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Coming into the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist that has three locations to serve you best. Two of the locations are in Edmonton and one is in rural Alberta. The tooth doctor has also extended his hours to help serve the community better. Evening and weekend hours are available upon request. This Edmonton dentist is loved by kids and is often cracking jokes and making them laugh while they’re sitting in the dentist chair. If not the kids and at least their parents. This is an Edmonton dentist for everyone.

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Not only does the tooth doctor offer general dental services he offers additional ones like teeth whitening as well.

Some people believe things that are not true about teeth whitening. For one thing just because you have yellow teeth does not mean they are unhealthy. Teeth have a natural yellow tent and when you come in to see the tooth doctor he will check over your teeth before he does any whitening to be sure there are no serious issues happening in your mouth. If there are other things going on those will be addressed first and then teeth whitening can be done.

Laser whitening isn’t necessarily better for you than at home trays. The at home trays work just as well and can be safer and give a more gradual whitening effect. Some people like this option because they don’t want to look like they have a fake colour to their teeth. They are in control of what their teeth will look like.

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Some people come in telling the tooth doctor all the things they’ve tried to get their teeth white. One of the alarming ones is sucking on lemons or using abrasive materials that can be very harmful for the teeth. The acidic content can eat away at the enamel causing sensitivity and irreversible damage. These things are never a good way to whiten your teeth plus they do not work.

Some people have even tried the new trend of using active charcoal thinking it’s the holy Grail of teeth whitening. There is not enough testing that has been done on this new trend and if you want to try anything try using mouthwash regularly, brushing your teeth multiple times a day and flossing multiple times a week. If you’ve ever worried that teeth whitening will damage your normal we are here to tell you that that is untrue. However you should always go to a professional dentist and not just any body for your teeth whitening treatment. If you see a beauty salon offering services it’s not necessarily the best place to have this done.

Once you have whitened your teeth it does not mean that they will stay white forever. As you continue to consume your same diet and habits you will see a gradual dulling of your teeth. The good news is that you can use the same trays and bleaching gel to top up your colour at any time you see fit.

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The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist you can trust. He is a kid friendly dentist that the whole family loves. When you come to the tooth doctors office you will see a clean modern dental space. As an Edmonton dentist the tooth doctor knows how important it is to make dental services accessible to everyone. That is why he has extended evening hours and weekends. The tooth doctor is an Edmonton dentist who cares.

One of the additional services that this dentist offers is teeth whitening treatment. When you come in to have a consultation you will have your full mouth examined to make sure there are no other issues going on. If other things like cavities or sensitivities are happening they will be dealt with first. It is important to do it in this order because teeth whitening may cause more sensitivity.

Also as much as we want to have a beautiful bright smile the main thing is to take care of your teeth so there are no problems. Once your teeth have been checked and everything is good you would benefit from having your teeth cleaned prior to teeth whitening as well. A good cleaning that includes scaling and polishing can help remove many of the stains you might have on your teeth.

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You can think of your teeth like a wall and as plaque sits on the teeth it causes tiny holes to appear and the food particles you consume get stuck in those holes and cause discolouration. If you do not have great teeth cleaning habits this can add more discolouration. The goal is to clean your teeth well by brushing multiple times a day, flossing multiple times a week and using mouthwash regularly. You could even switch to a light coloured diet and avoid colourants altogether and this can also help prolong the whiteness of your teeth. The good news is you don’t have to do that to have white, and bright teeth.

When you choose a dentist to whiten your teeth you will get customized trays that fit your teeth perfectly. The bleaching gel that you will be given is the highest concentrated kind you can get. Because you can take these home with you you can decide how light or white your teeth will get. You don’t have to have the fake Hollywood white smile you can go gradually to the colour that you want.

Some people worry that teeth whitening will damage the enamel on their teeth. They might be confusing home remedies with the dentist’s treatments. Home remedies usually involve something that has a high acidic content or something abrasive that will cause irreversible damage and sensitivities. It is always best to go to the dentist to have your teeth whitened. It’s not even a good idea to go to a place like a beauty salon even if they have it on sale. By going to the dentist you ensure that your teeth will be kept safe.