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When you come in to see the tooth doctor you are coming to see a professional Edmonton dentist. This Edmonton dentist has trained for many years and been in practice just as long. The goal of the tooth doctor is to help you achieve your best smile. We want you to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. This is what this Edmonton dentist can provide.

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Many people things about whitening teeth that are necessarily true. They feel that having yellow teeth means there teeth are unhealthy. There is a natural yellow tint to teeth. There is no reason to be embarrassed about this is what everyone has. That colour is very easily treatable as opposed to brown and grey.

People think that laser whitening is the best option for whitening their teeth. But the at-home trays are actually just as effective and if not better because they are safe and they can give a more gradual result.

Once you whiten your teeth you will not keep them white forever. As you eat the usual things in your diet you will see your teeth begin to colour and dull down again. The good thing about the kits being taken home from the dentist is that you can reapply the gel to give your self a top up and whitening on your own terms. You can even take a gradual approach and go even whiter as you see fit.

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If you thought to use a home remedy to brighten your smile we suggest you do not try that. Things like sucking on lemons are using natural remedies such as abrasives can cause more damage than good for your teeth. Not only will you not achieve a whiter smile but you will have damaged your teeth irreversibly. You can also cause a lot of sensitivity this way as well. The acidity found in these items can eat away at the enamel and that is the layer that protects your teeth from decay and sensitivity.

A lot of people have tried the kits you can buy in the store to whiten the teeth. They have usually found the same results as everybody else. These kits give okay results but do not give the best results. Because the strips are not customized to fit the teeth the overall effect can look very uneven and spotty. The gel that is used in the kits is much lower concentrate than the one you would get from the dentist. The dentist bleaching gel can be 60 times as powerful. You will get a better look that is even and in a safer quicker manner.

If you are ready to get started today with our teeth whitening services please call the office or contact us through our website and we will sit down with you in a consultation. There is no obligation but you can find out more information on how teeth whitening can give you the look that you desire.

Edmonton Dentist | Get Your Best Smile

At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist who cares about your teeth as much or more as you do. This Edmonton dentist wants to help you achieve your best smile and will do all the things he knows to help you achieve that. The goal of the tooth doctor is to help people save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible. As an Edmonton dentist this has always been his goal to serve the people in his city as he grew up here.

One of the areas that many people come in inquiring about his teeth whitening services. They wonder if coming into see the dentist to have it done is the best method or is it the most expensive method. They have a lot of myths that they believe about teeth whitening and how to do it. For one thing they do not realize that teeth have a natural yellow tint to them. Just because you have yellow teeth does not mean you have unhealthy teeth.

In fact the yellow coloured teeth is the easiest colour to treat with the bleach and whitening treatment. If you are seeing brown or grey on your teeth those are different issues and you definitely want to come in to see the dentist about those. They cannot be whitened with our whitening treatments.

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Many people think that laser whitening is better for you than at-home trays. This is not true because the trays work just as well at home and connection be safer. You can also go more gradual route in your whitening treatment. If you do not want to go to white you can stop whenever you see the colour you like. With laser whitening you do not get that option. The other great thing about the trays being at home with the gel is you can top up the colour whenever you see fit or you notice that your teeth are getting dull again.

One of the myths that people believe are that you will not have to whiten your teeth more than once. They believe the whitening will last forever. This is also untrue because as you continue to consume the diet and habits that you currently have the discolouration will come back gradually. You will see over time the dulling effect. The great thing is as I said before is that you can reapply the gel at home to whiten your teeth again.

Another area that is concerning for us as an Edmonton dentist is the fact that people use home remedies to whiten their teeth. Things like sucking on a lemon to why your teeth do not work. In fact they can damage your teeth irreversibly and cause sensitivity. Plus they do not even whiten your teeth. Using abrasives is also not how you achieve your best smile. It can also cause damage and sensitivity.