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Indeed, Edmonton dentist says that whether or not. You choose with all your dentist. Whether to choose the conventional and wire based braces. Or, if you choose the new.
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And very impressive Invisalign system to. Close a lot of gaps in between your teeth. Or to straighten your teeth and over or under bite. That is potentially a personal choice.

But, your dentist will recognize that there are certain parameters. The parameters being you can’t be a child. Otherwise Invisalign is not the proper product for you.

As well, it is really important to understand that. You need to recognize that if indeed you. Being a child, or you being the parent. Of a child. Will not be recommended the.

Invisalign system because children have a tendency. To brush off their very important dental cleaning responsibilities. They seem to think that brushing their teeth.

For seconds is good enough. To have very clean teeth. Therefore, dentists don’t offer the Invisalign system to kids. But, for adults that otherwise have excellent oral hygiene.

And are very steadfast in helping to. Keep their teeth very clean and free of decay. Then the Invisalign system. Is potentially the right system for them. This, because of the fact.

That often, says Edmonton dentist, your teeth will be. Covered by the Invisalign system for 22 hours a day. This can cause a lot of problems for your teeth. If they are not.

Otherwise taken very good care of. For the amount of time. That you do not have Invisalign in place in your teeth. Therefore, brushing properly and flossing daily is.

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Something that must not only be a passing thought. But must be something that is cemented in your daily regimen. After that, and if you can prove to your dentist.

That you are disciplined enough for the Invisalign system. Then, the weight is approximately one month. The process is as such where the dentist will either.

At that same appointment that you have made your decision. Or at a very recent next follow-up appointment. Make an impression of your top and bottom teeth.

That impression will then be sent off. To the Invisalign company where they will proceed to make enough trays. To cover the six months that you need the system.

Then, it is all up to your Edmonton dentist. When you visit them every six weeks. To stay with the six month regimen. Or if you need a little bit more time. With the trays in.

Your mouth to continue the movement of your teeth. Furthermore, it is very important as well to understand. That during this initial process before. You get the Invisalign.

Your dentist will reach out to your insurance company. From your work, to see if you are covered. For any sort of dental or orthodontic prosthetics. To be able to help.

With your bite, or your over or under bite. The price is relatively the same as conventional braces. In that the Invisalign product. Starts at $6500. But rises from their.

Edmonton Dentist | You’Ve Made An Attractive Dental Decision

Edmonton dentist says that yes, you can. Have it in your head that you have made up your mind for Invisalign. But, you also have to understand that the final word.

Belongs to your dentist who recognizes that either. You are a good or a bad candidate. For the new Invisalign oral prosthetics system. This is important because your dentist.

Recognizes that you are very. Hard-working and taking care of your teeth. And, it must continue to do so. For the time that you have the Invisalign system.

A lot of other very negative considerations. Might happen if while you are on the Invisalign system. And you are covering your teeth for 22 hours a day, on average.

That you could develop plaque, decay, and ultimately cavities. Edmonton dentist also recognizes that demineralization happens. When you have conventional braces.

And, that.coupled with the fact that. Braces are usually too many people. A very ungodly site. And is cause for a lot of embarrassment. Furthermore, the tightening of the braces.

When they come in to the dentist. To often get a checkup, is not at all comfortable. On the other hand, with Invisalign. You take all of the trays home with you.

And, if you can’t make your visit. To the dentist every two weeks. For an upgrade on your trays. Just send him a photo to see that. You are indeed ready for the next tray.

They will make that decision based. On how your teeth have improved. And how they have moved. Or if they have stayed and you need more time. With the tray that you.

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Are already using. Therefore, you have the freedom and liberty. To almost do what you need to do. In the fact that you don’t have to miss work. To do appointments every few.

Weeks or so. The only thing that Edmonton dentist asks is that you return on the Invisalign system to visit your dentist every six weeks. To have the dentist C4.

Themselves that the process is working for you. But, the biggest attraction to Invisalign, says the dentist. Is the fact that nobody will see. That you have an apparatus.

On your teeth and are trying. To help your teeth improve in their appearance. As well as to improve a lot of other dental considerations. You can go about doing your.

Regular professional routine as you would. With the confidence knowing that people can’t see. Ungodly braces in your mouth. And that eventually, with the Invisalign.

Process in your teeth, you can speak freely and clearly. But, recognize that it can be a process. And just like anything else. You have to get used to the apparatus.

From inside your mouth. Furthermore, pain or discomfort will happen during. The first fitting of your first tray. That is natural, when you have something new in your mouth.

As a matter fact, the pain or discomfort can. Continue for up to and including two weeks. But, if you still have pain or discomfort by the time. At that you are to trade off your next.

Tray, two weeks later. Then, make sure to ask your dentist. Understanding the pain is definitely relative. You might not feel any pain at all. Or it might be just discomfort.