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When you see an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor you will get the best care for your teeth. This Edmonton dentist wants to help you achieve your best smile. His main concern is to keep as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible, and for as cheap as possible. Visiting this Edmonton dentist regularly is going to be the best way to achieve this. Not only will you have a healthier mouth but a more beautiful mouth. One of the additional services the tooth doctor offers is teeth whitening services.

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Many people think that if their teeth are yellow that they are not healthy. We are here to tell you that that is not true and that teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. Your teeth are like a wall. As the plaque sits on them it causes little holes to appear. As you eat and drink different foods the particles get stuck in those holes and cause discolouration. As you can imagine if you are consuming highly coloured foods the discolouration will be even greater.

One of the best ways to remove those stains is to come in for regular checkups and cleanings. When you scale and polish the teeth those particles are removed and your teeth get a rejuvenated look. When you go home you will want to make sure you keep up good habits of cleaning your teeth. This will help prolong the brighter colour as well as healthiness of your teeth. Brushing twice a day, flossing multiple times a week and my using mouthwash daily will help combat these issues.

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Laser whitening is not necessarily better for you. The at-home trays work just as well and can actually be safer. The other additional benefit is you can have a more gradual result when you use the trays at home as opposed to the laser whitening in office. If you are not sure how white you want to go you can take it step-by-step and find the right spot for you. Also as you see your teeth getting duller because of the foods you are eating you can always top up the brightening by using those same trays at any time.

This is the advantage of having at-home trays and gel. You can only get these customizable trays and high concentrate gel when you visit the dentist to have your teeth whitening done.

When you buy kits that have strips or use toothpastes that are whitening you will get minimum whitening results. The kits have strips in them that do not reach all the places of discolouration on your teeth. Therefore the gel on them only colours what it touches. These strips are not customizable and do not fit the teeth perfectly. Another thing to keep in mind as the gel is a much lower concentrate because that is all that is legally allowed. When you go to the dentist to have this treatment done you will get the highest concentrate available giving you more effective results.

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Seeing an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor will help you to get the healthy teeth you always desired. Being an Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor cares about you achieving your best smile. It is his highest value to help save as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible and for as cheap as possible. The way he does this is through education and best practices in clinic.

Some of the inquiries that the tooth doctor as an Edmonton dentist gets are about teeth whitening services. People wonder if it is worth paying to have your teeth whitened at the dentist as opposed to doing it on your own at home. The short answer is if you want whiter brighter teeth the dentist is the best place to have your whitening done. There are many reasons that we say this and they are as follows.

A lot of people have tried the over-the-counter kits found in the store to whiten their teeth. Usually there results are lacklustre and their smile does not change very much in brightness. In fact their gums get more sensitive than anything else. If this is you is time for you to come into the tooth doctor and have a consultation with us to find out how professional teeth whitening can benefit you. These kits have strips that are not customized to fit your teeth. The problem with that is the gel does not reach all of the places that the discolouration is happening on your teeth.

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When you come into the dentist you have customizable trays made to fit your teeth. In the kits the gel that is used is a low concentrate because that is all that is legally allowed to be sold over-the-counter. When you come into the professional dentist you have access to the highest concentration possible. This gel is 60 times more powerful through the dentist. Automatically you will get a better result that will keep your teeth safe and also less sensitive in the end.

Another advantage to having customizable trays is that you can do this treatment at home and whenever you see fit. Maybe you just want to top up the colour or you want to gradually go even lighter that is all possible through the dentists whitening services. Your teeth will not stay there so this is also not having the customizable trays at home.

One thing that people do often is used natural remedies to try to whiten their teeth. Please do not even try these things that you see. Things like sucking on lemons to whiten your teeth do not give you a way to result they are actually terrible for your teeth. The acidic content can eat away at the enamel and cause irreversible damage as well as sensitivity. It is always best to come and see the dentist to have your teeth whitening done as it is safe and effective.