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Despite ever having teeth, Edmonton dentist says people still of question.. And there is no such thing as a bad question. They want everyone. To feel comfortable to get all of the answers they need.
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To feel comfortable and confident. In taking good care of their teeth, mouth. And ultimately taking care of their oral health. One of the most common questions they get. Our people wondering how they can prevent.

Getting tooth decay and gingivitis. This question often comes. After they visit the dentist and discover. That they have tooth decay. Or they have gingivitis, despite the fact. That they had what they thought to be.

A good oral care routine. In fact, the statistics on the subject. Are very surprising says Edmonton dentist. While 74% of Canadians. Visited the dentist last year. 75% of those adults who visited.

Were found to have gingivitis. Gingivitis is preventable. But, without the right care. It can be very easy for people to get. And while many people think. That simply brushing their teeth often enough.

Is going to be enough to protect themselves against gingivitis. This is not exactly true says most dentists. What happens when people brush their teeth. Is that they cannot quite eliminate.

Tartar buildup underneath their gum line. The matter how they brush their teeth. There are still going to be some plaque. That cannot be removed from this part of the teeth. As well, over time.

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Because the plaque is so sticky. It will eventually accumulate. On the surface of the tooth. And must be professionally removed. If people are not visiting their dentist. Often enough.

In order to get their teeth cleaned. Then this buildup can cause tooth decay. As well as gingivitis. That begs the question, how often. Should people be visiting the dentist. In order to get a tooth cleaning.

And the best case scenario will be. For people to visit twice a year. Six months apart. In order to have a professional cleaning. That can remove the surface tartar buildup. And the tartar buildup below the gum line.

That is responsible for gingivitis. If people did this, in addition to having a proper oral care routine. They would be less likely. To have tooth decay as well as gingivitis. However, this also leads to the question.

What is the proper oral care routine. To help people avoid. Tooth decay and gingivitis. In between visits to their Edmonton dentist. Yes to this question is quite simple. People should brush their teeth.

Soft bristled brush. Two times per day. Following each brushing with the use of mouthwash. And flossing once a day. People do not need to worry about the brand of toothpaste. And as long as their toothbrush.

Is soft bristled. And the mouthwash is alcohol free. This, combined with visiting. Their dentist twice a year. Will generally be enough. To keep their teeth clean. And their mouth happy and healthy.

If people have any other questions. They should contact their dentist right away. If they do not have a dentist, the tooth doctor would be more than happy to take them on. They have three convenient locations to service as many people as possible.

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Even though many people understand says Edmonton dentist. How to take care of their teeth. They may find that they still have issues. Such as their teeth are starting to turn colour or they have sensitive teeth.

These are the most commonly asked questions at the tooth doctor. And the answers to the questions, can help people. Not only have healthy mouth. But feel good about their smile as well.

For example, people may not realize. But the food and drink they eat. Impacts the colouring of their teeth. Teeth are slightly porous. Which means they have the tendency. To take on colouring.

From foods that we eat. Particularly if those foods. Have a tendency to stain. For example, people drink a lot of coffee or tea. And those are prime candidates. In causing teeth to become discoloured.

Whether it is coffee that is black, copy three minutes. Or whether they drink black or green tea. This can cause teeth, especially over time. Especially if people are having multiple cups a day.

To become discoloured, off-white or even yellowed and brown. While it does not indicate. That someone has unhealthy teeth. It is considered. Attractive in this day and age says Edmonton dentist.

They may have even tried. Over-the-counter whitening solutions. Such as toothpaste and whitening strips. Without much success. Simply because those products, are only designed to whiten.

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Half shade, whereas the product. That Edmonton dentist supplies. Can whiten a teeth up to five shades instead. That is a significant amount of difference. That can be obtained by contacting the dentist themselves.

They also can talk about. Other options. Because whitening kit uses bleach. And bleach can cause teeth to be sensitive. If people already have sensitive teeth. They may not want to go through the discomfort.

Of a bleaching kit. Never fear says Edmonton dentist. That does not mean. That they cannot get wait teeth. It just means they need a different solution. One such solution includes.

Veneers, which involves. Placing a false front of teeth. Overtop patient’s existing teeth. The patient can pick the colour that they want. So that it may be as bright white as they desire.

And while veneers is a great option. It is often a little bit more invasive. Then many people are prepared in order to get wait teeth. Therefore, bonding is a third option. That involves placing a thin.

Fatty layer of material onto the surface of the teeth. Which is whiter and brighter. Then the current colour of persons teeth. It can increase the appearance of white teeth. However, this is only a temporary solution.

And if people want bonding. To help keep their teeth white. They will have to have a reapplied. Every few years in order to have it work. If people would like whiter teeth. I would like the help of their dentist.

They should contact the tooth doctor, at one of their three. Convenient Edmonton the patient’s for convenience.