on my two front teeth. My older dentist, previous dentist told me I had those done and then they’re say two to 10 years. I had it for 13 years already. It came off once and then doctor Yoo actually glued it back on. Oh Wow. That’s still get, I was chewing a pork bone and they came off and I was so scared. You know, like you look completely different without a front tooth. So yeah, it’s, it’s really, um, we say that and it really depends on your oral habit too.

And then your diet, the foods, what to, as an Asian we chew a lot of bones.
I don’t know why. So my, you might, you might chip more like, or like, am I chip? Um, how do I say more often? Then the other people, they’ll have a different kind of diet. So, no, that makes sense. Yeah, it really depends. So we do recommend patients come back to the Ellerslie dental office, like kids every six months, every 12 months just to have a dental checkup done. And then we can always check his sealants if they’re chipping or if they’re gone, we can always put it back on. Nice. That’s great. Yeah.

Dentist in Ellerslie | Can sealants be placed over cavities?

You kind of already mentioned this. No, not really. A cavity is a different thing. We do need to do a filling on the cap, decay to the soul. Um, we do need to drill like a lot of patients. They do need to get freezing and then we have to freeze the area and then we’ll have to cut the area that decay tooth and then we have to do a lot of different procedures.

That’s why sealants are very important to prevent getting future cavities and you don’t have to get a filling done.
And is there BPA in sealants? I will have to say it is a very tricky question. They, a lot of researchers, they do say there is a very, very small amount of BPA and normally researchers, uh, they found on their research, um, three hours after dental work. Um, there is a very small amount of BPA released from that. Um, any composite filling or sealants, but that’s really not harmful.

Like that’s, that’s a small, that is such a small, it’s just like you take a dental X-ray, a lot of Russians, they’re afraid of taking dental x-rays. I just read an article; I say it’s a 100 dental x-rays equals you fly from Edmonton to Vancouver. Oh Wow. So, um, we do have a Dawson meter on the site, like we put it on and then we take x-rays.

We know if we have any exposure to x-rays. Um, we, none of us got any exposures from that. Um, the dusting meter from taking x-rays. I know Dr Peter used the only one. You had some readings on his thoughts media because he put his dots accidentally beside his charger. So he was charging his phone and his Dustin meters right beside the chargers though. He got some exposure from the radiation.

Oh Wow. Yeah. So don’t charge your phone while you’re calling. Yeah.

Are there any side effects with sealants?

BPA will be the only one, but it’s really,really minimal. The benefit outweighs the side effects. And also it’s very, um, it saves you money, uh, soon this about, well, I’ll say one fourth of the cost of one surface filling. So, and it’s painless and it’s, um, very short procedures. So, um, for me it’s totally said it effects free, isn’t that, to me, it makes sense to do. Yeah, for sure. Yeah.

Well, thank you so much for answering all those great questions. You had lots of good answers there. And thanks for joining us today here at the dentist in Ellerslie  here in Edmonton on our YouTube channel. And we hope that you liked what you saw. Give us a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel to stay current with all the latest information and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye.