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When you come in to see the tooth doctor you will find a wonderful Edmonton dentist. We know you will agree when you walk in the door of any of our three locations. We have state-of-the-art world-class facilities that include modern fixtures. Every room is equipped with all the necessary tools and technology to help serve our clients better. Each room also houses a TV for our patients viewing pleasure.

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The tooth doctor is a kid friendly place where we make coming to an Edmonton dentist fun. Often times you can hear children laughing from the jokes that Dr. Yoo shares with them. He uses a lighthearted approach in bringing a calm atmosphere to every appointment. This Edmonton dentist understands that children may be nervous to visit the dentist. He also realizes that it is important to provide the highest quality of dental care to all ages starting as young as one year old.

If children have positive dental experiences they are more than likely to be confident when visiting the dentist. This will set them on the path to achieving preventative dental care as adults.

The tooth doctor provides the usual general dentist services such as cleaning, checkups, tooth fillings and other dental care. They also provide dental implants, crowns and caps as well as emergency dental care. Some of the emergencies could be swelling in the face or neck, jaw pain or lockjaw, a chipped tooth, broken dentures or facial trauma. Dr. Yu is available after hours for any of these emergencies. He understands that emergency strike and his patients want to know that a dentist is there for them. You can contact us through the website or our office dispatch after hours. He wants you to know he will be there for you in the time of need.

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One of the additional dental services that the tooth doctor provides his teeth whitening. Many people have discoloured teeth due to the foods that they eat, tobacco use, as well as aging. Many of these scenarios are very treatable with a good tooth whitening method. Yellow teeth are not necessarily unhealthy because they are naturally tinted yellow. This colour bleaches well with our bleaching gel. Brown coloured teeth do not respond as well and grey not at all. When you come in to see the tooth doctor he will answer any questions you may have.

He will also do a full examination of your mouth to see if there are any underlying issues before teeth whitening occurs. If you have cavities or sensitivities those will be addressed first as they can be aggravated even more.

When you choose an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor, for your teeth whitening needs you will have access to the best and highest concentrated bleaching gel as well as custom fit trays to fit your teeth perfectly. This method can be done in the office or as a take-home solution. We want to help you achieve your best smile so please call the tooth doctor today for a free consultation.

Edmonton Dentist | Teeth Whitening Explained

If you have been looking for an Edmonton dentist look no further than the tooth doctor. Our office is friendly, clean and professional. When you come in you will be greeted by friendly staff who are just as concerned for your dental health as you are. They want you to feel comfortable coming to the dentist so that you continue coming in regularly to ensure your oral health is taken care of.

We have three locations to serve the Edmonton community better. Dr. Peter you the founding owner and operator of the tooth doctor has opened three locations so that he can help more people. It is his goal to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. He wants to help every patient achieve their best smile.

This Edmonton dentist is kid friendly and often you will hear him cracking jokes to help alleviate any stress that a child might feel coming into see the dentist. His lighthearted approach helps children feel comfortable and confident on every visit. He understands how important it is to start good dental health care as early as possible so that it is sustainable. Keeping children comfortable when they come into the dentist helps them to come back and to continue with good dental care.

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One of the areas that Edmonton dentist Dr. Yu addresses his teeth whitening. Teeth can become darkened over time for many reasons such as coffee drinking or tobacco use and even aging. A person with these discolorations makes a great candidate for teeth whitening services. Even if you have deeply stained teeth the tooth doctor can help. You just need deep bleaching and more appointments. All people with stained teeth can use this option.

You might think that yellow teeth are unhealthy but truthfully teeth have a natural yellow tint. It is the diet and habits as well as aging that cause the discolouration. A tooth can be seen as a solid wall but as plaque sits on that tooth it causes holes to appear where food particles gather. This is what causes the discolouration. When you see an Edmonton dentist such as Dr. Yoo you will have a chance to lighten and brighten your teeth. He creates custom trays that fit your teeth so that you get an overall even colour tone.

We are able to go several shades lighter than what you already have which in essence gives you a more useful. Even people with sensitive teeth can benefit from this teeth whitening service. The gel that is used is a higher concentrate and therefore does a more effective job at whitening your teeth. The over-the-counter kits you find in the store online are very low concentration. Another thing to keep in mind is that the strips are not customized to fit your teeth and therefore only colour where they touch. This can give an overall patchy look.

Our goal is to give you the best smile and that is why it is important to come in to see the tooth doctor.