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Is incredibly important as Edmonton dentist. For people to know, that there is no bad question. Except the question that goes on asked. The reason why, is because people should not automatically know.
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How to care for their teeth. Especially if standards have changed. Or they have not visited a dentist in a few years. While its best practice, for people to visit. Their dentist every six months.

That everybody has been able to afford it consistently. Or, they did not have dental insurance. And so, if their visits have lapsed. It is a good opportunity. To find out the answers to their questions.

So they can be confident in their care of their teeth, and mouth. One of the most common questions that Edmonton dentist gets. Is from people wondering why. Their teeth are so sensitive and how to fix it.

A lot of the times, they have even tried. Using a desensitizing toothpaste. Such as Sensodyne. With little or no success. This is a good example. Of why people should ask questions sooner.

Instead of trying to fix the problem on its own. Because often, the problem is getting worse. While they are trying their own solution. The reason why people should ask the dentist. About there tooth sensitivity quickly.

Is because there are many different causes. Of tooth sensitivity, all with a very different fix. Depending on the causes. Is also going to be very dependent. On each individual. So there is no way of knowing.

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What causes sensitivity. In each person, unless they. Get and Edmonton dentist to look inside their mouth. The number one cause of sensitivity. Is actually gingivitis.

This might be surprising, until one realizes. That while 70% of Canadians. Visited the dentist last year. Three quarters of all of those adults. Actually had gingivitis in their mouth at the time.

Since gingivitis causes sensitivity. It is no leap to discover. That the number one cause of sensitivity is gingivitis. The reason why gingivitis causes tooth sensitivity is simple. When people get gingivitis. There gums start to recede.

In order to get away from the bacteria. In the tartar buildup that is accumulated below the gum line. As the gums start to reseed, it exposes more and more of the root of the tooth.

Which is more sensitive, because it has less enamel on it. And enamel is the protective coating on teeth. As people try to solve the tooth sensitivity on their own. By using a certain toothpaste. It will never work. If the problem is gingivitis.

Therefore, the only way to fix gingivitis. Is to have their dentist. Professionally clean their teeth. To remove the tartar buildup. That causes gingivitis in the first place. And then engage in a regular.

Oral hygiene routine. That includes visiting the dentist. Every six months for a professional cleaning. Other causes of sensitivity could be genetics. It could be thin enamel, either genetic. Or because the enamel has been brushed away by.

Over brushing, or brushing too soon after eating. It could also be because someone has started to grind their teeth. Or caused by people who have many cavities in their mouth.

Edmonton Dentist | Answers To Your Dental Questions

When people visit their Edmonton dentist and have questions. It is a great opportunity to be educated. And learn the best ways to care for their teeth. So that not only can they have a bright smile. But a healthy one as well.

One of the most common questions that people ask the tooth doctor when they visit. Is what kind of oral care routine should they be engaging in? While this does include how to properly brush their teeth.

How often, and what steps should they be doing. To care for their teeth. Also, what foods they eat. And when they eat them plays a huge role. The first step, is that people need to buy a soft bristled brush says Edmonton dentist.

The reason why, is because teeth can become damaged. As well as gums, with a hard bristled brush. People can brush away. The enamel on their teeth. If they brush to hard or vigourously. And, hard bristled brush.

Can also damage the gums as well. That will require a skin graft to fix. And not only is invasive and expensive. But is very painful as well. The next thing that they can do, is understand.

That they should only brush twice a day. Gone are the days of trying to brush the teeth three times a day. And after every time they eat. Soon as they are done eating. Because that can also cause enamel erosion.

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Therefore, by only brushing twice a day. People can protect their teeth. And not lose this important protection in enamel. That cannot be replaced. If people are worried about bacteria in between brushing.

Edmonton dentist recommends drinking a glass of water. To clean any food particles. As well as bacteria away in the meantime. The next thing that they should do. Is realize that they should use mouthwash.

After every time they brush. The kind of mouthwash is important as well. Should avoid mouthwash with alcohol. As alcohol is drying. And dry mouth is a breeding ground for cavities and tooth decay.

Finally, the last step. Is to floss at least once a day. 40% of the surface area of teeth. Our in between teeth. Therefore, flossing is an important way. To eliminate food buildup. And bacteria in this hard-to-reach space.

And while this is a great oral care routine. Edmonton dentist does recommend. Watching the types of food that people eat. Having a diet that is low in sugar. High in vegetables.

And not eating two hours before bed. Because the bacteria can stay. In a person saliva, and we have a con a person’s teeth. Even if they brush their teeth. After a snack and before going to bed.

If people have any other questions. The best thing to do would call the tooth doctor today. Order to arrange either cleaning, a checkup.

Or simply a consultation to ask some questions. And get comfortable with visiting a dentist very regularly.