Edmonton Dentist | 3 Locations for Whitening

When you come to an Edmonton dentist who cares you will feel like you got the most value. The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist who not only cares about the adults but also the children that come to his office. This modern dental office is inviting and lighthearted. You will meet friendly staff when you come in the door. Not only can you use regular dental services but you will get access to additional dental services like teeth whitening. This is an Edmonton dentist who wants to help you achieve your best smile.

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Many people have things that they believe about teeth whitening that are simply not true. For one thing they feel that if they have yellow teeth that they must be unhealthy teeth. Your teeth have a natural yellow tint to them but as you eat highly coloured foods and drinks your discolouration becomes more noticeable. A great teeth whitening service from the tooth doctor can help turn back the clock on your smile.

For a long time people thought that laser whitening was the best option for whitening your teeth. At home trays work just as well if not better. The advantage to having the trays that are customized to fit your teeth is that you can use them at home and get a more gradual results. You do not have to worry about having a fake Hollywood white smile; you can get the colour that you desire right in the comfort of your own home.

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Many people have falsely believe that if you whiten your teeth they will stay white forever. The fact is as you consume the same foods you will have a dulling of your teeth even after they’ve been whitened. The good news is that because you had trays made for you and you have the bleaching gel at home you can top up your colour anytime you see fit. You choose the results you want. And you can still enjoy the foods that you love..

Some people have even resorted to using home remedies that involve things like lemons or abrasives to whiten their teeth. These things are dangerous for your teeth as the acidic content can eat the enamel and cause severe sensitivity as well as irreversible damage. We never suggest using things like this plus they don’t even whiten your teeth. It is just an old wives tale.

You may have tried kits that have strips or toothpastes that are promising you whiter teeth. You would buy these in the drugstore online and they are not the same as what the dentist provides. Legally they can only have a low concentrate in the gel. The results you get with them are not near as great as using the dentist teeth whitening system. We don’t suggest using these kits because the strips in them don’t fit your teeth like the trays the dentist provides. The only whitening that happens is where the strips touch and it can leave a very spotty result.

Edmonton Dentist | Teeth Whitening Does No Damage

If you have met the tooth doctor you will know that he is a wonderful Edmonton dentist. Kids love visiting him and so do the families of them. This Edmonton dentist has three locations to serve families better. The tooth doctor grew up in Edmonton and always had a desire to serve this community in this way. He has been in business for over 12 years and has a family of his own. This is an Edmonton dentist you can trust with your dental hair health.

Along with the regular dental services the tooth doctor provides additional ones as well. One such service that people inquire about often is teeth whitening treatment. They have a lot of beliefs about teeth whitening that are just not true. For one thing they believe that teeth whitening is the only way to whiten their teeth. The truth is having your teeth cleaned regularly professionally is the number one way to keep your teeth whiter and to remove stains. After you’ve had that done then you may want to consider whitening them even more by using the system that the tooth doctor provides.

You will want to always choose a professional dentist to whiten your teas and not just anybody who’s advertising whitening. Just because a beauty salon down the road is promoting a whitening system does not mean you should jump on that opportunity. A dentist knows best about teeth health so it is best that you stick to the professional.

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When you come in to have your teeth whitened you will have a checkup first to see that there are no other issues going on in your mouth. This is another great reason to use the dentist to whiten your teeth. Those issues would have to be addressed first and cleared up before teeth whitening happens. If you have anything like a cavity that can cause more sensitivity and that is not what the tooth doctor wants to happen. Teeth whitening should be a treatment that is enjoyable and brings you a useful look not more pain.

Once you whiten your teeth they will not stay white forever you will have to top up the colour as you see fit down the road. This is another reason to Choose the tooth doctor to whiten your teeth as you can take the customized trays home and colour at your own rate.

For this reason laser whitening might seem great but the at-home trays work just as well and can be even better and safer to use. You have control of how light your teeth get plus they are whitened evenly and to the desired colour.

Another thing to never try is sucking on things like lemons or using abrasive materials to whiten your teeth. These things not only do not colour your teeth whiter they often cause irreversible damage and a lot more sensitivity. Please call the tooth doctor for a consultation.