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The reason why many people are worried when they visit their Edmonton dentist. Is that they do not want to have a larger dental issue. That can be expensive, painful. Or time-consuming to fix.
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This is why it is even more important. For as many patients as possible. So learn what the best oral hygiene routine is. And in fact, that is one of the most common questions. That people have for their dentist.

And while many people feel silly. For asking their dentist this question. Edmonton dentist says it should not be embarrassing. Especially because dental practices and recommendations. Change, as knowledge is gained.

In the field of dentistry. For example, it used to be widely accepted. As best practices for people. To brush their teeth after every single meal. And in fact, to brush their teeth as quickly after eating. As they possibly could.

The reason used to be, in order to remove. The bacteria that causes tooth decay. From the surface of the patient’s mouth, as quickly as possible. They reason, was to help guard against cavities says Edmonton dentist.

However, what they discovered was happening, when they watched people do this over several years. Is that they were actually brushing away. The protective layer of enamel from the surface of their teeth.

As people eat food, a lot of foods contain natural acids. Such as citrus fruit, and vinegars. That can actually soften enamel on the teeth. Albeit, temporarily only. As people would rush to brush their teeth.

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Before bacteria starts to eat holes in their teeth. They would actually brush away the now softened enamel. Making their teeth more susceptible to cavities in the future. And since enamel is not something. That can be restored or replaced on a person’s teeth. This should be avoided at all costs.

Therefore, someone might have grown up. Hearing that they should be brushing their teeth. After every meal. And asking their dentist. If this is still best practices. Can help them have the healthiest teeth possible.

Therefore, people will learn. That best practices now recommend. That people brush their teeth twice a day. And that they should wait approximately half an hour. Before brushing their teeth.

However, they should also get into the habit. Of drinking a glass of water. After every meal, in order to cleanse any food. That may land on the teeth, and cause tooth decay, and cavities.

As well, Edmonton dentist will recommend. That people use mouthwash. However, they should never use the kind with alcohol in it. Because alcohol is very drying. And many people may not realize.

That dry mouth, is actually a cause. For increased cavities and tooth decay. Because saliva acts as a protecting agent. This is also why dentists typically recommend. That people to sugar-free gum.

Because it increases saliva production. Which increases the protection in a person’s mouth. If people have any other dental hygiene questions. All they need to do is pick up the phone, or visit the website the tooth doctor.com. And book in to see an expert.

Edmonton Dentist | Alleviating Your Main Dental Worries

Even though many Canadians visited the dentist last year according to Edmonton dentist. That does not mean they do not have concerns comes to their oral hygiene. In fact, the tooth doctor specified.

That there are many questions.that they get regularly. So they would like people to understand. That there are no bad questions. And all they want, or for their patients. To get the answers.

So that they can take great care of their teeth. One of the most common questions they do get. Is how people can prevent getting tooth decay. As well as gingivitis even before they visit a dentist.

It all comes back to good oral hygiene routines. And through the years, this has changed. So patients should not feel silly. And asking their dentist. Especially if it has been years since they talked about it.

Good oral hygiene routines include. Brushing their teeth. Two times a day, with a soft bristled brush. Flossing once a day, and using mouthwash once, or preferably twice a day. The mouthwash should not have any alcohol in it.

But outside of a good oral hygiene routine. Here are some tips, to help people. Have a healthy mouth. And happy smile. They should watch what they eat. Because good oral hygiene is influenced by the food that we eat.

Ultimately, sugar is one of the biggest culprits. Of tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, people need to be very mindful. Of how much sugar they eat. And even more importantly. When they are choosing to eat it.

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For example, people should not avoid sugar in fruit. Because fruits can be a good source of nutrients. However, they should ensure to drink water. After they eat fruit. To get any residue off their teeth.

They should not brush immediately after eating fruit. Because many different kinds of fruit. Have a high acidic content. Which can soften the tooth enamel. And it can be brushed away, if people brush their teeth.

Too soon after eating acidic food. Therefore, a tall glass of water. It is good to cleanse the palate. And rid the excess food. That could cause problems. Until they brush their teeth later on.

As well, Edmonton dentist recommends. That if people are going to eat fruit. It should not be close to bedtime. The reason why, is because sugars can become activated in the saliva. And going to bed with.

A mouthful of sugary saliva. Will cause tooth decay in the middle of the night. Therefore, people should not only avoid eating sugary foods before God. But brush thirty, and use mouthwash as well.

Another way to have great oral hygiene. Is to to sugar-free gum. What this does it is increases saliva production. So that people can have a protective layer of saliva in their mouth. Especially if people have.

Dry mouth syndrome. It often comes with old age. As well as a side effect of many medications. And if people find that they do have dry mouth. They should careful, and visit their Edmonton dentist.