Extraction of an infected tooth can be painful and lead you to undergo multiple dental procedures according to the Edmonton dentist. On the other hand, root canal helps to treat your severely infected tooth without the extraction process. The basic process of root canal followed by the Edmonton dentist include:

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting the pulp

  2. Filling the empty space

  3. Sealing the tooth – mostly using a crown

There are various opinions that people have about root canal treatment which are not true. In this article, we’ve listed some common root canal myths.

1) Root Canal Treatments are Long and Painful Treatment

Root canal treatments are offered to give relief from the pain caused by the infected tooth. The dentist gives anesthesia to the patients before treating the infected pulp. This makes the procedure relatively painless. The treatment is mostly completed in 2 to 3 sittings based on the severity of the infection.

2) Treatment Provides Instant Relief | Edmonton Dentist

The root canal treatment provides relief from the pain caused by the infected tooth. But this relief is never instant. It takes time. Your dentist in Edmonton might give certain painkillers for some time. This will help ease the pain after the treatment.

3) A Failed Root Canal Treatment Leads to Tooth Extraction

There are chances that you might suffer an infection several years down the line after getting a root canal treatment. This does not necessarily mean that you need to get the tooth extracted. Your Edmonton dentist will examine your tooth. Based on the result, he will decide whether you need a root canal treatment again or an extraction.

4) Teeth Sensitivity is Normal After Root Canal Treatment

Having sensitivity even after the root canal treatment is not normal. If you still feel pain or sensitivity in the tooth, there are chances that there are hidden nerves that are still left to be cleaned. You need to visit your dentist immediately when you notice any sensitivity or discomfort after the treatment.

5) Root Canal Treatment will Kill the Tooth | Edmonton Dentist

There is no chance that root canal will kill your tooth. The nerves that are removed in the treatment are helpful in the growth of the adult tooth. Once you get the adult tooth, these nerves do not play any major role. Hence, the root canal is not practiced on children who have not got their adult teeth.

A root canal is often considered as an expensive and lengthy treatment, which is not true. Benefits of the root canal for maintaining your dental health are many. Therefore, getting a root canal for your tooth on time may save you from getting it extracted.

To learn more about the root canal and dental health, visit a professional Edmonton dentist at The Tooth Doctor.