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This is a video transcription for The Tooth Doctor Edmonton, a dentist in Ellerslie.

Hi I’m Trevor and this is the amazing Tooth Doctor, Peter Yoo, and we’re here at the dentist in Ellerslie office talking to you about dental emergencies.
I think that happens sometimes and you got to know what to do when it happens. Saint Augustine said the greatest evil is physical pain and I would have to agree with that. Um, I recently had a gallbladder incident and um, yeah, that was not fun. You can’t think of anything else but the pain.

So I think he’s, he’s onto something there. So one in six Americans experienced a dental emergency in the past year. That’s, that’s a huge, huge number. Doctor Yoo, Can you tell me a little bit about what you guys do and when you encounter a dental emergency at your dental office. You know what, in regards to dental emergencies, I guess the first thing that comes to mind was back in school.

Uh, I remember, uh, an instructor talking to us is when you get out there, one thing to remember, don’t give out your personal phone, don’t give out your cell phone to patients because there’ll be calling.

And what I realize is, you know what, not again, no offense, but people don’t want to see me if they can avoid it, they don’t want to see me. So you know what the person that calls the dentist in Ellerslie office, is actually in pain. So you know what, I give my personal cell phone out on my business cards to my patients because you know what, there are people out there that you know who wants to be in pain that no 11 at night.

So a personal story that I have to share, it is one of my patients. I get a lot of calls sometimes when I’m on holidays and I answered them, just try and help people out. Um, but a lot of times I will go into the office to see a patient. One patient came in, this was probably, I had a basketball game and at uh, 10 o’clock he called me.

I went at 11:00 PM to meet him at the dental office. He just couldn’t handle it. He didn’t know what to do. Uh, he was taking t three, a lot of strong painkillers, not helping. And he walked in my office holding two cups. One was ice water, one was empty. He said the only thing that made him feel better was ice cold water. So He’d be sipping or putting ice water in his mouth, letting it sit just to keep the tooth cool and then spitting it out. Once it warmed up, I need to be doing that. And he hadn’t slept for maybe two days.

Oh Wow. I said, why don’t you call me during the day? He’s like, and I thought it would get better, but no. So we got him in, um, numb them up, got him some relief. Uh, and that tooth was infected.
So we started a root canal that night, uh, just open up to just kind of release some pressure. That tooth went home, got a good night’s rest, woke up the next day, called our dentist in Ellerslie office, and the next time I saw him, he thanked me. He thanked me.

That whole bite. She said you don’t want to help him. That to his pain just went away, no more ice water. He was sick of ice water for a few days. So, you know, that’s something that I thought was very important. And um, you know, just to help somebody out like that when really even meds, we’re now a human. So that is so good. You know, that’s very rare. I haven’t heard really any dentist who is doing that. I’m sure there’s a few, a few great dentists out there, but when this guy is one of the best, the best in my books, but that’s just me.

Um, so hospital or dentist, where should people go first and he went to the dental emergency, that same broken tooth or something like that? Well, obviously, you know, if, if, if you’re a dentist is open, you want to go see your dentist, you know, if it’s a tooth related, a procedure, now they do have an emergency Ellerslie dental office at the university. Uh, I’ve heard of some clinics that they call themselves emergency dentists.

Um, but yeah, for us, we, you know, I provide my cell phone and I want to help my patients. Um, I, I, I don’t want to sound, I don’t want to be rude. Um, but sometimes I question what other dentists do. And so I wanted to have the best care for my patients and make sure that they’re taken care of and get the right treatment before the paint. Awesome. So why is it best in most cases to go senior dentists as opposed to going to the hospital?

A lot of times the hospital, they’re not sure what to do. So, you know, if you go to the emergency clinic and you know, not the Ellerslie dental office but the emergency clinic, sometimes they’ll come in and they’ll just put you on meds and antibiotics. Um, but that’s only if the tooth is infected. Now there are many other reasons why a tooth can be in a lot of pain. And so seeing your dentist is, is important terms of knowing what, what the actual payments.

Right. So more specialized knowledge about different causes of tooth pain. Yeah. And that’s, that’s important to have. Which would you rather go to a specialist or someone who is a generalist or someone who would have no idea specialist? Right. Someone who is and knows what they’re talking about. Yep. Awesome. That’s what I would go to. Number one. So what are some of the most common emergencies that you see at the Ellerslie dental office on a regular basis?

