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Everyone. Welcome back to the tooth Dr. YouTube Channel. This is Doctor Yoo the dentist in Ellerslie , and I’m Trevor. And today we’re going to be talking about a stinky topic. Um, what to do about bad breath or halitosis. But Hey, as the saying goes, it’s better to have bad breath and no breath at all. Right? That’s true. I guess. Yeah. According to medical news today, 25% of people suffer from bad Breath. What do you think about that?

You know what, uh, I blame the people that have a good nose. Right? So you know, like if he, if you can’t smell anything, you know, if you have a cold Casper, I think you don’t know if somebody has bad breath or not.

And usually, when you have a cold, you really have bad breath. So I guess it’s a win-win on both sides or a lose-lose. Want to look at it. Dentist in Ellerslie, what is the major cause of Halitosis?

Halitosis is basically bacteria born. Okay, great bacteria. There are anaerobic bacteria. Um, so certain germs that don’t like oxygen. Oh, okay. And so when they are exposed to the air, okay, they die and they release off those gases. Oh, okay. And that’s where if you’re a bad breath comes from. Okay. Um, so you know, a lot of people have, you know, gum pockets. So if I were from an dentist in Ellerslie perspective, um, when you have pockets around your teeth, there are bacteria that get inside there. Yeah. And so I’ll be honest sometimes when I’m flossing and then you as you clean things out, you open up those pockets and allow the back basically the oxygen to get in and it kills off the germs and then you smell something. And so that’s one of the big causes. Bad breath is just the pockets that you have where bacteria is inside there.

Okay. So besides your teeth and your gums, where else can that smelling bacteria live?.

Your tongue? Uh, your tonsils. Um, and sometimes just even in your gut.

Okay. So how do you, how do you, dentist in Ellerslie, brush your tonsils?

Uh, that’s a different story. Yeah, it was a, it is, there are different things where people try and do, you know, mouthwash is very helpful in terms of killing off germs. But in terms of like brushing, you know, that that’s, I talk about, you know, brushing your tongue, brushing her gums, you know, you’re not, people sometimes just focused on just brushing their teeth, you know, they don’t want to get cavities, but the whole idea is to, you know, clean everything to, to minimize the bacteria content in your mouth. Okay. So what is the, you might’ve already said this was the easiest way to get rid of that bad breath. Um, many different tips. You know, some people, you know, they use mouthwash. I actually met a patient where they use mouthwash and they rinse and gargle with it for like 20, 30 seconds. And then what they do is actually brush their teeth with the mouthwash in their mouth.

Okay, great! And then you’ll basically either cleaning away and they’re also swishing and, and getting that a mouthwash and all, all the different areas. Okay. Um, you know, different ideas Waterpik’s electric toothbrush, just to kind of get into those deeper crevices. Uh, but very important. Again, flossing is very, very important. I know, I know people are just like,  Do you have to say that word? It’s, it’s something that allows to get the gums opened up and uh, you know, allowing the medication, toothpaste, all that stuff to get into all the different areas to keep it clean.

Yeah. Flossing is not the favorite thing of people to do it. And that’s why they’re always bleeding and, you know, bad things going on there. But you have to floss eating Broccoli. So why isn’t gum or candy a good solution for getting rid of halitosis gum is good?

You know, there are certain gums that just helped me know, I’ll give you fresh breath. You know, it doesn’t hurt to have a mint before working interview or a job interview. Uh, you know, I chew gum when I go to the gym because, you know, they talk about breathing properly, having good, you know, with, with the form. Um, but it’s temporary. Right. And so, you know, to have kind of long-lasting, you know, actually, you know, halitosis is, I guess this is a small sense, it’s like a disease. It’s telling you something’s wrong. Oh, right, okay. You know, so, you know, when you’re doing that, it’s, it’s saying that there’s, you kind of have excess bacteria and we want to try and deal with that candy gum. It’s helpful, but you’re actually also kind of feeding the germs and you’re allowing them to kind of grow more.


Right. So, yeah. Okay. So we talked about dry mouth and how it’s, it’s bad. Gives you bad breath, you know, how, how does that contribute? Like what is actually happening when you’ve got dry mouth?

I would probably say dry mouth. It just, you know, when you don’t have saliva or, um, you know, there’s just the lubrication inside your mouth. It just allows for more. Food gets stuck in there, less for the bacteria to stick to the teeth a lot better. Right. So when things are wet, when, when you have, um, you know, good saliva production, that helps. It’s a self-cleansing thing, you know, like actually, uh, speaking of dry mouth, um, they call it Xerostomia. A lot of patients that have mouth tend to get more cavities. Oh, okay. When you get, you know, people that could dry mouth, they come to my, Ellerslie dentist office and it’s like, oh, seven, eight cavities, I see them again. Seven, eight cavities. It’s quite a bit. Right. So, people that you don’t have good healthy saliva glands, they don’t tend to have as many cavities each time they come. Hmm.

So, uh, besides that, what are some other common causes of dry mouth?

The first thing that comes to mind, maybe the number one thing is just health. Okay. You’re not healthy. If you’re not doing things then, you know, that affects your body. Right. Why do the, why does somebody get diabetes? Why does somebody get heart disease? It’s, it’s your health. Okay. Um, in relation to that, there are people that are trying to be healthy but because they’re trying to be healthy, you know, the somethings get prescribed medication, they say that if you are taking four or more medications, pills per day, uh, there a lot of combinations of the drugs can affect and cause xerostomia or dry mouth.

Okay. Wow. Um, so what if you’re doing the brushing and the flossing rinsing gargling and you still have bad breath. I’ve known people like this, like they swear to God they brushed and whatever, but they’ve just got, wow.

Well, you know what a lot, part of the other thing is, is the food that you eat, right? Like honestly, if I have a pizza loaded with the garlic and you had, you know, a salad, who do you think is going to have the bad breath? So, you know, there is a relation with the, you know, kind of like inside your stomach, right? So the foods that we eat are also affecting, um, the halitosis that we have. Right.

Okay. Now from a professional, dentist standpoint, could someone who has, let’s say, a chronic halitosis problem, could it be a symptom of something more serious going on?

Well, a lot of times when I’ve seen patients, there is a, you know, a lot of bone loss. Like I see people with their, um, you know, when, when I say pockets I mean there’s the bone around the teeth are, are damaged quite a bit and that’s where you get the risk of gum infections and things like that. So the germs have kind of gotten underneath. You can’t clean it out and it’s just sitting there. It’s just growing. And so, you know, coming in and making sure that everything is healthy, make sure the gums are healthy and make sure all the bacteria is removed on a regular basis is very important to him. Which was in terms of minimizing chronic halitosis. There are things like, you know, from an overall physical body standpoint is like, you know, doing a detox, um, I won’t go into too much detail. Right. Because, you know, that’s kinda not part of my field. But there are other things in terms of your gut that can be helpful in terms of minimizing the, uh, the bad breath.

Awesome. Well, that has been very enlightening and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us today, dentist in Ellerslie. I really appreciate it. And if you guys want to hear more from the tooth doctor, um, please subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up. I appreciate it. Thank you.