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Hey everybody. Welcome back to the tooth Dr. YouTube Channel. My name is Trevor and this is the one and only Dr. Peter, your dentist in Ellerslie. And today we’re going to be talking about what is endodontic treatment? Um, George Bernard Shaw said a man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. And according to the American Association of Endodontists, more than 15 million root canals are performed every year. So, doctor, you tell us a little bit about a, um, a story you’ve had with a patient who needed treatment.

You know, uh, one story that comes to mind is a man who understood the value of saving his teeth. He was in school, he had very little money. Uh, no benefits came with a two thick on a back molar. Um, and I was like, okay, well, we can pull the tooth out for you. He’s like, no, no, no, I don’t want to pull a tooth. Okay. So I’ll say, okay, well I guess we’ll, we can open it up.

The cost to do just open up tooth and relieve the pressure and the pain is not a lot. And he’s like, yeah, let’s do that. So did that, got them feeling better. It didn’t seem for six months him again, too thick, still in school, no benefits, no money. So he’s like, just do the same thing. I don’t want to pull it to did again. Finally, six months later, saw him again now different finish school, had benefits, had some money and he was like, you know what, let’s do the root canal.

I want to keep my tooth. And he was happy for that and I was actually quite impressed. That was, I was like, wow, he’s more of a believer than me. But that made me a believer, you know, just the importance of keeping your teeth.

That is an awesome story. So with that in mind Dr. Yoo, what isn’t endodontic treatment?

Well, your teeth are alive. Okay. And they have nerves in there. There are blood vessels in there and there are certain things. I won’t go into too much detail. What your teeth do to help protect you. Right. Um, more kind of has to deal with like the sensitivity of teeth. Okay. Anyways, a root canal is basically when, unfortunately, bacteria or the tooth to some hunches dies. Uh, and you know, so your body doesn’t like, you know, things, you know, anything dead, anything that’s germs, it’s not part of the body your body wants to get rid of. Okay. Okay. And so, um, that’s where you get an infection. People get swelling, their faces get blown up. Uh, they get pain. No, all that is because your body is actually trying to fight it off, but they can’t.

And so we have to, as  a dentist in Ellerslie, we have to go in there and kind of basically clean out the tooth, hollow it out. Uh, I use kind of like the eggshell idea, right? You’re basically, you’re pushing out the yolk, but you’re holding onto the shell. So the tooth is at shell and then you can keep the tooth. You don’t have to, you know, do anything else. And uh, by doing that, you get rid of the pain. You get rid of the bacteria, and so the body doesn’t react to too thin. And then you can keep the tooth and still eat and chew and enjoy all the wonderful foods that you, you like.

Awesome. So what are the major benefits of getting a root canal or endodontic treatment?

Well, clear and simple. Saving your teeth. You know, lots of people, they, you know, I met this very pretty lady in, in when I was a dental student and uh, at time, I think she was in her late twenties but I looked at a records in her early twenties she had all her teeth and literally in about five years, I look at the chart, I’m like, what’s going on? She had a tooth pulled off here, tooth polish here, tooth pulled in her late twenties.

She needed a denture. She needed to bridges. She actually needs to get a couple of teeth with root canals. It was, for lack of better words, a mess. And you know, like I’m, I’m past my twenties but you know, like just the idea of having to put something in and out of your mouth all the time. Naturally, it’s, it’s not, not fun. No. So my always view is, you know, what, save as many keys as possible, um, for as long as possible. Right.

And so, you know, your teeth are going to treat you well and you know, eating good foods and not have to just cumbersome, you know, like, not to be rude. Um, but you know, when you wear glasses like if you didn’t have to wear glasses, wouldn’t everybody.

Right. Obviously, we wear glasses cause we, we want to have good vision, stuff like that. But there are obviously issues with glasses. They fall off, they sometimes break. Sometimes your kids pull them off her face. Yeah. So all the above. Yeah. But you know, and that’s what I mean, you know, we want end onto care taking care of teeth, doing the root canal, um, basically saves the teeth and just allows you to have peace of mind.

Okay. That’s awesome. So with, with that in mind, you recommend that as better someone to save their tooth as opposed to pulling it out?

You know, there’s, sometimes we’re in teeth. Uh, it’s just not good, you know, to, um, the possibility of doing a root canal, you know, the the whole idea is it has to be fixable first. Okay. So if you have a big cavity and now it’s hurting aching, if that cavity is just too big, you know, sometimes a better option is to take the tooth out because it’s just too difficult to fix the tooth. Right.

You try and fix it, but you know, you know, for certain, somewhere down the road it’s going to come out or there’s going to be a big cavity. So, you know, if it’s a good tooth and it’s fixable, we want to try and save it. Right. The ones that are broken, sometimes they’re there, they’re broken off an enough where they’re, you know, very deep. Um, those are the ones, unfortunately, you can’t say. And it’s better just to go with something else and other forms of treatment to, to fix the tooth.

Okay. So how painful is a root canal procedure? Isn’t like getting a cavity or is it a little bit more involved?

It’s a little bit more invasive. Um, and everyone’s different, you know, I will, I won’t say that root canals aren’t painful, you know, we, uh, the very few are the ones we call hot teeth for some reason, you know, the infection will affect the, the area and some of these, it doesn’t allow the freezing to actually freeze a tooth. Oh, okay. Okay. So when you go in, you know, you touch and it’s sensitive and sometimes you need, you need to stop, close it up, put the patient on antibiotics, get, get the infection settled down first and then try and go back in.

