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With that so many choices for an Edmonton dentist why choose the tooth doctor? There are many reasons to choose the tooth doctor as your Edmonton dentist and the first one is that it has three locations to serve you better. This Edmonton dentist has two locations in the city of Edmonton and one in rural Alberta.

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One of the great things about the tooth doctor is how many different services are offered there. You have all of the general dental services plus specialty ones as well like teeth whitening. There is dentistry for everyone at the tooth doctor.

Kids love coming to see the tooth doctor because he is very friendly, humorous and keeps a lighthearted approach. Often you hear many jokes being shared and a lot of laughter. One extra great thing is that each room has a TV to help distract children in case they’re nervous to visit the dentist. Here you will find a dentist who really cares about the health of your teeth. He wants to save as many teeth as possible for as long as possible for as cheap as possible.

One great thing about the tooth doctor is that he not only fixes your teeth but he educates you on how to maintain good oral hygiene. This is even true with the teeth whitening services that he provides. Many people have a lot of misinformation or questions when it comes to this treatment.

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People think teeth whitening will damage your enamel and that’s why they may shy away from it. If they are trying to do it on their own through their own methods then it can be damaging. The only time you should get your teeth whitened is in the hands of a professional such as the dentist. This is not something you should trust to a beauty salon who is not trained to find any issues with your teeth before the whitening even happens. It is best to leave anything teeth related to the expert which is the dentist.

A lot of people try to use natural remedies and have not great results and in fact can damage their teeth. Things like sucking on lemons is not good for your teeth and can give you sensitivity and cause irreversible damage. This also includes abrasives. The acidic content can eat away at the enamel and this is not a good or effective way to whiten your teeth.

Once you have whitened your teeth you may think that you never have to do that again. This is untrue because if you return to your regular diet the colourants will show up again on your teeth. The good thing about having your treatment done at the tooth doctor is that you will be given customized trays and the most powerful bleaching gel which you can apply at home whenever you need to top up or you want to go a bit lighter. The gel that you would find in an over-the-counter kit is not near as strong.

Edmonton Dentist | Only Hire A Dentist For Whitening

There are so many reasons to choose an Edmonton dentist like the tooth doctor. This Edmonton dentist has three locations to serve you.. Two are in the city and one in rural Alberta. He has extended hours in the evenings and on weekends to serve even better. Kids love the tooth doctor. Their nerves are calmed when they come into this clean friendly location and especially when they meet the tooth doctor himself. This Edmonton dentist knows how to crack a joke and uses a lighthearted humorous approach with all of his patients. He is a dentist who really cares and is for everyone.

Not only does the tooth doctor provide all of the usual dental services such as cleaning cavity fillings and root canals etc. but he also provides many additional services. One of the ones that he gets a lot of questions about is his teeth whitening. Many people have certain things they believe to be true about this treatment and the tooth doctor is more than happy to share the truth about how the best way to whiten your teeth really is.

For one thing yellow teeth does not mean they are unhealthy. Yellow is a natural tint of the teeth. The good news is it’s very easy to treat this discolouration with the tooth doctors whitening method. By choosing a dentist to whiten your teeth you will have customized trays made to fit your teeth. The bleaching gel that is used is the highest concentrate you can get. This is not something that can be sold in a drugstore or over the counter as it would not be legal to do so.

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If you are being offered something like this outside of the dentist it’s probably not a legitimate product. The great thing about having trays and gel is that you can get more gradual results. You do not have to have that Hollywood look that seems quite fake.

Once you colour your teeth the first time that does not mean you will never have to do it again. Teeth whitening does not last forever and as you continue to eat all the same foods you enjoy and drinking the drinks that are highly coloured your teeth will eventually dull down. Again having the trays at home with the gel you can top up the colour any time you start to notice this.

If you have tried home remedies such as sucking on lemons or abrasive materials you could be doing more damage than you think. Professional teeth whitening does not ruin the enamel but acidic items have the potential to do that. They can also cause more sensitivity and irreversible damage. Things such as active charcoal seemed to be the new trend but there is not enough testing done with it. If you want to try something interesting try a mouth wash that is whitening, along with that brush your teeth twice a day and floss multiple times a week.