Edmonton Dentist | Brush and Polish for Whiter Teeth

If you want to have a beautiful looking smile look no further than the Edmonton dentist, the tooth doctor. When you come to this dental practice you will find many reasons to continue your dental healthcare here. This Edmonton dentist, Dr. Peter You began his practice over 12 years ago. He created the tooth doctor to help the community of Edmonton with their dental needs. Having grown up in the city he always had a passion to stay here and give back in this capacity.

Edmonton Dentist

At all three locations you will find dentists and staff that offer personalized dental care as well as service that you can trust. There are several general dental services offered such as repairing cracked or broken teeth, tooth fillings, examinations, and cleanings. Some of the other services offered are dental implants, dental crowns and caps, oral sedation, emergency dental care, wisdom teeth removal and even root canal treatment. Additional dental services such as straightening of teeth, Botox and teeth whitening are also available upon request. You can see that there are many different services to meet the needs of this community.

This Edmonton dentist is kid friendly as he has a family of his own. He understands the importance of relating to children in meeting them where they are at. Nothing is forced or rushed when it comes to children and their dental care. Every room is equipped with a television to help distract any nervousness felt as well as for an entertainment option.

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Dr. Yoo feels that affordable and excellent dental care should be available for everyone. This is why he has extended hours into the evenings and on the weekends. He knows that many parents are busy working and cannot always make it in daytime hours.

One of the services that the tooth doctor offers is teeth whitening. We feel this option should be available to anyone who is not happy with the look and colour of their smile. Over time teeth darken and become discoloured because of food colourants and tobacco use. These are issues that can be treated and several shades lighter can be achieved. It is best to visit a dentist if this is something you would like to see change in your smile. Many of the home remedies and over-the-counter solutions can be damaging and ineffective in whitening and brightening your smile.

When you come to see a Edmonton dentist you will have custom trays made just for your teeth so that the high concentrated bleaching gel can reach all the discolouration and give you the best result possible. Even people with sensitive teeth can benefit from this process. Although the results are not permanent you can take this treatment home with you and continue to use it as long as you have the gel solution. The last thing to keep in mind is that other issues would always need to be fixed first before you do teeth whitening. If you have a cavity you want that taken care of first. That is something addressed in the initial consultation.

Edmonton Dentist | Everything To Know About Whitening

There are so many choices when it comes to finding an Edmonton dentist. We want you to feel confident when you come to the tooth doctor to have your dental needs met. This is why we have three locations to serve you better filled with dentists and staff that offer personalized care and service that you can trust. The owner and operator Dr. Peter Yu has been in business for more than 12 years and he truly cares about the people of Edmonton. He grew up here and he always knew he wanted to serve as an Edmonton dentist in this city.

Dr. Yoo is a family man and he understands how important it is to help children feel comfortable when visiting the dentist. His love for kids is evident in his approach with everyone of them coming into his office. He uses humour and a lighthearted approach to help them feel confident and calm as they have their teeth taken care of. He provides a fun environment that has every room equipped with a TV to help with distraction and entertainment. In return the kids love the tooth doctor as well.

The goal of the tooth doctor is to provide high quality dental treatment for children as young as one-year-old up to aging adults. When children have positive dental experiences they tend to not have as much fear around every dental visit as they age. This sets them up for success with their dental care as adults.

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At the tooth doctor you will find an Edmonton dentist that offers many additional dental services. One such service is teeth whitening. Teeth become discoloured with age based on the diet and habits such as smoking. The first way to combat any of these stains is to scale and polish the teeth as this gives a better result when teeth whitening is added. There is no damage to the teeth when these methods are used in tandem.

In fact by having clean teeth it removes some of the stains and then the bleaching gel can whiten the rest. Only the enamel is white and fillings and crowns do not change in colour. This is important to know because if you try to colour your teeth on your own you will not have very much luck matching the colours between crowns and fillings to actual teeth. Our dentist can help find a solution for this.

When you come into the tooth doctor to have your teeth whitened you will be given customized trays that fit your teeth so that the high concentrate bleaching gel is the most effective in whitening and brightening your smile. You can either do this in Edmonton dentist office or at home using the same method. You will want to have a follow-up week after you have your teeth whitened to see that everything is working properly.