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Despite the fact that 74% of Canadians visited their dentist last year, according to Edmonton dentist. That does not mean people are visiting the dentist as often as they need. It is by the way, is twice a year.
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It also does not mean that people have. All of their dental questions answered. They often have questions. That go on asked. Due to shyness, or not wanting to appear unknowledgeable.

Therefore, here are some of the top questions. People ask their dentist, that help them. Take better care of their teeth. The first question is people wanting to know. How to make their teeth whiter.

Teeth are very porous, which means they can take on. The colouring, of food that they are eating. And while a lot of different foods. Do not stain teeth. There are a few that do, and unfortunately.

These food items, are consumed. In high quantities, by a lot of people. For example, coffee is one food. That can significantly stain a person’s teeth. And considering that many adults in this country. Have upwards of three or more cups a day.

That is a lot of staining going on from coffee alone. But not only coffee can stain teeth. He does as well. From black tea, to green tea. Anyone who has more than one cup of coffee or tea a day.

Might find that over time, their teeth start to take on a yellow or brownish hue. This is what cause a lot of people to want to get whiter teeth. However, coffee and tea are not the only culprits.

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Red wine is a common problem for many people. Staining the teeth a deeper red or purple colour over time. However, there are many other foods that do this. Blueberries is a common problem.

And ultimately, if people discover. That their teeth are turning colour over time. They may turn to over-the-counter products. In order to combat the yellowing or browning of their teeth.

However, Edmonton dentist says many people may struggle with this. Because over-the-counter products, have very little whitening ingredients in them. They are only guaranteed to make a person’s teeth.

Half a shade whiter. Which means if they are continuing to eat the foods. And drink the things that will stain their teeth. They may not notice any change at all. But least, they are not causing their teeth to become darker.

When they go to their Edmonton dentist, they can get a whitening kit. That has been specifically tailored to their teeth. And how white they are wanting to get those teeth. A dental kit that people get from their dentist.

Can actually whiten their teeth up to. Five shades whiter than where they are currently at. Which is extremely noticeable, when people whiten their teeth properly. However, using these bleaching kits.

Is not always best. Because it can cause some tooth sensitivity. And if people already have sensitive teeth. This may not be the best option. They can make an appointment with the tooth doctor.

At one of their three locations. To figure out the best way to whiten their teeth.

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When people visit their Edmonton dentist twice a year. They may be too shy to ask some of their burning dental questions. Because they do not want to appear. As though they do not know the answer to the questions.

Which is silly, because if they do not know. There is no shame in finding out the truth. However, some people feel as though. Their dentist will judge them. For not knowing how to take care of their teeth properly.

Despite the fact that as dental knowledge increases every year. Best practices change. And that is why Edmonton dentist does not want. Any of their patients to feel bad. About asking any dental question.

One of the most common questions that they do get. From patients that see them on a regular basis. Is why should they get dental x-rays. This question often comes from a place of fear.

As people are trying to eliminate. Or at least minimize the amount of radiation. That they are exposed to consistently. And while it is true admits Edmonton dentist. That dental x-ray machines.

Do give off radiation. The machines that they use nowadays, digital x-ray machines. Give off much less radiation. Then the old regular style machines use do. And while these machines give off only a fraction of the radiation.

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They still use iron bibs. Placed over the patient. To protect them from any wayward radiation waves. That they might experience. However, Edmonton dentist says patients should actually be aware.

That there is a larger risk. To the staff in the dental office. There were going to be in the office, for numerous x-rays throughout the day. Which is why they always use a Geiger counter. Which is a device that measures.

Radiation waves within the dental office. At no time, had the radiation waves inside the tooth doctor’s office. Measured dangerous levels of radiation. In fact, people are actually exposed to radiation.

Every day, from devices like their television sets, their cell phones. And even commercial flights. People will be exposed to more radiation. By using their cell phone for five minutes. Or, if they are on a flight.

From Vancouver to Edmonton. Therefore, dental x-rays. Or not a significant source of radiation. And should not be a cause of concern, even when used on children. Another reason why people are concerned about x-rays.

Is because they do not want to have to pay for them. Especially if they do not have dental insurance. And if it is about saving money. Edmonton dentist says this is the reason people should use x-rays.

They can find problems faster. And fix them when it is easier, and more inexpensive to fix. If the dentist was to wait until the problem was visible. To their naked eye, the problem might be a lot more difficult.

And a lot more expensive to fix. The reason why dentists use x-rays. Is because they are an important preventative tool. That people should not be nervous about at all.