Um, but most times, you know, we give patients, you know, I try and give, you know, double the freezing just to make sure that it’s nice and comfortable. But yeah, in general, a root canal shouldn’t hurt. Uh, when you go in there and clean it out, you know, sometimes there’s usually, sometimes it’s the tooth is inside is dead, so you can actually go in. I actually have told patients I’m going to fix this tooth without any freezing at the dentist in Ellerslie. They kind of look at me with wide eyes, but once I go in there like, oh, you were in there already, you know. And so you know, it is always balanced. But just letting you know, root canals most times are usually comfortable and it’s just like getting a small filling done. Yes.

Okay. So how many appointments does it take to get a root canal done?

That’s a little bit of a tricky question because it just depends on teeth. I have seen teeth in the front with sometimes two, three canals, a lot. You know, most times the back teeth there, they’re a little bit trickier. There are more canals are more cleaning that has to be done. You know, it’s like, it’s like building a house or building an apartment, you know, there’s a little bit more work that’s involved.

And so sometimes appointments, you know, if we can do it in one dentist in Ellerslie appointment, we can. Um, but sometimes with infected teeth or if it’s a little bit more complicated, depending on, some people have really long teeth, some people have teeth where, you know, the, the roots are not straight.

They’re kind of curvy and that can be trickier. Yeah.

Wow. That’s, that sounds such pretty intense.

But we try and keep it to a minimum, you know, usually two, maximum three appointments unless there’s something that, you know, some surprise or something issues. But we want to do our best. We want, we want to do it so that it’s done well and it doesn’t get infected again.

Right. Cool. Good to know. We’re learning a lot today. Hm. Um, so is there a long recovery period after you get a root canal dentist in Ellerslie?

Usually like the next day should feel better. Um, I usually tell all my patients, you know, with fillings or with root canals, you know, once we’re done, the freezing comes out, it can be a little bit sore. Okay. I actually give my dentist in Ellerslie patients my personal cell phone and tell them, hey, you know what? If you go home and it’s really sore and, you know, just regular Advil or Tom’s not helping call me and I’ll, I’ll come to the rescue.

Awesome. Yeah. Always good to, to know that you’ve got somebody that you can call for some help when you need it.

Thanks. Yeah.

So is endodontic treatment or root canals, are they a permanent fix or is there ever a time you got to go in and do something else with that tooth?

Um, root canals are permanent treatment. Yes. You know, a lot of people, I’ve heard from some, uh, it was a specialist, I was actually very surprised, especially said root canals are temporary treatments to later pulling your teeth and getting implants. Oh, I was like, hmm. So I went to a root canal specialist and asked, is that true? And especially as, oh, that specialist that said that I actually treat their mother for root canals. So I’m not sure what the whole spiel is. I, again, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but you know, root canals are good and they are prone it treatment to try and save your teeth.

Okay. So, um, this may be difficult to answer, but what is the typical cost of, of a root canal? Or is it more expensive than, than other dental work?

You know, what? Root canals, um, there are a little bit more costly than like, you know, feeling per se. Um, but they’re, they’re cheaper than, for example, an implant. Okay. And so, and that’s the whole idea is, you know, we kind of look at the cost-benefit ratio in a sense. And so root canals can range just depending on how many canals are, they can range anywhere from, you know, sometimes five, $600 to sometimes almost $1,500.

Uh, so there is kind of a range just depending on how many canals, how difficult it is. Uh, but yeah, in terms of the overall cost, so we want it, we try and keep it in a range where, you know, what if you pull the tooth out and you needed, you know, let’s say a bridge or an implant, it’s actually gonna cost way more. Some people like, Oh, you know, I’ll just pull a tooth out, putting a little denture. It’s cheaper that way I guess. If you want to put something in and out of your mouth every single day.

Right? Yeah. Good. Uh, I for one would want to keep as many teeth as possible in my mouth. Um, I know you would feel the same way. So what is there one? What is the one thing that you wished every patient would understand about root canal treatments?

One sure. Canal tunes. Well, one thing I’ll say don’t do, is every time you have a tooth thick, don’t walk into a dental office expecting that you’re going to get or you’re going to need a root canal. Okay? I always think about simple things. First. I have patients come in. Uh, I actually have a friend who actually lives about three hours away. Okay. Comes to see me how did too thick and said, you know, Pete, Peter, if you can fix it, I want you to do it. So I looked at this tooth, I asked him a bunch of questions about what’s going on, what happened, what caused it to get worse, what makes it feel better, all of this stuff.

And I looked at it and he goes, yeah, it just, sometimes it hurts like a 10. I was like, okay. I looked at him, I said, oh. So I shaved his tooth, got the bite into the right place. I say, you know what I want, let’s see how this works. Call me tomorrow dentist in Ellerslie. That’s it. Like I’m in pain here. I was like, I know this is what we’re going to do. Here’s some pink is to get you the symptoms away. Call me tomorrow.

He calls me tomorrow goes, Peter, I don’t know what you did, but my tooth doesn’t hurt anymore. I saved him from doing a root canal, saving from pulling the tooth, you know? So lot of times too. Thanks. Yeah, they can be tricky and you know like I want to do what’s best for my dentist in Ellerslie patients, you know? Yes. If your face is swollen, that’s usually a sign of infection. Every tooth is hurting and throbbing all the time. Yeah.

There’s a very good chance there is some something wrong, but again, different types of pains are causes for different things. Okay. Like you know, you’re, you have a, you know, you have a noise in your car, you know, on Maca. Oh, I need, I need a brand new car. Right. Like maybe there’s a pebble, you know, somewhere that’s just knocking around or something like that. And you just have to maybe give the car good wash or something like that. I Dunno.

Yeah. Simple fixes. First, are usually the best thing. And thank you so much for taking time with us today. We appreciate it so much, and if you guys like what you heard, please subscribe to the channel. Thank you so much for spending time with us today and we’ll see you next time.