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Even though many Canadians visit the dentist yearly according to Edmonton dentist. That does not mean they visit the dentist. As often as they should. Or that they have all of the answers to all of their questions.
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One of the most common questions that they see at the tooth doctor. From people wondering how they can make their teeth whiter. Whiter is associated with healthy teeth. And while discoloured teeth.

Does not indicates that a person has poor health. It is important to a person’s self-esteem. As well as their image. To have a smile. As bright as they desire. Therefore, it is a common question.

However, people usually ask Edmonton dentist about it. After they have tried many different. Over-the-counter whitening products. Such as whitening toothpaste or white strips.

People may have tried these products. With little to no success. Simply because the over-the-counter products. Have very little active ingredients in them. Because they are not being used under the supervision of a dentist.

These kits are usually only able to whiten. A person’s teeth by half shade. Which is first of all barely noticeable. And second of all, probably not enough. To make a difference if people are still.

Consuming the foods and drinks that are discolouring their teeth. In the first place, such as coffee, black or green tea and wine. Therefore, before people spend another dollar. On these over-the-counter products.

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That probably are only serving a purpose. To prevent the teeth from getting any more discoloured. They should visit their dentist. And talk to them about the wide variety. Of products and options.

That can help them have a beautiful, billion smile. And to do so, in the safest way possible. They have whitening kit, using bleach. That is considerably stronger. Then the over-the-counter products.

The bleaching kits that a dentist has, can whiten. A person’s smile up to five shades whiter. Which means it is going to be unnoticeable difference. However, these bleaching kits.

Also cause some sensitivity. And people who already have sensitive teeth. May not want to have even more sensitive teeth. Or, go through the pain of the bleaching. However, there is still options to try out.

People can also get veneers put on their teeth. Which will allow patients. To choose what shade of white they would like. However, while veneers. Are a permanent solution. It is a little bit invasive for some.

Which means bonding is the third option. Edmonton dentist says bonding uses a fatty substance. Applied in the extremely thin layer. The material is bright white. As well as translucent.

Therefore, it gives the appearance of writer, whiter teeth. It is considerably less invasive. And the bonding material. Provides some protection. Against tooth decay as well as sensitivity.

However, it is not permanent. And only lasts a few years. Before needing to come back to the dentist to be redone. If people would like to discuss the pros and cons of all whitening options.

All they have to do is visit the tooth doctor. At one of their three convenient locations. Today, in order to get the answers to their questions.

Edmonton Dentist | Getting Answers To Your Dental Queries

Visiting the Edmonton dentist does not need to be stressful. Especially because advances in technology. Means that they can do many things. Less invasively than before. And in fact, visiting the dentist often enough.

Is one of the most important things that a person can do. In order to ensure. That they have a healthy smile. Some people think that it is simply enough. To brush their teeth twice a day.

And floss their teeth, and then they will never have to. Visit the dentist. Unless they have a problem. This is not a good idea for many reasons. First of all, there are issues that could be happening.

The people are unaware of. Such as a small cavities forming. Problems with crowding, or teeth moving. As well as problems with gums. And wisdom teeth, if people have not had them removed yet.

This is why it is important. To go to the dentist. Who can do a checkup. As well as give dental x-rays. In order to ensure. That small problems are not happening. Fixing a problem while it is small. Is the easiest way.

But also, it is also the least expensive, and least painful or invasive way to do it. If a person only visits their dentist. Because they are in pain. Typically, the problem has become so great. That is going to be.

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Invasive, painful. And expensive to fix. This should be considered preventative maintenance on their teeth. As well, Edmonton dentist says people need to be aware. That brushing and flossing is not enough.

Plaque is an incredibly sticky substance. And when people are brushing their teeth. Over time, it can build up. And be impossible to be brushed away. This is why professional cleanings are so important.

As well, it is impossible. For a person to brush away. The tartar buildup below the gum line. And that is the prime location. To create gingivitis. Tartar buildup that is not removed periodically.

Irritates the gums, which not only become inflamed and start to bleed. But they will start to proceed, trying to get away. From the irritation. Of the bacteria in the plaque.

Brushing alone cannot prevent this from happening. Which is why it is important to have professionally cleaned teeth. At the Edmonton dentist every six months. Gingivitis, when it happens can be eliminated and fixed.

But over time, more and more tartar buildup. Happens underneath the now receding gum line. And if it is not fixed. It turns into. A disease called periodontal disease. That is not reversible. And can affect a person’s mouth.

Causing their teeth to become loose and even fall out. Or, may require getting skin graft. All of this is preventable. As long as people are visiting their Edmonton dentist regularly. And following through. On a good oral care routine.

If people have not been to the dentist in a while. They should pick up the phone, or visit the tooth doctor website. And schedule a consultation, or a cleaning today.