Most common emergency, I will have to say is an imbalance in your bites. Oh, okay. I tell my patients, you know, five things cause pain. Why most obvious tooth infection. Okay, you got swelling, you got pain, your gums, gums are hurting and your gums are red. Uh, your tooth is throbbing. There’s, you know, people know infections and there’s a cracked tooth. The tooth is fractured, broken, something’s loose.

Or when they bite down it really hurts. Okay. Cavities. Some big cavities can start, you know, be very sensitive. Achy. Um, more so related to the infection side of things. But again, you can get a big cavity that you can bother you. Then there’s trauma. Okay.

Trauma’s like you’ve been to a hard nut or you know, I think my cousin, he’s playing basketball, turnaround around, boom, the ball hit him right in the, in the tooth and it’s to, Smith was aching for a number of weeks.

And then the last thing, which I feel is the most common one is an imbalance in your brain where some reason your bite is hitting very heavy on one tooth and it’s gotten to a point where the two starts aching and throbbing.

Um, that is one of the most common things that we treat, we’re not saying, oh, you need a root canal. I need to pull this tooth out and incurring all these high costs, quick bite adjustment at the dental office. It’s nominal in the sense of the importance, but nominal sets up the invasiveness of the procedure and even the costs are very minimal. And that a lot of times we’ll solve the problem and the pain and patients can walk out of here and not having to lose a tooth or get a big procedure done.

Yes, that’s fantastic. And um, you know, it’s good to know that a lot of emergencies aren’t necessarily emergencies, but there’s, there are other ways and other things that can be done to help relieve pain intention in the mouth.
And that is, that’s a big, really early. So do you find that patients wait way too long to visit a dentist in Ellerslie office? And I’m getting treatment before they come in and they’re in an emergency situation.

I think that’s, you know, majority of people, right? They see that 40% of the population has a fear of dentists because of what they’ve heard. You know, what they have seen, you know, and, and sometimes even personal experience, which is unfortunate. A lot of times people don’t go to the dentist cause the money, right? Finances. Um, and then a lot of times they’re too busy, you know, and I can admit to being a culprit of that, you know, I was supposed to go see a dentist, I had an infection and at the time it didn’t hurt for a while.

So I kind of delayed and delayed finally went and, and saw them. But you know, I know how people feel and that’s totally understandable. Yeah. So what should people do if they get like a broken tooth or so when it falls out, but, but what did they do in that instance? Well, let’s first talk about the knocked out k if you have a tooth. A friend of mine played hockey got accidentally elbowed in the face. His tooth popped out. Okay.

15 minutes. That’s a key thing. You need to find that tooth. Clean it as best you can. I don’t care if you just wipe it or whatever. Put it back in quickly. You have to put the tooth back in that, sorry people if it sounds a little bit uh, uh, gory, but you put his tooth back in within 15 minutes, the tooth and the bone cut of helped and kind of rehealed and he kept that, kept his tooth. Oh Wow. You didn’t lose this tooth. I heard of a, I had another story of a patient, a little girl in school running around. I guess kids are playing a little bit tag and the little girl hit her face into the wall. The tooth came out. You went to the emergency clinic. This was, I’m not sure if he was busy or not. Sure.

It’s just said you should go see your regular dentist came to see me at the dental office the next day. Oh, that was more than 15 minutes for sure. Yeah. I couldn’t put the tooth back in and this was an adult tooth, not a baby tooth going on. And unfortunately a front tooth, adult tooth, a little girl, uh, unfortunately, could not replace that. And now we’ll have to deal with that when, when she gets older.

So, well mine now with a broken tooth, sorry, I don’t want to get slung broken tooth. First of all, is it painful? It was painful. Then you guys see something. Number two, is it sharp? Right? If it’s cutting your tongue, your tongue is going to want to go towards it. So, you know, a lot of times I see patients, I’ll spring to the office clicking just smooth too, so that’s not cutting their tongue. Um, but yeah, there are patients out there that break a tooth.

It’s not sharp. Not Hurting. No, you can wait a little bit, but again, go see your dentist as soon as possible at the dentist in Ellerslie. Very good. Awesome. Well thanks so much, Dr. Yoo and it’s been very informative and I know that this is going to help somebody out there. And um, if you guys are running into a dental urgency, go see your dentist. And if you’re in the Ellerslie area, go see the tooth doctor. He’s the guy who sees, I’m at the tooth doctor and you can visit us and book an appointment easily at thetoothdoctor.ca And um, if you liked what you heard here, give us a thumbs up and give us some comments down below and subscribe to the channel. We’ll talk to you guys next time.